Sunday, September 08, 2013

Bombers For Jesus, End Of Empire And The New “Old” Goliath

As Randolph Bourne noted, “War is the health of the state.”.  Indeed.  The state exits for one reason; to perpetuate violence.  The state is synonymous with violence.  The state is by definition, violence.  And the politician is the willful steward of state violence.  The American military-industrial complex has morphed into a state tool wielded by politicians for global control rather than a defensive deterrent meant to protect democracy and human freedom.

William Greider is one of my favorite old-school journalists.  He wrote of this coming doom decades beforehand.  He wrote of this coming crisis at the time politicians were dismantling the rule of law for their own megalomaniacal psychopathy.   He pens a new article titled The New Goliath.   If one understands the human mind to any degree, one must conclude that while William’s latest blog post is spot on with its conclusions, the intents are almost certainly far more sinister than his belief system wishes to acknowledge.  And, the Goliath isn’t a “new” one but an old and dying one that has been around for a long time.  One that is in its final stages of extinction.  Remember, my long-time prediction for the end of American empire is within half a dozen years or so.

Killing is still killing. The political debate dumps blame on Obama or Congress or the Pentagon, but the dilemma really belongs to the nation and to other nations trying to uphold principles. My notion of progress would be a rule that says no country can go to war for diplomatic purposes or to demonstrate a bargaining position. If victory is unimaginable, then maybe the war should be unlawful. Killing people to influence negotiations seems about as as immoral as spraying innocent bystanders with poison gas.

Really, why is state-based proactive war and murder any different than terrorism?  Proactive war and murder in the name of democracy, justice, virtue or in the name of any of the world’s  religions is an incontrovertible evil perversion only rationalized by the most predatory, unstable and violent minds.   In other words, rationalizations by those capable of rationalizing anything.  And, most often, those who do rationalize anything.   Power attracts predators who can then ameliorate their own demons by controlling others.  With unprecedented and unequaled power in the world today, Washington is rife with predators.  Washington, like other politically-powerful institutions around the world, is the dysfunctional, weak, paranoid and insecure playground bully who projects his violence onto others because of his own propensity for evil driven by emotional instabilities.   And given the violence of modern corporate capitalist society, our nation has an endless supply of bullies and predators ready to fill positions of power. 

And, that is as it should be expected.   As John Dahlberg-Acton said, “Great men are almost always bad men.”.  Politics is an institution of the ego.  So, politics simply becomes the projection of the evil that is the endless dysfunction of the ego.   Politics becomes a projection of the state of mind of the people holding those positions of political power.   Politicians and politics serve no purpose to a free society.   Politics is a dinosaur that needs to be replaced by selfless public service and the self-rule of citizen government.   The world has awoken to a new reality.  We don’t want to live in a dumbed-down society controlled by egomaniacs and their endless fear-driven manifestations of control; victimization, predation and violence. 

It was just weeks ago when the U.S. military-industrial complex appeared invincible and I wrote that Edward Snowden’s revelations were so profound that I didn’t believe another world war was now possible.  Now, we see Washington political idiots completely isolated from American citizens and the world.  And the military-industrial complex, the state tool for the projection of its violence, stopped dead in its tracks.   Many believe Obama will act unilaterally without support at home or internationally.  If he does, which would be unprecedented in the open, overt and willful use of military force by one political megalomaniac in a nation of supposed checks and balances, he opens himself to a very serious possibility of unpredictable international responses, be they military or otherwise.  And to unpredictable responses at home including a government shutdown by the Tea Party or impeachment proceedings.  

We are almost certainly in a historic moment in a historic time that will be written of for centuries.  This is economics.  These are the events that will determine the future of our economy.  Not mindless regurgitation of economic statistical drivel.

How quickly the world can and does change.   Something the status quo is going to get a whole lot more of as the existing social, economic and political apparatus heads for extinction. 

We don’t want or need Washington’s bombers for Jesus.   Twisted, Godless minds who somehow believe that justice and virtue lies in murder and war.  And we don’t want or need the corporate state running our lives and controlling what our future society, economy and government will be.  The new Age of Enlightenment, a long time thesis on here, continues to unfold before our eyes. 

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