Monday, September 09, 2013

Please Let Me Bomb. Just A Little. John Kerry Begs For A Very Small Strike In Syria While Putin Offers A Nonviolent Solution.

Honestly, Obama and his staff of flunkies look like clowns.   Contrarily, whatever one thinks of him, Putin is playing Obama like a fiddle on the international stage.  Let’s get something straight.  Putin is almost certainly a megalomaniac.  He’s no savior for anyone any more than Obama was.  Russia is embroiled in corruption and rot just like China, the U.S. and elsewhere.  And Syria is simply an outlet for Russian weapons and Russian goods.  Russia has colonized Syria the same way the U.S. colonizes other nations to dump its overproduction, especially of bombs and weapons of war and death, onto the world.   These are covert acts of violence that Putin clearly supports and encourages.  He supports Assad because Assad supports Russia by buying its weapons and goods.  It’s the virtuous crony circle of state violence and corruption we are so familiar with in the U.S..   But he’s shrewd enough to know that you get more bees with honey.   Obomber-in-Chief apparently has been outflanked or he’s simply the talking head for the national security apparatus running our nation.

John Kerry seems he’d sell his mother for a nickel or a moment of fame and power.  Hagel, Kerry and Biden all spoke highly of Syria’s president in the past.  But they aren’t willing to consider Assad’s claims that he had nothing to do with chemical weapons use.  And the Obama administration’s inability to provide actionable evidence seemingly supports Assad’s claim.  But this is a political issue where discovery and truth are irrelevant.   This is a political issue that demands a political solution.   That is, one involving force, violence and control. 

If Kerry now just wants to take out Syria’s chemical weapons, then Putin has offered a nonviolent solution.  Have Syria turn over its chemical weapons to the international community.  Obama, the puppet for the corporate security state, and his band of political flunkies are now toothless.  Putin has backed them into a corner and the only way out is through nonviolence or to be exposed as seeking violence in lieu of nonviolence. 

Kerry begs to bomb.  Just a little.  Please, let me bomb them just a little.  If it’s just a little, what’s the point other than saving face or using state violence as a weapon of coercion and control?   Now, if I apply the logic of state violence to my personal life, what if I told someone that I wanted to shoot them just a little.  I don’t want to kill you.  I just want to shoot you enough for you to …….  be scared shitless of me?  To let me control you?  To do what I tell you to do?  What else could my intent be?

The ego has only one intent.  That intent is control.  Politics is an institution of the ego and thus, is an institution of violence aka control.

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