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As Predatory Mergers & Acquisitions Implodes What Would Reality Look Like Without Corporate Capitalism’s Make-Work?

Mergers and acquisitions is something I have talked about often on here.   And that talk has been focused around one major theme.  It is a criminal activity.   It is corporate capitalism make-work that provides society with absolutely zero benefits.  To the contrary, it is incredibly destructive.  It is an activity that enriches only those who push it like a drug.   That is, private for-profit capital.  Public banking and democratic capital would eradicate this virus. 

If we want a functioning democratic economy, this activity needs to be made illegal.   Under no circumstances should a company be allowed to buy another company.  Period.   That includes the assets of another company that has failed.  Those assets should go back to democracy.  And then democracy should decide how to repurpose them.   An easy solution would be to allow people or potential new business owners to submit ideas of how those asset would be repurposed within a new corporate entity that would be created to serve democracy.   Then let democratic society determine how to proceed.

Corporations should be given strict charters to exist.  That includes a very strict interpretation of what they are chartered to do.  If you are chartered to build a railroad, that is all you should be able to do.  If you are chartered to make cell phones, that is all you should be able to do.   Under no circumstances should those charters be altered.  If a company cannot be successful at what it was chartered to do, it should be dissolved by democracy.  And those charters should be reviewed regularly by democracy to determine if We The People should even renew them.   In other words, are We The People deriving value?   And rather than political con men manipulating people,  we should have democratic society educating people on these and other issues before a vote is made. 

We should be voting on whether we want Monsanto or Wal-mart to be in business.  And, before we do that, we need to disconnect economic opportunity and access to society’s resources and wealth from work.   Not from personal responsibility or accountability to participate in society’s wealth creation or society’s well-being and advancement but from the dumbed-down culture of work that pleases our corporate masters and the political idiots who enforce corporate will. 

People believe they need a corporate job to share in society’s wealth.  This is accomplished today by the arbitrary money one receives for being a corporate slave.  Or, people believe they need to start their own business to provide income to share in society’s wealth.   Oftentimes franchising industrial food restaurants or other equally destructive forms of employment.   Both of these are completely faulty perceptions that keep our society in perpetual ignorance that class-based capitalism needs to survive.  

The vast majority of companies consume wealth rather than create it.  So, most corporations are simply siphons to extract society’s wealth for its senior executives and for the investor class.  In other words, private interests.  Corporations use many methods to accomplish this.  It varies by industry more than by company.   Financial services or products  companies use different tactics than industrial food companies.  Neither produce anything society needs.  They consume wealth. 

If we had only companies that produced wealth for our nation, our unemployment rate would be somewhere around 60-80% as our economy is configured today.   I have talked about this many times before.  What would happen if our society were 100% automated?  If people never needed to work?   Would we be poor?  Huh?  We’d be wealthy beyond imagination.  So, how would you gain access to society’s resources and wealth?   You wouldn’t have to work.   The answer to 25% unemployment and greater than 50% underemployment that exists today is not to create more overproduction & overconsumption capitalism make-work jobs as we are told by our corporate masters and the political idiots who do their will.  We work more than people who live one thousand years ago.  We should be working less.  Why don’t you work less?   That is a fundamental question of our time.  It is because private for-profit capital has enslaved you.

What would your life be like without the dumbed-down existence of corporate capitalism’s make-work?  Because today most people work to please our corporate state masters.  To provide them with the power and riches that class-based, private for-profit capital uses to control the rest of us and destroy democratic freedom.   You may believe you are free but you aren’t any different than that slave who toiled the land for class-based, private for-profit capital 200 years ago.   The only difference may be that today your prison garb is a suit and you work in an air-conditioned prison cell.  

By the way, envisioning a different reality has many implications.   Under a system of economic justice and true democracy, we would need a whole lot less politicians and lawyers who are most often siphons that extract democracy’s wealth.  Just like private for-profit capital.   Or as Ayn Rand accurately described them as moochers and parasites.   In a different reality where capitalism’s make-work were not to exist, government could operate as a part-time endeavor.  Possibly meeting once a week.  Or even less in many circumstances.  Maybe once a month or even a few times a year depending on the issues at hand.  And then we wouldn’t have a legal system that creates tens of thousands of new pages of bullshit laws every year and the job security it provides to those who leach off of our legal system.  Which, by the way, is why our legal system is so corrupt.  Our legal system doesn’t serve society but rather serves those who live off of it.    That is, corporations, lobbyists, lawyers and politicians.   All parasitic shills for the corporate state.

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