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Another Victim Of The Godless Corporate State - The Once Great City Of Detroit Lies In Ruins As It Files For Bankruptcy

The governor is Michigan is a political dope.  His speech about the bankruptcy is laced with snippets of truth wrapped in a bow tie of deceit.  Corruption and incompetence within the city of Detroit followed their crisis.  It didn’t create it.  The city couldn’t deliver services not because of corruption or incompetence but because of a lack of funding due to economic collapse.  Detroit itself then became the home to endless promises of self-aggrandizing political whores who used their positions of power for cronyism and looting.  Just like Washington.  There is no doubt Detroit is a horrendous mess.  There were broad daylight carjackings near an major business I used to frequent in the 1990s.  By the 2000s the city was a literal post-apocalyptic war zone.   That said, if I had an M1918 Browning Automatic Rifle, I might consider moving to Detroit.  The seeds of democracy are becoming very evident in patches of the city.  Not because of anything politicians anywhere have done but just the opposite.  Because the people are retaking responsibility for their survival in the face of Democratic and Republican Party repression that has driven the people to Detroit literally to the edge of extinction.   I do mean literally.

Detroit’s situation is very interesting and some day I’ll put up an very esoteric post on this and other cities that ties into many socioeconomic dynamics discussed on here.  Let me just say this for now re some  snippets of a Labor Day post I have reposted over quite a few years.  This is the same city that 40 years ago was one of the most wealthy, economically-vibrant cities on earth.  Taken from a post of mine some years ago:  “The Detroit metropolitan area may have the highest concentration of world class scientific, engineering and industrial talent focused on the essence of making things of any comparably-sized metropolitan area in the world. The regional research university powerhouses across the midwestern states have the largest industrial research budgets in the United States. Ohio's universities actually hold the top distinction with Michigan not far behind.”    This is one of the reasons I have remarked if I were buying real estate, it would be in Detroit.  Detroit is simply choking under the corporate state’s repressive corruption, dumbing-down of our nation and rejection of science, reason and human achievement.  This violent repression, often covertly violent through megalomania’s pandering and demagogy and its endless unfulfilled promises it never could keep and marginalizing government handouts rather than economic justice, empowerment and freedom, enforced by Washington political idiots like those in the current White House.

Today Detroit has greater than 50% unemployment and horrendous underemployment of whatever remains of the other 50%.  Detroit looks like a city right out of a Mad Max dystopian horror movie.  It is literally a horror to drive through what were once beautiful and vibrant neighborhoods.  The city has literally been reduced to Social Darwinism’s natural selection.  ie, Those most willing to stomp on the face of their fellow man are guaranteed survival.  You know, just like corporate capitalism and politics; the two institutions of control that are responsible for Social Darwinism.  But rather than that natural selection dynamic happening in the corporate board room or halls of politics where thugs wear a suit and a tie, in Detroit it’s happening on the streets where thugs fight for control of their capitalist drug and turf wars.  But, it is no different.  Detroit is simply a reflection in the mirror of the Godless corporate state. 

Many Americans who live in their insulated suburban bubbles can’t even begin to imagine an American city can look like this.  They, we, all of us, have forsaken our nation and our brothers and sisters around the world by supporting this patriarchal, class-based, political-economic system of victimization and violence.  There are thousands of cities like Detroit in the U.S.   Thousands.  And thousands more neighborhoods in thousands of other cities.  But now the shine is off the dime.  The political propaganda goggles no longer produce desired results.  Dare I say Barack Obama was the last pandering demagogue our nation will ever see as president?

As noted on here ad nauseam, 2008 was not a financial crisis.  Nor was it a recession.  It was the beginning of the end.  For the future of humanity, that’s a very good thing.

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