Thursday, September 05, 2013

Alan Grayson, A Few Good House Democrats, The Russians And The Tea Party May Yet Save Us From Obama And The Military-Industrial Complex

Let me just say that for this particular issue of Syria and the drumbeat of lies and deceptions from the White House, Drudge is providing the best news aggregation.   A shout out to the most influential web site inside of the Washington beltway.  It appears the Russians would like to present a 100-page report to the UN that fingers rebels as those who used biological weapons.  Even the Pope has warned Obama about using violence.  And Drudge is merciless in hammering the military-industrial complex, Republicans and Obama on this issue of Syria.  He recently tweeted that he essentially turned in his Republican Party membership because of their corruption.

I had to post this because of Alan Grayson’s crucifixion of both the bumbling Secretary of War, Chuck Hagel, and the dope from Massachusetts, Secretary of Pre-War, John Kerry, and Obama. (starting at 13:10 of the video.  a must watch.)  Grayson clearly calls both of them and the Whitehouse out to be liars.  The evidence is starting to flow in an overwhelming direction from the international community that there are classified intents being used by the U.S. political establishment to beat the drums of war.  Grayson fingers the military-industrial complex as the culprit.  That’s not really much of a surprise.  That Obama is one of them has become the biggest surprise of his presidency.  It makes me wonder what the tie-in is.  Or what is happening and who is really running our nation.  The parties and faces change, but the actions of the presidencies remain the same.  They act as gods and kings rather than public servants.  The only facts we have are the 1947 National Security Act that essentially suspended democracy, created a secret government and put our nation in a permanent state of war, thus granting the president war powers.  Permanently.  Something that nearly every president has since abused to the level of impeachable offenses.  

If you really understand the Middle East and maybe you do, you must appreciate the differences in Sunni, Shiite and Wahhabi Islam, the history of Islam and the manipulation of it by predatory fiefdom thugs, mostly our allies.  Then you start to appreciate what is really going on in Egypt and Syria in particular.  We are fighting on behalf of our puppet regimes almost certainly because not to do so takes away our ability to wage economic empire using the petrodollar as talked about ad nauseam on here over the years. 

Those who cast Israel is the motive behind every mess in the Middle East, as some are even doing with Syria, are idiots, bigots, unwitting shills for thugs or some other high level of ignorance.   Would hardliners in Israel like to take out an enemy in Syria’s Assad?  Of course.  That state has operated under a police protection order for 50 years.   People disappear in the night.  But the Middle East is a very, very complex cauldron of class-based interests going back hundreds and often over a thousand years that seek to perpetuate tension on all sides.  Most of those are within modern-day class-based fiefdoms that manipulate Islam to turn brother against brother and nation against nation. (Mohammed clearly would have rejected all of these class-based fiefdoms and their manipulation of his message of religious tolerance and inclusion and protection of the persecuted and impoverished by such class-based thugs.  This tyranny and injustice of those unable to defend themselves from class-based predators was, in fact, the basis for Mohammed’s movement.  Just like Jesus of Nazareth.  And we have our own class-based tyranny and injustice that manipulates his message for their own personal avarice and greed as well.) 

This is the exact same dynamic that existed between the Soviet Union and the U.S.   The class-based status quo on both sides benefitted from maintaining tensions.  They remained in control and maintained their power by doing so.  Once a toppling of certain illegitimate regimes happens in the Middle East, the illegitimacy of others are exposed and become unsustainable without finding a new boogeyman as the U.S. military-industrial complex had to do with the collapse of the Soviet Union.   If democracy comes to any state in the Middle East, all fiefdoms lose.  That includes the Palestinian leadership that benefits from not finding peace with Israel.  Both Israel hardliners and Palestinian leadership derive their power by keeping peace from becoming a reality.

The only legitimate answer is for these people to rise up and take responsibility for their futures.  And for the world’s capitalist and political powers to back away and remove their military and political support for the thugs that repress this mass of humanity that has been denied their own determinism and freedom.  It’s not to funnel arms to one side or another.  Or to bomb anything that moves.  Let them be free! Let my people go.

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