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Democracy Is Dead Courtesy Of A Corporate State Military-Industrial-Security Complex Coup

I want to post a follow up on the state and its endless violence given the the overabundance of lowbrow knuckle-draggers who have been brainwashed by the state.  And, thus are still coming out in support of these secret statist spying programs.  Or for the Marching Morons who say it’s okay for the state to do as it wishes as long as it’s not directed at Americans.  Secrecy in our government has been building at a substantial clip for more than half a century.  And now that we finally see some transparency that hasn’t been stymied by politicians or the mainstream media, those who hide those secrets are trying to mischaracterize their activities as transparent or serving democracy or both.   Let’s be honest with ourselves.  Secrecy of the state has nothing in common with self-rule.  How can it? 

The shine is truly coming off the dime.  Humanity has reached a tipping point where the stand against the endless violence of the state has gained critical mass that will likely turn out to be unstoppable.  In another nearly unprecedented open display of courage, yesterday an Irish parliamentarian called Obama the hypocrite of the century and a war criminal.   When have we ever seen such open and growing criticism of the state around the world?  Even by public officials?   (Notice how the response to her comments is an attempt to marginalize her by bringing shame upon her behavior without actually addressing her  issue of war and death.  Well, except for his dystopian statist response that peace is achieved through war.   WTF?  A manipulative political con man.  Truth isn’t hard to find.  But one must have the courage to see it.)  

The CIA and NSA are out of control and clearly not democratic institutions as currently constructed.   Frankly, I’m not sure that they can be constructed as democratic but I am open to possibilities I may have missed.  Maybe like having CIA officials wash the feet of the people they have tortured and the families of those they have murdered. 

As noted on here before, through the FOIA, hundreds of former Nazis worked for the CIA in the U.S. effort to build its secret statist propaganda and spy programs after World War II.  This is part of the statist mindset of permanent war that developed after World War II.  It goes much deeper than that.  FOIA documents released on the late 1990s reveal that the entire precept of the Cold War was based on a single  informant, Nazi intelligence general, Reinhard Gehlen, who fabricated massive lies and supposed Nazi intelligence files on the Soviet Union about the Soviet’s aggressive intentions towards the west after World War II.  It is apparent with transparency through the FOIA that Gehlen conjured up these stories and files to make himself important and avoid prosecution in Nuremberg.  The U.S. intelligence, or lack thereof, community and politicians bought it hook, line and sinker and put him on the payroll. 

It’s arguable the Cold War was based completely on lies.  And that the Soviet threat was completely fabricated by a Nazi intelligence general simply to save himself from execution.  If that is true, and the 1999 FOIA releases and further investigations by some enterprising Americans show it is, we spent equivalently what would amount to as much as $40 trillion in todays terms on a Cold War that possibly never needed to exist.  Instead, it was based on massive security, military and political incompetency in the U.S.  that was eager to increase its power base.  Just like today’s massively incompetent idiots who are running our nation off of a cliff for a boogeyman that doesn’t exist because men of megalomania find purpose and meaning in the violence of the state.  More importantly, how many people died around the globe because of skirmishes between Soviets and the U.S.?  Quite honestly, it appears many of these were driven by the U.S. military-industrial complex that then created a paranoid response by the Soviet Union.  Just like the boogeyman unconstitutional wars of today.   Not that the Soviet state were angels by any stretch of the imagination.  Especially under Stalin.  And, what would our economy look like today were it not in the endless mode of Soviet-style military overproduction?  No poverty?  No crime?  Economic opportunity for all?  An education system that was funded?  A prison population a small fraction of what it is today?  Who knows. 

Instead, because of this massive incompetence and megalomania that exists in the state, we are ruled by the military-industrial-security complex that has essentially overthrown democracy through a bloodless propaganda and secrecy coup that was easily accomplished in the dynamics created by statist activity and nontransparency.   And as commander-in-chief, the White House has been turned into the war room for a military dictatorship with nearly limitless grabs of power.  All in the name of the state and the protection of freedom through violence. 

As noted on here time and again over the years, Bill Moyers reported all of this in his documentary Secret Government – The Constitution in Crisis in 1987.  It’s no irony that while Moyers was running this investigative story,  the Reagan White House was involved in its own statist imbroglio that was the Iran-Contra-CIA Crack Cocaine Running Scheme (Part 1 of 4) that was swept under the rug.   None of this is new.  It all started with the signing of the National Security Act of 1947 that created a permanent war complex, secret government, the CIA, the NSA and that authorized the United States to be in a permanent state of war with the world.  This was signed by a horribly flawed puppet politician of the name Harry Truman.  A Democrat, by the way.  Who was then succeeded by a Republican who warned us of the power of of the military-industrial complex upon leaving office.   Party ideology is a simple-minded dumbing-down that is created by outsourcing one’s intelligence to someone who is generally pathological.

Isn’t it obvious that we are in a permanent state of war?  How many wars, all undeclared, have been been in or funded or started in the last 60 plus years?  It’s dozens.  Literally.  And this has caused so much loss of life and tragedy that it can’t begin to be calculated.  How do you place a dollar value on human life?  You cannot. 

Now we see the tip of the iceberg of this state violence freak show becoming public and entering society’s conscious mind for the first time.  The effects of this conscious awareness cannot be overstated.  Because conscious awareness creates the power of intent.  The more that is exposed, the greater the intent.  

The  national security state is try to couch this incident as isolated.  Utter bullshit.   The murder and mayhem created by this Orwellian beast is literally almost without bounds.  Yet, we as Americans have learned to glorify Godless war and the projection of this beast onto the world through Hollywood, mainstream media and state propaganda.   The ego endlessly deceives itself with rationalizations.  That our government is doing good around the world.  Maybe our government is.  But the state?  Hardly.  Yet, who in America doesn’t love a good B-52 carpet bombing of the world’s supposed evildoers?   At least evildoers as determined by the secrets of the state.  We are told they are evildoers.  But, where is the corroborating evidence provided by an independent source?  One often wonders where Hollywood and the mainstream media ends and state propaganda begins.

Anyone who tells us the CIA or NSA are necessary secret organizations that engage in necessary covert violence, including murder and mayhem, around the world is a statist.  ie, They believe in the state’s ultimate power to perpetuate violence.  And they don’t believe in the primacy of human freedom.  They believe in the primacy of the state over that of human freedom.   In other words, that people are not free but instead are subjugated to the power of the state.  Therefore, are simply chattel owned by the state.  And, that the Constitution is therefore just a piece of toilet paper.  There is no other explanation.   There are rationalizations but they are all based on statism.

Are people around the world not due our respect and dignity just as much as our own citizens?   Are the people of this world any less worthy than Americans?  Do they love their children less than we do?  Do they deserve a life of freedom and self-determinism any less than we do?  Do we expose them to the indignities of state violence because we want them to be free?

Must we become like those who wish to do harm to others in some dystopian effort to protect human dignity?  Employing the same violent statist practices projected onto anyone we perceive as a threat regardless of the evidence, or lack thereof, achieved through moral and just law?  Do we not have a moral and ethical obligation to humanity regardless of whether they are protected by our Constitution as American citizens?  In fact, because people around the world are not protected by our constitutional rights as U.S. citizens are, should we not, as a nation that truly embraces freedom, hold ourselves to an even higher standard of morality and ethics?  Because we understand that freedom is exceptional?   There is no feeble mockery of upholding the Constitution or rule of law for those outside of the U.S. who are on the receiving end of state violence.   The state doesn’t have to conjure up justifications and rationalizations of why they are on the receiving end of their violence as is necessary for U.S. citizens because we are supposedly protected by a rule of law.  Instead, people outside of the U.S. receive the full frontal violence of the state when dealing with organizations like the CIA and NSA.  Because the CIA and NSA’s external projections of violence are unbounded by our written rule of law, the Constitution. 

How many terrorists are there in the world?  200?  Seriously?  500?   It is, in fact, the continuous violent radicalization of the state and secret state organizations like the CIA and NSA that have radicalized a response around the world.   It is the terror of the state that creates terrorists.  I’m not just fingering the U.S. but all statist activity around the world. 

If the CIA, NSA, politicians, corporations and military-industrial-security complex were not engaged in violent statist activities around the world, who would want to harm Americans?  Who?  Do people want to bomb us because our supposedly Christian leaders follow Jesus of Nazareth’s pacifist guideposts for a moral life given on the Mount?  Do people want to bomb us because we are good and kind?  Because we are compassionate and merciful?  Because we follow a code of moral honor to protect those who cannot protect themselves from injustice and violence?  From statist injustice and violence?  Do people want to bomb us because we embrace human dignity and thus practice only defensive military policies?  

Do we practice what we preach in the domestic policies for those unable to protect themselves in our own nation?  If so, then why do we have 50 million people on food stamps, children going to bed hungry, the largest prison population on earth, am unbelievably high rate of emotional uncenteredness, a health care system that doesn’t work for a large percentage of Americans (and is about to get worse), an educational system that only works for those who have money, and a lack of living wage jobs for a large number of Americans.   Democracy is dead.  Yet the corporate state thrives.

There is nothing we can ever trust out of the mouths of pathology.  And those who seek dominion over their fellow man are almost always suffering from severe pathology.  Transparency and law are the only way democracy or self-rule can survive.   The CIA and NSA are nontransparent organizations that employ policies of “the end justifies any means”.  ie,  Driven by the whims of man rather than the just and moral rule of law.  It’s time to dismantle the CIA and NSA or make their activities accountable to a just and moral  transparent democracy.  And it’s time to rid ourselves of political parties and change the laws, constitutionally, to stop the endless hijacking of democracy by political and economic class.

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