Wednesday, September 04, 2013

As The Plutocracy Brandishes Power Like A Street Thug The War Of Words Between Washington And Moscow Intensifies

The cavalier attitude about killing people that exists in our nation’s capital is frightening.   Political idiots wield power like a child wields a toy gun.  They have no idea of their own arrogant ignorance and the consequences it can create.  They have no respect for the power they wield because they didn’t have to do anything to get it.   And so wave it carelessly at anyone who threatens their authority like an ignorant  street thug who just scored himself a .44 magnum.   To me, all of this proves their unfitness for public service and how completely and systemically incompetent the Washington plutocracy truly is.

John Kerry has been masquerading as an honest politician over the last day or so.  Citing evidence that doesn’t exist.  And drawing conclusions that aren’t supported by fact or evidence.  But, he sure is quite a good talker.  He’s good at telling us what to think.  Surely not how to think, because people who are taught how to think learn to ask questions.  There will be no questions allowed by the plutocracy or the Godless corporate state.

Interestingly enough, Kerry did admit that the wildly corrupt and evil House of Saud and their fanatical Wahhabi jihadists engaged in Syria are willing to fund the US bombing of Syria.   (How hilarious.  There are no Arab democracies.  So it’s all dirty money that Kerry is talking about.  Thug money that they want to use to bribe the U.S. into actions that support their own corrupt interests.) 

In the mean time, Russia’s Putin is interviewed by the AP and notes that only the UN Security Council has a legitimate right to approve strikes against Syria upon being provided with evidence.  Yet, still no evidence.   (By the way, Putin is correct.  Unless it is a defensive action, a state-based attack on another nation is nothing more than an act of willful aggression.  Umm, how often have I written that our society is wildly aggressive [emotionally-dysfunctional] and it starts at the top?)

War is man’s most evil invention. It is the state’s attempt to legitimize its endless violence.  And the Godless corporate state glorifies this act of violence like no other activity. 

Syria is a powder keg with every Tom, Dick and Harry involved in some way or another.  That includes Russia.  Now, the reports are all over the map but by some sources Russia has deployed the world’s most advanced missile defense system in Syria.  Yet, some say this isn’t true because Syria is broke.  But whatever the case, Syria does have advanced Russian missile defense systems.  And that means there are likely Russian technicians in Syria.  What happens if gun-waving Obama issues a strike and something goes wrong?  Someone gets killed by the actions of a cowboy president issuing unconstitutional orders and that person or multiple people weren’t supposed to get killed?  What if that person or people are Russian?  What does Putin do having access to some of the world’s most advanced weapons systems?  And happy to paint himself as a man’s man often with his shirt off and gun in hand?  He has already dispatched greater military presence to Syria and today called John Kerry a liar, which the evidence supports and has been used within political circles inside of the U.S..  Does Putin do nothing?  Does he issue a defensive response and sink a few American ships or down a few American jets?  Would he not be within his rights to defend his nation’s citizens against unlawful aggression under international law?   Especially after Obama took a queue from Goldman Sachs and essentially called Putin a Muppet.  Where would the escalation end?  Well, where does the escalation end when street thugs with guns become embroiled in violence?  Because, is there really any difference in the lack of respect they share for the power they wield over life itself?

What really concerns me more than the acts of aggression themselves are the endless deceits, manipulations and lies used to justify them.  Because that means the Washington plutocracy is actually justifying through any means they can, and thus using premeditated willful intent, the actions of killing other human beings for reasons that are not supported by conclusive or actionable evidence or by a rule of law.  We still have no actionable evidence just like Iraq and Libya. 

What kind of person or people possesses these behavioral traits?  One who is fit for public service in a free society?  Truly free people, people who are mindfully aware and thus mindfully free, never have a willful intent to kill another human being.  Murder is murder.  Whether it’s state-sponsored murder aka war or a thug on the streets, what’s the real difference?  Both have rationalized their taking of another human life as completely acceptable and logical.   The only difference is that one is protected by the force of the state.

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