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Musings From The Empire - Fascist U.S. Military Tracks Anti-GMO Campaigners And Independent Scientists For Their Corporate Masters.

U.S. military tracks GMO dissenters and independent scientists.

I wanted to put this up while it was still relatively “fresh” even though it is not time-sensitive material.  I doubt most people have seen this because it was kept out of  U.S. mainstream news.  Obviously, it was not kept out of mainstream German news.

We don’t really know what is true or not true anymore without transparency.  But we see glimpses of what is true and it’s most often very ugly examples of class-based violence.  Once again, we are a class-based corporate empire.  Our oversized military exists not to protect democracy but to provide cover for American corporations to loot the world.  And to pry open new markets for corporate capitalism.  Empire exists so that the world can pay homage to its king.   The world’s king today is the United Corporations of Amerika or the corporatocracy.   Well, and to a lesser extent, the European and Japanese corporatocracy that is aligned with the U.S. (essentially the G8 countries)   And the homage the world pays is through their dollar debt servitude, their slave labor, their confiscated resources, their manipulated government institutions and their exploited economies.   Part of that exploitation is the overconsumption of GMO foods from U.S. corporate industrial farmers and military weapons from the U.S. corporate military-industrial complex.  In other words, the system is constructed to feed massively-inflated corporate capitalist profits achieved through a system of force and violence.

Our politicians do the will of their corporate masters and in return are rewarded with artificially granted power, endless legal bribes, executive level positions in corporate America, partner positions in corporate law firms that work on behalf of corporations, and prime lobbyist positions that work for corporations and, of course, corporate-funded think tank leadership positions.  Davos, the Bilderberger Group, the Council of Foreign Relations and other private venues that conspiracy theorists talk about are nothing more than crony club gatherings where political & corporate bureaucrats sit around and talk about what corporatocracy bureaucrats talk about.  That is, more power, more profits and more control.   It’s not a secret.   There is no proof of any sinister agenda.   The agenda is economic opportunities for new markets or legislation that will help corporations be more profitable or sell more overproduction.   It’s no different than the king of England and his war ministers sitting around discussing opportunities to loot North America, Africa or India with his trading corporations such as the Hudson Bay Corporation, the South Africa Corporation of the East Indian Corporation.   Pillage and plunder shared between the aristocracy that ran the king’s corporations and the king’s court and the king himself.  

And who protected the king’s corporations?  The British military.  Today, it is the U.S. military and to a lesser extent NATO and other military partnerships like ANZUS.  Well, and often the king’s corporations had their own security services or private armies paid out of their profits.  Today that might be Blackwater or even the private security services that every large corporation has.  That includes lobbyists, lawyers, former military personnel, private security contractors, Internet security teams, etc.    They all are used to protect the interests of the corporation just like any private army.  And in the case of lawyers, lobbyists and security contractors it goes beyond protecting the interests of the corporation to actually projecting violence.  And just like 300 years ago, genocide, misery and impoverishment was and is part of the cost of free market corporate capitalism. 

I have linked on here before how the British corporate empire created its own holocaust driven by corporate control.  A holocaust far larger than created by Nazi Germany.  British class-based corporate capitalism was ruthlessly efficient.   You know, like modern management theory taught at Harvard.   Bureaucrats love efficiency.  Wasting time or resources or effort costs our masters money.   Wasting time or effort on people not in the aristocracy is definitely verboten. Remember, it was British merchants that brought 3 million Africans to the New World for the same slavery that it employed in India and other colonies.  Likely there were millions murdered by the British corporate empire.  How many people have suffered under the repression of corporate capitalism?   How many wars have resulted from corporate power?  Every major war in the 2oth century?  Arguably.   And given the British empire used opium to enslave people and nations to their control it makes me wonder who is actually running the drug trade in the U.S.  Who benefits the most when Americans are too stoned or too ignorant or too incarcerated to demand living wages and a share of the aristocracy’s pie?   Is it too sinister to question in this nontransparent world if the U.S. aristocracy may have brought drugs into this country to addict the masses and then used the national security state to start a war on drugs to then incarcerate the addicts they created?   It certainly keeps the focus off of living wages, economic determinism and economic democracy.  Why doesn’t the government have a treatment program for addictions that is larger than its incarceration program?  Incarceration is far, far more expensive to society in terms of economic loss, financial loss and human loss than treatment for nonviolent crimes, addictions and emotional trauma.   There are ample reasons to raise this question. 

The British aristocracy not only addicted the Chinese but as noted on here many times, in 1776 British society suffered from the same addictions, impoverishment and homelessness we see in America today.  All while the aristocracy lavished themselves with their own arrogance and plunder.  There is a reason why Ireland and Scotland have been trying to gain their own freedom for centuries.  And why we fought a war to rid ourselves of these class-based crimes.  It’s not because England’s class-based, capitalist society is noble and virtuous.  It’s still a cesspool of rot.  Pigs gleefully squeal about the royal family’s latest vacuous and inane activities while their own citizens rot.

Today much of our products are too made by slave labor that lives in the same type of repressive, subhuman squalor as the Indian slaves who grew poppy seeds for the British empire’s Opium trade or the Indian cotton or tea trade or the African slaves in the southern U.S. plantation trade.    Today, you are a slave owner while also being a slave.  You hire slave labor to make your goods that you are forced into buying to keep this economy from collapsing.  You are both the slave and the slave owner.   It doesn’t matter if it is a U.S. factory positions that now substantially pays McDonald’s wages or some factory in China or Vietnam or elsewhere.

In closing, if you don’t believe that anthropogenic global warming’s dissenting scientists are targeted by the same political forces that control the GMO meme,  then you surely are kidding yourself.  The science behind anthropogenic global warming is horrible and their models are more laughable than those used to blow up Wall Street.  Yet every form of aggression and attack is used against scientists who pose alternative questions or dissenting science not considered by the AGW fanatics.  Why aren’t politicians more worried about the issues we actually know with certainty that exist when it comes to the environment?  Why aren’t they stopping GMOs, pollution, industrial farming, raping of ecosystems, etc?    Because AGW is about extending corporate and political control around the world.   The same corporate and political control that is polluting, using GMOs, pouring chemicals into every orifice of our existence and raping ecosystems. 

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