Friday, July 26, 2013

Department Of Injustice Investigates Wall Street Pigmen’s Manipulation Of Industrial Metals


Again, something written about on here for years but denied by the renter capitalists.  There is absolutely no doubt that crimes against humanity have been involved in the financial manipulation of energy, industrial metals, foodstuffs, gold, etc.   And now after the commodities cycle appears close to collapse and Wall Street has successfully screwed everyone we can, we see the DOJ opening up inquiries.  (And here where the cronies at the Federal Reserve re-examines Wall Street’s involvement in commodities markets that the Fed granted Wall Street.)  Really?  Why waste our time?  No one is going to be prosecuted.  Politicians gave the banks cover in the first place.  Wall Street is now trying to sell its warehousing business.   The warehouse business, for those who don’t follow this at all, is used by Wall Sreet and European banks to buy physical commodities, store them, create artificial scarcity by controlling delivery, ramping prices in the futures market and then extorting businesses and countries.  This was partially behind the Egyptian uprising because food became unaffordable.  This activity by hedge funds and banks has led to murder, mayhem and death.  It’s no different than corporate state drone strikes.   The Federal Reserve, other regulators and politicians created this. at the behest of their corporate masters.

This ties in with one of my long term theses that greater and greater control is needed to keep this rigged and inherently unstable complex system we call corporate capitalism from destabilizing.   The banks accomplished this greater and greater control through rigging the rules to the economic game.  That guaranteed their future increase in profitability.  Those days are over.  How do I know that?  It’s simple.  Democrats and Republicans, Chinese communists, European Union bureaucrats, etc, etc, etc, have sufficiently f*cked up their respective economies and societies so much with layer upon layer of meaningless red tape and rigged rules that has been building up for decades that their actions today have diminished returns on economic and social outcomes.  Or, in most cases, the returns are now actually negative.  One example is Obamacare that has now halted full-time hiring.  It’s not the only dynamic involved but it certainly is a driving factor. 

When you ask a politician to deal with an issue, you get a political answer.  Since politics is an institution of the ego and is thus driven by control, you get a control-driven answer that subverts discovery and truth.  And that means ultimately failure. 

The only way to end this madness is to take back our power and personal responsibility to create the world we want to see.  To undo the mess created by the most self-aggrandizing, incompetent, unenlightened minds in our society; politicians. 

Education?  Health care?  Economic rights?  Prison reform?  Wars on terror, drugs, illiteracy?  Food?  Energy?  The Constitution?  Privacy?  Freedom?  Human rights?  Debt?  Nonliving wages?  Our nation’s defense?  Politicians have f*cked everything up.  Limited government, the rule of law and enumerated powers are part of our system of constitutional ideals for a reason.  Because our founding fathers were dealing with what we are dealing with.  The class-based British corporate capitalist empire.

The real investigation that should be taking place is a completely transparent, public one into the Democratic and Republican Parties to expose their rigging of the system for  Wall Street’s endless graft.  Graft enabled by Clinton, Gore, Bush, Cheney, Obama, Biden, Congress and the Supreme Court.

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