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South Africa To Protest Obama’s Rent-Seeking Corporate Capitalist Crimes Against Africa During Visit

How the worm has turned.  When Obama was in Berlin years ago, hundreds of thousands of people showed up to cheer him.  A few weeks ago there were just a few thousand invited attendees on his trip to Berlin and a large delegation of protestors calling Obama the head of Stasi 2.0. or police state 2.0.

I wrote on here soon after Obama’s election that this possibility existed.  ie, That the U.S. society had no confidence in our government and that the only confidence left existed with Obama.  And that his lack of forthrightness in fixing the issues our nation faced could eventually come back in the form of future crises that would be laid at his feet.  And at that point we could see a crisis of confidence in our government.   We are now there.  Later than I thought but we are now there.  Neither political party serves the public good.  And now only the blind refuse to see. 

If you take the time to listen to this video, (link at the bottom of this post) you will hear a consistent message.  That is, the IMF, World Bank and UN Security Council, all controlled by the U.S., are used to enforce American corporate state will and American corporate hegemony around the world.  And that many African tyrants are aligning themselves with Obama.  Oh, and another small issue, Bush’s AIDS initiative in Africa has been rolled back by Obama.   Sorry.  Shit happens.  We don’t really care about saving hundreds of millions of lives.  But, if you allow us to plunder your country, you’ll get a nice framed photo with our king, Obama.  

The U.S. is a corporate empire.  And a private, for-profit military-industrial complex is part of that corporate capitalist empire.  Our mission around the world is to use force to pave the way for American corporate hegemony so that a ruling class can plunder the world.  This is EXACTLY how corporations were used in the king’s capitalism of the British Empire in 1776.   There is absolutely no difference.  Umm, it was the East Indian Trading Company (a private, for-profit capital corporation) that, under the force of the king’s flag,  under the force of the king’s private, for-profit bankers and under the force of the king’s military might, that England used slave labor in India to corner the market on opium that was then used to turn China into addicts.  That was how then the British crown and its corporations were able to plunder China of its riches.  An addicted nation exchanged opium in payment for its exports to England.  Of course, all of this was done knowingly by the crown.  And, while they were at, they had no problems importing opium into their own country to turn poor bastards into addicts as well.  Obviously for profit.  The opium trade was British capitalism’s most profitable trade.  By far.  The list of offenses of corporations didn’t just start ten years ago.  They are endless. 

But the crown had the monopoly on the global drug trade.  Which makes me wonder how much of the drug trade into the U.S. may possibly be touched by the CIA.  Maybe  none.  Maybe most of it.   The solutions to the drug trade are very easy.  Which makes me wonder even more.  Iran-Contra exposed CIA involvement in running drugs into the U.S.  It’s much easier to plunder our nation when everyone is stoned and incapable of working or demanding their rights.  You know, like private, for-profit capital did in England. 

The concept of a permanent corporation only was ever created as a method of looting the world.  Consistently and permanently.   Just like today.   People who tell us that this nation was founded on free market capitalism are idiots, liars or con men.  Our economy before 1776 was not a corporate capitalist economy.   That is preposterous.  The British Empire was a corporate capitalist economy.   It’s no surprise the magnum opus for capitalism was written in England in 1776 – The Wealth of Nations.   How the invisible hand of self-interest by private, class-based interests would create virtue for all of society.  Ha!  That is why drug addicts, homelessness, global plunder and endless war defined England at that time.  And then they tried to extract their rent from the colonies to pay for this privatization of gains and socialization of losses.  And why for hundreds of years the Irish and the Scots have been forcibly trying to get out from under this class-based society of thievery.  Margaret Thatcher trounced the working class and returned full-fledged class-based corruption to Britain as Reagan did to the U.S. by deregulating class-based private for-profit capital.   The Godmother and Godfather of La Cosa Nostra thievery. 

Private, for-profit capital is rent-seeking.  It doesn’t matter if that is a drug company seeking to hook Americans on a “legal” $300 billion a year drug addiction or a handset maker seeking to fill our garbage dumps with the massive overproduction of the latest cell phone fad or a beer maker advertising that consuming their product will attract women or a Wall Street firm extracting their mafioso cut of our wages and profits or the military-industrial complex waging endless wars of profit or genetically-modified food and drug suppliers seeking to enslave society to their Orwellian Frankenproducts or foreign companies seeking to set up shop in Africa for the extraction of gold, diamonds and natural resources.  These are all violent and predator forms of rent-seeking corporate capitalist activities that enrich a small political, private investor and elite class while preying on countries, workers, democracy, freedom and “consumers” aka citizens. 

Specifically, the U.S. and China are waging economic war on the continent of Africa.  That is why Amerika has troops in 35 nations in Africa as noted on here before.   The corporate state doesn’t give a shit about the people of Africa.  They created endless strife and death for centuries by rent-seeking exploitation of that continent and left it in complete chaos. 

Predatory corporate capitalism is used to colonize and pillage the world as it did under the British, the German, the Dutch and other empires.  As it has always done.  Always.  Without exception.  By the way, communism did it too as noted on here before.  As does socialism.  Any ism created by the state uses state violence to achieve its ends and in the process defeat freedom and liberty.  Capitalism is an invention of the state that serves the state.  And that is why it is under attack with people marching in the streets on every continent against this type of class-based, statist injustice.   It isn’t America that’s dying.  It’s corporate capitalism.  Because it is inconsistent with the laws of the universe.  And the universe is now responding that it has seen enough.

After the Revolutionary War it was Alexander Hamilton who brought class-based, private for-profit capital from Europe to the U.S.   This after millions had fled Europe to get away from it.  By the way, against the wishes of Thomas Jefferson’s vision of a free society. 

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