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We Live In A Psychopathic Kyriarchy Where Our Rulers Really Are Unempathic Predators

“Sociopaths love power. They love winning. If you take loving kindness out of the human brain, there’s not much left except the will to win.”  -- Martha Stout, doctor & psychopathy expert

I talked about this dynamic of “the will to win” many times including a very lengthy post on modern capitalist society collapse being driven by hyper-competitiveness.   This competitiveness that is so fundamental to corporate capitalism is an anathema to human freedom.  Yet competitiveness and winning is all that defines corporate capitalism, the corporate state-endorsed pastimes, our educational system, Wall Street and Washington politics. 

That people are forced to compete against their fellow man for food, shelter and healthcare is one of the greatest crimes against humanity of our time.  It only exists to please our corporate state masters.   We are conscripted into an economic system that forces us to act violently against our fellow man to simply stay alive.  Against our fellow man in our own nations and across the world by the class-based system of capitalism. 

The grip of capitalism and the corporate state on the ego and belief systems of most people in capitalist societies is nearly all-consuming.  This propaganda and brainwashing is so deeply ingrained that most people cannot even imagine how the world could be any different.  Countless people truly believe this is freedom and democracy.  Hundreds of millions, if not billions of people around the world, are so emotionally-attached and invested in capitalism’s belief system that its collapse would be so profound as to literally shock the cumulative human consciousness into a complete reset.   Something to ponder in your spare time because there is ample evidence that is what’s going to happen.

There is a world of unprecedented prosperity and abundance within the reach of humanity.  Prosperity and abundance that does not require endless capitalist overproduction and associated overconsumption that violently rapes the world.  Never in the history of the world has humanity achieved such knowledge and such extraordinary ability to create our own reality void of poverty, famine, death and many diseases.  Never have we had such an ability to positively change the world and achieve truly unprecedented prosperity.  Yet, never in the history of humanity has misery and suffering been so prevalent.  Billions of people.  Not just poverty and famine but uncaring Godlessness and emotional uncenteredness.  This misery and suffering is violently enforced by control-based institutions of the ego  that deny prosperity and emotional freedom via hierarchy and class.   Via class-based corporate capitalism and the corporate state.  

Does anyone actually believe that Obama or Bush are selfless public servants?  Or that the European Union is comprised of selfless public servants?  Or the Chinese communists?  Do they solicit your ideas and vet them to then implement on democracy’s behalf to empower citizens and improve our quality of life?  Are you kidding me?  They are class-based lords who believe in a sense of entitlement that is above the law, believe in a right to tell you how to lead your life and a right to then pass statist laws that force you into their system of conscription.  Our supposed democratic public servants have more in common with the communists running China and the former Soviet Union than they do with their own citizens.  And our citizens have more in common with the people who lived under those repressive regimes than the politicians who seek to rule us.   

I’m not an anarchist but I’m not anything else either.  I’m a human being and therefore reject labels placed upon us through the use of covert violence, control and manipulation of transient and illusory social constructs.   But one must appreciate the concepts of anarchism to understand how to build a functioning free society.   That is, nothing is more sovereign than the freedom of every human being.  That starts with emotional freedom and its associated desire to be personally- responsible.   From there, we work backward to empower everyone with democratic communities and support structures to enable every human being to become empowered and responsible.  To become centered and whole.  To become free.  To provide for all of us the necessary support structures we need to be emotionally-free and to lead lives based on timeless human values.   Health care, emotional wellness care, services for special needs citizens, living wages for everyone, access to society’s capital to empower creativity and inventiveness and on and on and on.  These are meant to be democratic support structures to empower human development and freedom.  Not to control and prey upon the people of the world through class and hierarchy. 

Once one understands this, politics, corporations and other hierarchical institutions of the ego that suppress freedom and empowerment are recognized as violent structures that instead create misery through the use of predatory and exploitative control.   These institutions must be transformed from statist and class-based institutions to democratic, class-less entities with hierarchy removed so that no man may ever have control over another human being’s destiny.  Only my own conscience, my own personal responsibility, my own empowerment and laws based on natural rights, ethics and reason should ever have sway over another human being.   The endless usurpations of untold numbers of statist laws like Obamacare, Dodd-Frank and the Patriot Act are based on statist class and its associated violent use of force used to maintain control.  

Self-rule is freedom.  That is democracy.  And self-rule of an empowered and responsible mind seeks minimalism in its regulation.  Because the empowered and centered human mind is capable of its own self-regulation.  Of its own self-rule.  Not the choking misery of one million pages of statist laws that we have today.

Will society ever be perfect?  No.  But it can be imperfectly perfect just as we are.  It can come a hell of a lot closer than it is today.  In fact, it can become so much better that we would never even recognize the horrors that define our current reality and belief systems that perpetuate it. 

Prosperity, peace and harmony are not defined by conscripted work, the attachment to worldly possessions and endless statist laws used to enforce control and tyranny.   To the contrary, the attachment to conscripted corporate work, the attachment to the false corporation state-induced identity and the attachment to endless overconsumption that capitalism creates has a depowering effect on the human mind.  It requires the human mind to outsource its power to others to accept these illusory social values.   This has a destructive, destabilizing effect on the human condition.   Our minds can never be truly free under this system of exploitation, predation and violence. 

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