Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Beginning Of The End Of American Empire - The Battle Ground For Neoliberal Supremacy In Syria And The Middle East

Let me first say that there is a very, very compelling argument to be made that the global display of state-based violence that is so prevalent today has one known factor in common. (Although I believe there are also esoteric factors involved as well.)  That is, the global deregulation of private capital.  ie, Corporate capitalism.  This is the same dynamic that led to both World Wars to varying degrees.  Especially World War I.  As private capital and its investment spreads around the globe, the corporate state’s vested interests go along with it.  Soon to follow is the military-industrial complex that is used to protect those interests. 

It should be no surprise that European powers, the original creators of class-based, private capital, are heavily aligned behind the U.S.   By the way, in the Middle East, the biggest thugs are not Syria and Iran but those backed by the U.S.; Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Kuwait, Qatar, the UAE, etc.   Um, no Israel is not in that list.  The neocon Israel lobby may be aligned with the U.S. but Israel is the only democratic society in the Middle East.  Let’s get real.  Anti-Semitism, especially driven by big “L” liberal elites (political party establishment hacks), is rampant in this world.  Blaming Jews based on deeply ingrained prejudice and propaganda has become a favorite pastime once again.  

In many ways, I view the Middle East, for the U.S., as the equivalent to the Soviet Bloc nations.  (Without petroleum denominated in dollars that allows the U.S. to print money ad infinitum and force it down the throats of the world, U.S. empire would collapse.)  The Soviet Union used investment, trade and military power to prop up puppet Bloc governments.  As the Soviet Union’s ability to buy the Soviet Bloc excess production waned, as Soviet investment in propping up their political thugs in the Bloc nations waned as empire stretched too far, up popped Lech Walesa.  Walesa was one of if not the most powerful voices of the later 20th century. (Reagan did not bring down the Soviet Union as noted on here many times.  The Soviet Union caved from within due to communism’s systemic contradictions.  Communism like capitalism is built on a foundation of sand.)  

From there it was all down hill for the Soviet Union.   Again, already discussed on detail on here.  In today’s world, there is no Lech Walesa or Martin Luther King.  I struggle with trying to understand if we will have that type of leader.  But, in the end, I’m not sure we will.  Because today technology has given us an ability to empower everyone who wants a voice in their own future.  And just like in the movie V for Vendetta, in the end it was a faceless movement by everyone who suffered at the hands of the state that rebelled against the American puppet government in Egypt and elsewhere.  We have facilitators –basically anyone who seeks to mobilize and empower people – but movements are faceless everywhere.  Whether that is against Monsanto or against Mubarak or any other issue.   The fact that movements are faceless makes it impossible for the state to use violence to stop them.  Are they going to kill or jail all of us?  Not hardly.  One million Americans on a terror watch list?  Hahaha.  It might as well be 50 million.  It probably would be if they could recruit enough people to spy on all of us.  We have the ability to tell our corporate state masters to go play in traffic.

I believe Egypt is the United State’s Poland.   And their Lech Walesa is the nameless, faceless mass of humanity that is resisting the attempts of outside forces to suppress their freedom and dignity.  That goes well beyond the U.S. as noted in a link below, Saudi Arabia is involved in funneling billions into the nation’s tyrannical thugs.   Egypt is the first nation in the Middle Eastern American Bloc to fail as it became unable to feed its own citizens due to massive commodity and food inflation.  This is very similar to what happened in the Soviet Bloc.   And as I have noted on here since well before the 2008 collapse, I believe puppet governments in the Middle East will eventually fall like dominos.  The House of Saud only maintains its grip on the people it suppresses because it has the biggest military and political power the world has ever seen aligned behind it.  For now.   Just like the political thugs in the Soviet Bloc

By the way, an unintended consequence of allowing Wall Street to manipulate commodity prices could ultimately be the collapse of American empire.   How ironic that empire always collapses from within.  From its own arrogance, evil and hubris.   By the way, as noted on here ad nauseam, all of this is wildly bullish for the U.S. and our democracy.  Or bullish for whatever we call the nation or nations that comes out the other end.

What is going on in Syria and the Middle East is all about geopolitics, corporate state control of natural resources, economic domination, corporate state power, geopolitical positioning for neoliberal advantage, empire and a real democratic movement by the people to get out from under all of this morass and crazymaking by the world’s corporate state establishment political players.   Every insecure prick-waving politician, as George Carlin referred to them, in the game of global geopolitics has his vested interest and is pushing his own power-mad agenda in Syria and other Middle East nations through the projection of power; money, force, weapons, etc.  Syria has become the front battle line for statist global power thugs and their endless use of violence to maintain and spread economic and corporate state control. 

I find it ironic that Obama tells us UN inspectors can’t be trusted to investigate chemical weapons charges he lays at the feet of Syrian President al-Assad without any evidence.  This after al-Assad denies using any chemical weapons and has invited UN inspectors to do an investigation based on Obama and European leader’s claims.  Isn’t it ironic that Obama tells us to trust the UN when it comes to anthropogenic global warming voodoo but not when it comes to his claims of Syrian government use of chemical weapons?  

As our fearless corporate state, military-industrial complex leader and self-appointed king readies to launch an unconstitutional attack on Syria, obviously in the name of Jesus the pacifist, upwards of 90% of Americans want the U.S. to stay out.  Yet, of no surprise, only about 15% of congresspersons could muster the courage and morality to sign a petition “asking” our fearless leader to get the rule-of-law-mandated constitutional approval before blowing up Syria.

Politicians are little more than circus clowns and con men. 

The American people are tiring of the endless psychotic wars and bombings pushed by the lunatic fringe in our aristocracy.  I want to put up a reminder that I wrote years ago before this Middle East mess started that we could eventually see U.S. soldiers mutiny as untold thousands of French soldiers did en masse in WWI, a war fought for the economic and colonial interests of European capitalist elites.  You know, like all of our mischief today.  The American people are tired of this.  And so are our soldiers that are being maimed, killed, exposed to depleted uranium, pumped full of anti-depressants and anti-psychotics to keep them fighting tour after tour, and committing suicide in ever-increasing numbers.   What a glorious day it would be if our armed forces said no more without a constitutional declaration of war in a defensive need to protect democracy.

Given both the British and the U.S. are in the process of making  a “legal” case (what a fcuking joke) to go to war in Syria,  I thought I would pull together some links, almost all from outside of the U.S., and all from outside of the corrupted corporate mainstream paparazzi U.S. media, on the state of Syria and some signs of what is really going on.   There is no simple black and white answer because there are many global players and political objectives now involved in Syria.   So, it’s trite to blame everything on the U.S.  But there is ample evidence that nothing out of the U.S. corporate state media or out of the mouths of  U.S. politicians is anywhere near true.  The possibility exits that they are outright  lying when considering the evidence below.  For what reasons?  Well, who knows.  But, probably because they can.

U.S. political theater becomes more comically-disgusting by the day.

Washington Times – UN Official states that Syrian rebels, not the Syrian government, using sarin gas.  The U.S. is backing these rebels so directly or indirectly, if this is so, the U.S. political establishment is complicit if this is true.

Washington’s worries over radical Wahhabi Saudi ties and their involvement in Egypt.  The U.S. political establishment is substantially responsible for creating a global terror network by backing the House of Saud and its hyper-radical fundamentalist, distorted message of Islam that the Saudi royal family spends billions perpetuating around the world.  All because supporting Saudi Arabia props up the petrodollar. 

Syrian President al-Assad will never become puppet of western powers.  Blames radical Wahhabi Saudi influence and money on terrorism in his country.  (The same radical Wahhabi Saudi terrorism that was behind 9/11 attacks)  al-Assad asks for UN to come to Syria to investigate claims of chemical weapon use by government forces.

U.S. general tells Democracy Now! about plans to invade Syria were hatched in 2001.  I believe Wesley Clark before I believe a politician.  Most who serve our nation’s armed forces are honorable people with a virtuous intent.

Leaked dialogue between Putin and Egypt on the subject of Syria and Iran and the Saudis attempt to bribe Russia.  Brutal and well worth the read.

Russia Today – American CIA operatives are engaged with Syrian Rebels according to his American father

U.S. neocon hawks take flight over Syria

Saudis offer Putin secret deal to control world’s energy to back out of Syria.  More smarmy corruption by the illegitimate American puppet fiefdom that is the House of Saud.

Hacked British defense company reveals British government had plans to destabilize Syria

Dennis Kucinich – Striking Syria will make U.S. al Qaeda’s air force.  In one country we fight al Qauda.  In another we arm them.  The U.S political establishment’s policies are psychotic.  It’s like crazymaking or gaslighting applied to a political establishment. controlled by lunatics.

When you ask a politician to solve a problem, you will always get a political solution.  Politics is an institution of the ego and the ego’s only intent of control.  Obviously political solutions are never the best solution.   And I do mean never.  Oftentimes, they are the worst imaginable and have incredible unintended consequences. 

Let’s be frank.  Politicians are generally idiots, megalomaniacs, control freaks, takers, users, narcissists, liars and psychopaths.  Are there more than a handful of politicians in Washington anyone would trust their life with?  Politics serves no purpose to democracy, citizen government and public service.  Politics and political parties need to go the way of the Dodo bird.  And as I have noted on here many times, game theory presents us with a compelling reason to believe both parties will collapse soon enough.    

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