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Viral Egyptian Video - Obama The “Dirty Man” Is A Traitor And Terrorist Meddler

A few opening comments before the links to the Egyptian video,  Russia’s response to Obama’s snub of Putin and Germany’s substantial complicity in NSA spying.

I have been writing consistently for the last eight years that the world is experiencing a grand awakening that is exactly that the awakening that happened during the Age of Enlightenment.  The Age of Enlightenment marked the peak in bureaucratic state, corporate and religious control by recognizing the God-given or natural power of people’s freedom and the people’s power over the state.  This time will be written in history books.  This is a much more profound moment that a time than that which created our country and sacked power throughout Europe in the late 1700s.

When I first started writing of this dynamic, I remember a specific comment because it was left by a friend.  He said that what I was stating had no reflection of reality.  At the time, it certainly didn’t appear so if you think with your eyes.  The world was in what Hank Paulson noted was unprecedented global prosperity.  Of course, that was nonsense.  How the world has since revealed a greater truth to those who think with their eyes.  Now look at the world.  It is on fire.  We are in a very deep global depression and it is going to get worse.  I’m not just talking about political unrest when I say the world is on fire.  I’m talking about volatile human behavior, volatile actions of our planet, and volatile actions and events happening in the natural world.   The world is living up to the billing of a cycle of volatility as I have described it countless times over the years.  As noted many times, that volatility encompasses all of these dynamics.  The ego’s perceptions of separateness are just that.  Perceptions.   It’s all connected.  The volatility is all the same.

We are at a massive tipping point in the future of our existence.  Possibly unprecedented.  Definitely greater than any time since the founding of our nation.  In fact, who knows.  Maybe this is the demise of our nation.  All states as institutions of the ego eventually fail.  All of them.  Every single one.  Russia is now just a fraction of its size 20 years ago.  Now 15 countries comprise that former Soviet Union.  The U.S. is in many regards, both socially and economically, very comparable to the Soviet Union.  In some ways the repression and propaganda is far, far worse.  Europe and China are no different.  They will experience the same forces.  China is arguably more ethnically-diverse than the U.S. or Europe and one could thus argue more likely to splinter into smaller pieces.  Remember, a long-time thesis on here is this environment could be coined as the end of big.  Big government, big corporations, big political parties, big money, big lies, big states, big military, big mouths, big banks, big alliances, big propaganda………

The links below are provided not to mock Obama, although he certainly opens himself up to criticism with his arrogant ignorance and narcissistic petulance.  The links are to highlight unprecedented pent-up human expression and awakening human mindfulness cross the globe.  There is no historical parallel to today on the scale of what we are witnessing.  There will certainly be no parallel to changes are about to experience in coming years and maybe even decades. 

The United States generally doesn’t spy on the world because we are afraid of Germany or France or Italy or Brazil or countless other nations.  We spy for what I believe are two basic reasons.  One, because we can.  And that’s just how megalomania is.  And two, because we want to know what foreign leaders are saying behind closed doors as we try to pry open more and more business for our corporate capitalist empire.  ie, Control.  That evidence of the comingling of government power with corporate objectives in other countries has been exposed by Wikileaks.  Our government spends much of its time pressing corporate objectives with other nations.  Our corporate empire loots through the enablement provided by political and military power and control.

It’s coming.  End of empire.  It will likely end quickly.  Possibly with nothing more than a whimper like the Soviet Union.  How will it end?  It could be domestic crisis in the U.S. or it could be a collapse of global finance and capital, it could be U.S. soldiers involved in a large scale mutiny, it could be a U.S. debt crisis, it could be that money loses all meaning; all discussed on here.  Or it could be something else.  But it’s coming.   I would guesstimate by 2020 is what I have written.  Maybe 2022 at the latest.  As noted on here before, 2013, 2016 and 2022 are three big turn dates for me.

This is economics.  The mass human awakening will drive the future of the global economy more than any demand equation taught in economics curriculum.   Life cannot be defined or controlled through an equation or logic or rational theories.  It is defined by fear or a lack thereof.  ie, Fear (and its manifestation, control) or discovery and truth.  And the world is discovering a greater truth; that this economic system of control is violent, evil, unjust, exploitative, predatory and inhumane for the benefit of a chosen few. 

They can’t put the genie back in the bottle.  There are six billion of us and just a few of them.  Once the confidence and trust is lost in the system, it’s not going to come back.  Ever.  Without transformative reform.

I wanted to link to the original article where the Egyptian video is embedded but you may want to click through to watch it on Youtube to see the captioning.    For Youtube novices,  the direct link is here.   By the way, its not obvious when you start watching the video but when she talks about Obama’s father and mother, she is talking about Turkey and Israel, who she is inferring are essentially telling Obama what to do in Egypt.  That comes so late in the video that it makes it more meaningful to understand in advance.  Interestingly, many in the democratic movement in Egypt have called for the country to stop accepting aid from the U.S.  They recognize that it’s nothing more than a form of repression that gives power to thugs and dictators that destroys their economic and social rights and determinism.  And it allows the U.S. to tell them what to do.  In other words, the aid from the U.S. isn’t to help Egypt but to control Egypt.   If there is no aid, there is no legitimate right of the U.S. to meddle in Egypt.  This certainly is true of U.S. aid across the board that comes in the form of money or corporate aid with strings attached.  It seldom is virtuous and most often is sinister.   The mafia doesn’t give you money for free.  And neither does the corporate state extortion racket.

From Der Spiegel Mass Data Transfers from Germany Aid U.S. Intelligence.  Germany’s leader, Angela Merkel, is a conniving political thug who is responsible for unprecedented misery in modern Europe.  Of course she lied and acted outraged when she first supposedly found out Americans were spying on Germans.  What she was hiding was that she and the German government were also spying in cahoots with the NSA.

And an additional article here about Obama cancelling his summit with Russia.  Obama Snubs, Russia Laughs, Putin Wins.  I thought two highly-rated comments from this article show how the world has awoken the endless lies and deceptions by megalomaniac American politicians pushing an agenda of empire and control.  And how the global mindful consciousness has been raised exponentially in recent years.  People get it.  Everywhere.  It’s coming.  This system if finished.

“There is another reason why Obama wants to go to the G-20 in Russia rather than - say - sending Jack Lew to represent the U.S. at a lower level. This is the same reason for Obama's appearance on the Jay Leno Comedy Hour last night: The man fancies himself a "celebrity at the center of the Universe" and thus cannot stay away from cameras and G-20's media. I am betting that America's hapless president is breathing a real sigh of relief.”

“Vlad the Lad Putin has bested Bumbling Barry at every turn. Middle East? Putin comes across as the voice of reason. Barry, not so much. Egypt is especially ripe as *both* the Muslim extremists and the average non-extremist Egyptian despise the bumbler...illustrated by demonstrations and even anti-Barry songs on YouTube. Look at South Africa and no one wants the bumbler to show. “

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