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Government Spying? You Ain’t Seen Nothin Yet

For years I have been writing that coming revelations about our government would horrify the American people.   How did I know this would happen?   I didn’t derive it from a mathematical equation.   It was the same reason I have been writing for the last eight years that we are in a cycle of volatility.   In other words, esoteric factors that most people would probably laugh at.  Laugh because they are afraid of what they don’t understand.   This is the tipping point in human social history.   The tipping point.   The tipping point that all past tipping points were leading to.  The tipping point that makes all human history look like afternoon tea and crumpets with the queen mutha.  And she is certainly a mutha.  I must say my ego will certainly derive some level of satisfaction seeing the queen work the checkout line at Sainsbury because I suspect she’s gonna be sacked before this cycle ends.  And that means she’s going to have to participate as an equal in society.  That is as it should be because statism and its class and class-based privilege is an affront to human dignity and freedom.

I don’t know what those revelations about our government will be but then that is as I have written.   I doubt this spying is really “it”.  Even if this spying revelation is only the tip of the iceberg as Senator Ron Wyden notes in the link below.  By the way as a reminder, I also wrote that because of these revelations that we could see extra-judicial Nuremberg-type trials in the U.S.  at some point.   When I first wrote that it must have seemed laughable to anyone reading it.  Not so much anymore.  Eh?   Remember, the Nazis reigned terror on the world for well more than a decade and even longer in Germany itself.   It was only decades later they faced prosecution.   That U.S. politicians are pardoning all of their crony friends doesn’t really mean anything.  Do you think Adolph Hitler pardoned any of his crony buddies?  And then rewrote the laws to ensure what they were doing was legal?

The U.S. government has been hiding secrets from the American people for a long, long time.  At least six decades or when the National Security Act of 1947 was passed that turned our nation into a permanent war state and, in the process, effectively suspended democracy.   At least since corporate personhood was created through an activist Supreme Court that unconstitutionally legislated that decision from the bench in the late 1800s.  (Laws are to be written by Congress not legislated from the bench by an unconstitutionally-activist Supreme Court.  Granting corporations the rights of people places private capital above the rights of man in the food chain of power.  It’s why corporations and private capital are encouraging the state to spy on you.  Corporate personhood is an enabler for fascism by granting them rights to lobby government and contribute to political campaigns.  The Democratic and Republican Parties are registered corporations that financially-benefit from the recognition of corporate persons.  Without corporate personhood both registered corporation political parties would collapse.)  At least since the time when political bribery was legal, which was for the first one hundred years of our nation’s history.  At least since the time when Alexander Hamilton’s Report On Manufactures in 1791 adopted the tyrannical injustices of the British Empire and its corporate capitalism that we had just fought a war to rid ourselves of.  And millions of  people had fled Europe to create this nation because they were repressed in this class-based economic system of endless poverty, violence and exploitation.  A system that had enslaved the masses in Europe to endless war, economic exploitation and poverty for the benefit of the ruling aristocracy. 

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And, a Rolling Stone Q&A with Senator Wyden

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