Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Supreme Court Smites Defense Of Marriage Act

Well, every once in a while justice is served in our nation.  Generally when it doesn’t involve money.  Or when money is to be made off of any potential outcome.  Cynical but very true. 

Sometimes we are a democracy, sometimes a republic and sometimes a nation of laws.  We vote democratically for  many issues, we vote through republicanism for many issues and sometimes we don’t vote at all.  In other words, it’s not a popularity contest as to whether human rights are granted to all people equally.  We don’t vote on slavery.  We don’t vote to determine who gets what rights.  Attempts to grant special privilege or rights to class, title, label or rank is an afront to human decency and freedom everywhere. When it comes to issues of human freedom, we are bound by natural laws.   If my rights do not infringe upon others, then my freedoms are granted by divine right.  And no man or any law has any right to deny me those freedoms.  That is what our Constitution is there to protect.  Divine right and natural laws.  It is the covenant between my freedom and government.  Without it, government has no legitimate right to rule.  It really doesn’t matter what your religious or personal beliefs are.  Even hate, bigotry, small-mindedness and ignorance are protected by our creator or by nature and our rule of law.   That includes the endless hate, bigotry, small-mindedness and ignorance of most politicians. 

Gay, straight, conservative, progressive, liberal, fanatic, lunatic, dipshit or whatever other meaningless label you want to use to describe yourself or others, we all are granted the same human dignity and worthiness.   No man has any right to interfere with that dignity and worthiness.  We are all equally free.   

Good riddance to another unconstitutional statist law that is  the Defense of Marriage Act.

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