Friday, June 21, 2013

Meet Albert

If this story and video doesn’t make your eyes well up, I don’t know what will.  Albert says he has only one skill.  Actually, Albert is being too modest.  He has many skills or values beyond shining shoes.  Not the least of which are selflessness, authenticity, compassion and unconditional love (acceptance) in the truest sense of the word.  What greater “skills” can there possibly be?  Albert is the perfect example of what exists within the human mind when we let go of our ego-motive and ego-derived perceptions of who we are.   When we release our ego’s perceptions of everything we believe to be true.  There is nothing left except I am.   And what am I when I release all of my fear-driven perceptions of reality? I am love.  That’s it.  

Can you imagine a society where leaders embraced Albert’s timeless human values?   I can.   I have seen Alberts everywhere in this world.  There are billions of people who share these values or want to live in a world that shares these values.  Often they simply feel helpless to create that world under the oppression of class-based violence and control.   Those who grant themselves class rank and its privilege, illegitimately might I add, don’t often share human values. 

It's no great irony that corporations and the Godless corporate state deem Albert as generally useless as they do anyone who provides limited ability to extract capitalist rent and isn't able to endlessly overconsume to keep the corporate state alive.  Aka the “objects” of their austerity.

When I grow up, I aspire to be more like Albert and less like the social values of a dumbed-down, corporate state conformist enslaved to ego-driven class, status and title and its outcomes of money and materialism.  There is a reason why asceticism is the basis for all of the world’s great religions.   The magical and mystical gifts of life and emotional-well being can never be found through ego-derived attachment.   They are derived by embracing our higher power and its timeless human values of kindness, mercy, compassion, honor, dignity and equality.

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