Thursday, September 19, 2013

Key Climate Report Authors Struggle To Explain Long Lull In Climate Warming

Actually, this AP report mildly misstates reality.  The earth’s temperature has not risen for 17 years according to the UN’s IPCC panel.  Actual measurements show no warming for up to 23 years.   But regardless, a worst case is that the chief anthropogenic global warming scientist at the IPCC has admitted to no warming for 17 years.   This, at a time when unprecedented human-created CO2 has been pumped into the atmosphere.

Researchers in Germany noted some years ago that solar activity in the last 60 years has been greater than at any time in the last 8,000 years.   By the way, this time is when the vast majority of temperature increases that are cited as being caused by humans has occurred.  And, as noted on here before, it’s not just earth.  Ice caps across the solar system have been melting.  I realize Al Gore is full of hot air, but I doubt it reaches Jupiter’s moons.  As noted on here before, and linked to, a recently published report on the National Academy of Sciences web site ties global temperature cycles to solar activity.   But, science has known this for more than a century.  Yet, somehow this has been lost upon the supposed experts.  Why?  Because it didn’t serve their self-interested agenda.  Or, because knowledge is siloed and people who study climate don’t study solar physics.  Or, for that matter, they don’t study countless relevant topics.  So, they are essentially bread makers who, through their own ignorance and arrogance, believe they are qualified to perform open heart surgery.

The anthropogenic “science”, err, junk science using junk models, is failing right before our eyes.  Right now.  Just like Wall Street’s scientific models.  The failures are everywhere and well too broad for me to keep up with.  Physicists in at least half a dozen countries, some I have linked to in the past, have stated that global warming is over for some years now.   That includes Japan’s solar physics satellite that was anticipating a quadrupole configuration similar to that experienced during the last mini ice age.  And that includes the Russian Academy of Science staffed with some of the most brilliant scientific minds on earth.  Minds not part of the political UN human-caused global warming crowd that is controlled by a political organization.   The planet hasn’t warmed in at last 17 years, and by some measurements even longer.  Yet as I type this, CO2 levels continue to rise in the atmosphere.   What does that tell you?  CO2 is a dependent variable that is a function of temperature or other factors and not vice versa.   Of course, this is what all of the ice samples going back hundreds of thousands of years have shown.  Again, completely discounted by anthropogenic junk science.

I wrote on here half a dozens years ago we were headed for a cold, dry climate.  And that democracy loves cold, dry climates.  It’s happening very rapidly.  Just in the past few weeks solar activity has flatlined.  For how long, no one knows.  But this was off already very weak solar activity in the last half dozen years.   The top weather analyst in Britain is a solar physicist whose models don’t include any of the disproven nonsense in the IPCC models.  He has tracked their statements and proven them to be systemically-incompetent and wrong at turn after turn.   Yet, the true believers and fanatics still follow their religion.

Anthropogenic global warming is perpetuated by political, corporate and pseudoscience fanatics who would have minted untold tens of trillions off of their endless schemes of controlling others.   Oh, and personal fame.   Ah, there is the ego again.  Seeking attention, separateness, exaltation and adoration in addition to money, greed, control and power.   This is just another outcome of a class-based society.  Where a self-appointed ruling elite will do anything and everything to maintain their control over the rest of us.  To point their wagging finger of disapproval at the rest of us as a controlling parent scolds a child.   It’s amazing how many people actually want to be scolded.  ie Told what to do and how to think.   

Anyone who perpetuates a belief that the science is settled is not a scientist.  Nor are they concerned about science nor do they know what science actually is and is not.   Nothing is ever settled when it comes to scientific theory.  That’s why it’s called a theory.  True science is about discovery and truth.  It is not the basis for anything that is settled, an affront to all seekers of truth.  

As possibly the most brilliant scientist in the last half century once stated, science is the belief in the ignorance of experts.   How’s that working out for you when it comes to self-appointed experts in every aspect of our society?  We are seeing systemic failure in every aspect of modern capitalist society.  And the supposed experts actually created the failures or didn’t see them coming.  That includes across a broad cross section of science itself.  Institutionalizing knowledge creates ideology and religious high priests whose self-interest will do anything to protect it.   Institutionalizing knowledge is very, very dangerous.  Knowledge seeks to be free not to be controlled and manipulated for the benefit of a chosen few.

Science proves nothing.   If anything, it only disproves.   Discovery and the search for truth, the fundamental foundations of science, are never-ending journeys.

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