Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Once Again Crime Pays In The Plutocracy: JP Morgan Admits To “Lying & Stealing” In Energy Market Manipulation Probe And Is Rewarded

I swear to God, I never thought I would live to see these times.  Never.  I knew these days were coming.  I wrote they were coming before the collapse.  I wrote specifically what would cause the collapse.  Everything in this country touched by a politician has been completely f$$$$cked up!  And I mean everything.  I never, in my wildest nightmares, could have envisioned these days.   That such blatantly criminal activity is actually rewarded.  

Another topic I have posted ad nauseam about, Wall Street’s manipulation of energy, that financial shills, politicians, investment advisors and other morons in the dumbed-down corporate state said was not actually occurring.  Well, JP Morgan just admitted it.   Not only that but they get to keep all of their profits from doing so and no one is under any kind of criminal investigation.   The board room of JP Morgan made these decisions.  Point blank.

Video here.  Lying and Stealing;  the journalists own words.  Their reward?  Keep your profits, no criminal investigation and pay this measly pittance of a fine.

Honestly?  And, I’m being completely serious, Adolph Hitler and the Nazi Party had nothing on Democrats and Republicans.  At least he provided some delusion of prosperity while running Germany off of a cliff.   The criminogenic culture in our plutocracy is truly obscene.   There isn’t even any pretending anymore that a rule of law or morality or human decency exists.  Yes, the Nazis killed millions of Jews in atrocious and unforgivable crimes against humanity.  But, then what do you call the crimes of denying people health care?  Feeding them toxic foods?  Pumping them full of toxic drugs?  Denying them jobs?  Denying them any type of living wage?  Enslaving people into a system of debt?  Bilking people of very limited means through energy, food and commodity extortion?  Spying on people?  Torturing people?  Waging war on the world with troops in nearly 40 African countries, 700 bases around the world and untold misery?  What the hell is that?  How many people died because of food price manipulation around the world?  Or how many people live in misery in refugee camps from Iraq or Syria or elsewhere?  How many millions have have been tortured, maimed, killed or displaced by the military-industrial complex?  How many?

The people of this nation are generally just and decent people  as are most people everywhere.  The megalomaniacs, predators and psychopaths of the corporate state are truly Godless.  They are disconnected from their humanity.  The world that their acting out has created is literally destroying humankind.  Life as we know it is clearly defined by energy forces.  This truly is a time marked by the forces of darkness versus light or good versus evil. 

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