Tuesday, September 03, 2013

More Evidence Of Malicious Intent: The Illegal U.S. Hammer Seeking Its Syrian Nail

When the only tool you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.  As it pertains to U.S. foreign policy, politicians are always looking for a problem that involves the military as a solution.  

Now, we have more evidence that Obama is just another trigger-happy politician going off half-cocked in his willingness to kill, unconstitutionally might I add, untold numbers of Syrians without any concrete evidence or supporting rule of law.   Didn’t we get enough of this with the last half-cocked cowboy in the weapons of mass distraction nonsense in Iraq?    This brings into serious question about being fit and competent to hold public office for any and all politicians involved. 

As I noted a few posts ago, a UN official already remarked that the use of sarin gas pointed to Saudi and U.S.-backed Syrian rebels late last year.   Now, we have U.S. officials admitting there is no evidence linking Assad to sarin gas use.   Ron Paul recently remarked the obvious; that Assad is not a fool and going to bring concerted international military action and even war crimes against his regime by using sarin gas.  Yet, Secretary of State John Kerry continues to blow deceitful manipulation, if not outright lies, by stating the obvious.   That is, someone used sarin gas and he is, by association, trying to lay blame on Assad with zero actionable evidence.  This case would be thrown out of a courtroom.

All of this proves beyond any doubt, that Obama was willing to go off half-cocked, with no accurate or actionable evidence, and kill untold numbers of what would likely be innocent Syrians in an unconstitutional strike.  Are we not a society that acts under evidence-based, reasoned rule of law?  

This means the evidence is very compelling that this is all likely part of some grand secret government/military-industrial-complex agenda created in 2001 to topple Middle Eastern governments as General Wesley Clark stated in his Democracy Now! interview, also cited a few posts ago.

If this is true, then untold amounts of evidence was likely concocted or deceitfully manipulated with willful intent for all of these missions since 2001.  That could certainly include evidence concocted by secret CIA fomenting of illegal activities in other nations.   If true, the U.S. political establishment killed, maimed or wounded over one million innocent people and spent over $5 trillion dollars of The People’s money doing it.   $5 trillions dollars later, untold numbers of Iraqi, American and other Middle Eastern nation deaths, injuries, PTSD, depleted uranium weapons-caused birth defects and maimings.   Not to mention the devastation to economies and the diasporas it created.  This is why we must have a rule-of-law based society.  Laws based on natural rights, human values and limited, accountable, completely transparent government.  Not the rule of man we are witnessing today with a secret government run amok. 

If this is true, and we now know beyond any doubts the Syrian operations were based on no actionable evidence, then the last decade has involved some of the greatest crimes ever committed against humanity, against our constitutional democracy and against the world.  And included in that would likely be charges of war crimes against U.S. politicians, U.S. civil servants and U.S. military officials.  And with it, comes the blood on the hands of Americans who supported these actions and who still refuse to face the truth.  I would say that would mostly be political party activists and ideologues who consistently outsource their thinking to Republicans, Democrats, the corporate media and the corporate state. 

One cannot hide behind the defense that I was only doing as I was told.   That’s what the German people used as a defense under the Nazis.  

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