Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Egyptians Back In The Streets With The Largest Protests In The History Of The World Demanding U.S. Puppet Morsi Resign

It appears Egyptian President Morsi is about to be sacked if We The People have any say.   That would be We The People of Egypt.   Egypt has just had the biggest protests in the history of the world with over 20 million protestors calling for Morsi to resign.   That didn’t take long.  This would be like 80 million people in the streets in the U.S.   This after Egyptians quickly determined that Morsi was a puppet of American political bribery just like Mubarak. 

Morsi responded this afternoon with incoherent, defiant blathering after the military insisted Morsi bend to the will of Egyptian democracy.  Now the military has promised to save Egypt from fools and terrorists.  From the protests I would imagine that  means the power-mad puppet, Morsi, and the U.S. corporate state. 

The world is literally on fire.  Of course, you would think we are experiencing bliss and harmony if you are listening to the U.S. corporate media propaganda.  They literally are reporting absolutely nothing.  It is more surreal than I ever could have imagined.  And that means the corruption of our media is far, far worse than anything I ever could have imagined. 

The U.S. crisis of 2008 has metastasized into spreading global chaos of unprecedented scope.   Humanity has never experienced anything like this.    And that is as it should be.  The cycle of volatility I first wrote before the 2008 collapse when the perceptions of unprecedented global prosperity was everywhere has now turned into a 2013 that is far worse than anything experienced in the 2008 collapse.   Far, far worse.  Far, far more complex and uncontrollable. 

How long will the status quo be able to hold this increasing unstable complex system together with propaganda and band-aids? 

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