Sunday, July 21, 2013

Unprecedented Evil Manifests Itself: The Richest 300 Persons on Earth Have More Money Than Poorest 3 Billion

“……The time has come to destroy those who destroy the earth.”Revelations 11:18

I suppose that verse has timeless remembrance for me because it is my birthdate.  I find it more than appropriate for the global awakening we see today.  An awakening that I wrote was coming well before any of the crises we see today ever revealed themselves.    Don’t be so certain that the future is always a mystery - Truth transcends time.  

What kind of person can take and take and take?  Then take even more without a care in the world for the misery and destruction left in their wake?  Can take so much that they knowingly leave indescribable death and destruction in their wake?  Can take well beyond anything they would ever need for a life of abundance?  A person of  true evil.  A person disconnected from their mind’s higher power and the human values of empathy, dignity, mercy, equality and compassion.  A Godless person.   

A picture is worth a thousand words.   Whether they are shanty towns in North or South America or Asia or Africa, this type of picture (at the above link)  is repeated time and again.  We are living through a time that is like no other in human history.  A time of incredible abundance offered through science,  technology and human achievement.  Yet a time when nearly all of humanity has been beaten into nothingness and subsistence of barely living beyond the most repressive form of class-based slavery imaginable.   Billions are denied the fruits of their own ability and the achievement of their brothers and sisters around the world by what is truly unprecedented evil.   And I do mean evil in the truest sense of the word. 

Today we see the evil of unprecedented class warfare perpetrated by class-based, private for-profit capital and the corporate state.  Class tyranny, corporate capitalism and the corporate state are destroying our planet, destroying the natural world, destroying human divinity, destroying the earth’s abundance, destroying our communities and creating untold emotional and physical misery everywhere.  That emotional and physical misery extends far beyond the human realm to the natural world.  All of this has happened unnecessarily.  All of it has happened consciously and with willful intent.   Conscious willful intent of evil acts against the world.  These are certainly end times for class-based, private for-profit capital, the corporate state and the global misery and repression we see.  

One cannot serve both God (Truth) and mammon.  Private for-profit capital and the corporate state are almost certainly dying.  Forever.  And possibly its tools of enslavement, money and debt, as well.

Karma is really nothing more than a self-correcting or stasis-driven state of consciousness.  Our current state of consciousness is so unstable that it simply is not sustainable.  Truth cannot be denied or repressed.  This complex system we call our planet is destabilizing at an incredible rate.  There is no way to control what is happening.   As in any inherently unstable complex system, once it reaches critical mass it must devolve into some lower order state of stability or even collapse.   And that is what is happening.  We are seeing a devolution of modern corporate capitalist society. 

Karma is effectively the dynamic of Newton’s third law applied to human consciousness - for every action there is an equal but opposite reaction.  Those who are oblivious to the suffering around them, who would go so far as to pretend it doesn’t exist or even support ego-driven policies that create, perpetuate and appease it, will always see the world around them eventually correct against such willful arrogance, self-centeredness, evil and delusion - karma. 

“If you truly loved yourself, you could never hurt another.” -- The Buddha

“Truly I say to you, to the extent that you did it to one of these brothers of Mine, even the least of them, you did it to Me.” – Jesus of Nazareth

The ego’s perception of the separateness and the subsequent self-glorification of the self is indeed man’s original sin and the foundation of all evil in this world.   The ego’s endless fear-based violence only exists through its perceptions of separateness.  Without the ego’s perceptions of separateness all acts of violence against the self and against others disappears.  All life is interconnected.  All life is one. 

Were I to guess as to how karma would resolve itself for these 300 people and the system they created and willfully perpetuate, they would lose everything.  All that needs to happen for that to become a reality is that all money becomes irrelevant, useless or worthless.   Then all perceptions of wealth simply vanish.  Land ownership, property, assets and class all become irrelevant.  There are countless dynamics under which this could occur.  Some of them manmade, some of them not.  But regardless, were this to happen all perceptions of wealth, power and control over an unstable complex system would simply disappear. 

Karma truly is a bitch. 

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