Saturday, August 31, 2013

The National Security State’s Highly Secretive Black Budget And Other Weekend Ramblings

The National Security State’s highly secretive black budget courtesy of Edward Snowden.   If we add this to the 2013 defense budget of $867.7 billion, the total spending on national defense is well over $900 billion.   If we add in the militarized budget of state and local police, that’s another $124.6 billion.  If we add in interest payments to private banking criminals that are used to fund the national security state’s massive overspending on empire, (The government should NEVER borrow money from banking criminals to fund democratic services or programs.  They should print it like the banking criminals do that loan our government money.) that’s another $336.5 billion.   If we add in the State Department and Nuclear Regulatory Commission whose budges include our nuclear weapons and other machinations meant to service empire, the total spending for the national security state is somewhere around $1.4 trillion.   A year!!!

Now there are about 115 million households in the U.S.    That’s about $12,000 per household per year.  And given we don’t actually pay most servicemen and women much of a living wage, we know where most of that’s going.  Corporate welfare.  Since Obama has taken office, that’s about $60,000 per household.  Before he leaves office, that number will be nearly $100,000 per household.  Not that I’m picking on Obama.  Clinton, Reagan, Bush…..  Only the faces are different. 

This year, the federal government will spend $98.0 billion on education and  $82.6 billion on unemployment benefits.   And I would argue that education is going to hell in a hand basket with politicians, including governors, trying to tell teachers how to teach.  It isn’t the teacher’s union that is the major problem.  Although they certainly aren’t part of the solution either.  At least as currently constructed.  Instead, they are a shill for the Democratic Party’s pandering and demagogy.

Is it any wonder why we live in a dumbed-down society run by political and corporate idiots?  All guns and no butter.    

A few other noteworthy links ……….

JP Morgan Asian bribe probe expands.  I think other than Monsanto, JP Morgan may be the most evil corporation in the world.  Jamie Dimon uses people he has control over, as a corporate bureaucrat, to do his will.  This endless corruption that just keeps oozing out is a reflection of the culture created by its leader.   Jamie Dimon is a predator.  A Harvard predator.  And, I think they pump out a lot of them.  What the hell is a taxpayer-funded corporation that is responsible for the safety of our democracy’s savings doing in other countries?  Who gave them that right?  Did you or vote on this?  Aren’t corporations supposed to serve our democracy? 

India’s currency collapse sparks political assurances.  Haha.  Yeah right.  Currencies across the globe are collapsing against the dollar.  Or, put another way, the dollar is rising violently.  Those words have been written on here for years of what was coming.  The truth is now revealing itself.  Globalization was one massive Ponzi scheme.  And it made ridiculous political idiots in emerging markets look like geniuses while it lasted.  None of these countries were willing to step up and and stop the madness because it wasn’t in their self-interest.  Now they will pay the piper.  Just as I have said they would for the last eight years.

Citigroup sees gold at $3,500.  The kiss of death.    This by a company that was trading at 99 cents and did a reverse split after being bailed out for their massive corruption and incompetence.  I don’t see any signs of gold putting in a serious bottom.

The truth about stomach acid and the misinformation and propaganda perpetuated by the medical bureaucracy and the rent-seeking drug companies.

The ketogenic diet.  Another look at a topic discussed on here before.  At the misinformation and propaganda fed to us by dumbed-down medical bureaucrats and the bought-and-paid-for FDA about what we should eat.  Although a ketogenic diet based on industrial meat and veggies drenched in Roundup ain’t exactly what I want on my dinner table.

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