Monday, June 24, 2013

Edward Snowden: British Spying Is Worse Than The U.S.

The concept of the state and its endless nontransparent violence is certainly not specific to the U.S.   If New Zealand or Canada or East Timor had the world’s reserve currency, 320 million people and was home to a vast number of the largest corporations in the world, its politicians would be doing whatever they could get away with.  Big Brother exists anywhere polity exists because all people who seek dominion over their fellow man be it corporate capitalism, political government or religious fanatics, are generally pathological.  That Britain is heavily Big Brother doesn’t surprise me in the least.  This is a culture that has always been driven by social values of class, empire and private capital aka violence.  That’s the reason we fought a revolutionary war against Britain.  To rid ourselves of class, title, the king’s corporations, private capital, empire and the endless violence of the state. 

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