Friday, September 13, 2013

Another Another Long-Time Thesis Created By The Dumbed-Down Corporate State Is Starting To Reveal Itself

What better day to post this than Friday the 13th?

Title link video here.  Farage missed his calling.  He could have been the next George Carlin.  Making people laugh, especially with such a disturbing topic, is a much more honorable profession than politics.   By the way, his responder that cites  99% of scientists agree is using an ego-driven intent to control.  In nonviolent communications methods, this tactic would singled out as an act of violence against Farage.  This act of violence, as is all violence, is clearly driven by ignorance. (That modern corporate capitalist society is so violent gives us some indication of how ignorant and dumbed-down corporate bureaucrats and politicians, who set the corporate state social value system and control our society, really are.)   This politician has no credible response so he uses violence as an attempt to control the conversation, and thus the other participant, and his own humiliation.  This is a typical ploy used in debates.  Debating, key to the political and legal process, is a ruse and a joke that doesn’t prove or disprove anything as logicians and philosophers have noted for thousands of years.  Politicians are some of the most ignorant people in society who use demagogy, pandering and other manipulative, violent intents of control to get people to outsource their thinking to them.  That is the only way politicians ever gain power.  That is, by us giving it to them.  And they use emotional violence to get us to do so; a major reason why our society is so violent.  It starts at the top.  Politics, politicians and political parties need to go away and be replaced by selfless public service and citizen government.  By people in government who have an intent of empowering democracy and humanity and not controlling them for their own egomaniacal purposes.  Humanity is suffering under corporate state repression, injustice and tyranny.  By the way, the same could be said regarding corporate governance that is controlled by the same dysfunctional personalities.

More amusement laying bare the wild distortions of reality.  Very well written and comical if it weren’t so disturbing.

As I have noted before the Republican political establishment outright rejects science and the Democratic political establishment takes an equally dumbed-down position of claiming some faux higher knowledge that is then used to manipulate science for their own controlling advantage.  Which is worse?  The end result is a dumbing-down of society regardless.

I know this is going to upset a lot of decent people who have been hoodwinked and will react with cognitive dissonance.  ie, By holding rigidly to their existing belief system by rejecting this  data as nonsense or somehow twisting the data to fit into their existing beliefs that humanity is the cause of global warming or some other attempt at control.  But attempting to control the outcome by not accepting reality will only make the mockery of science even worse.  It will only lead to more ignorance. 

The science behind anthropogenic global warming is absolutely ludicrous as noted on here time and again.   The only thing more ludicrous is the claim that 97% of scientists agree; turning discovery and truth into a manipulated popularity contest for purposes of control.  (Statistics is not science and truth is not defined by statistics.  A clear sign that anthropogenic global warming was a fanatical social and political movement.  .)  

Science across the board is in crisis as noted on here.  And as it pertains to this topic, science has been tainted by the Watergate-type scandal of political hijacking and manipulation of discovery and truth by a ruling class of bureaucratic, controlling predators and a general ignorance of what science actually is by people who are willing to believe anything that someone else tells them.  Especially if it supports their ego’s subconscious bias;  always driven by dubious reasons in all of us.   Why would you believe a politician who pushes an agenda of global warming but then not believe them when you hear they are illegally murdering people, spying on people and countless other crimes?  Seriously?  Would you believe Ted Bundy on topics unrelated to murder? 

Remember, a long-time thesis on here is that we will live to see the day that Al Gore gives back his Nobel Prize.  Figuratively, of course.   And we won’t have to wait long.  

The climate certainly has changed but not because of a change of four one hundredths of once percent of atmospheric C02 and not because of man.    Science actually settled this debate a long time ago.  C02 lags temperature in all of the core samples going back hundreds of thousands of years.   It’s a dependent variable that is a function of temperature and not the other way around.   There’s that damned pesky discovery and truth again getting in the way of an agenda.

This CO2 nonsense is a lot like the meme that cholesterol is killing you.  Neither ever supported an informed, qualitative view of reality.  But the cholesterol meme has probably been worth over a trillion dollars and counting to drug companies.  (In constant currency terms)  Even thought the evidence has now clearly and unequivocally shifted and mainstream scientific researchers acknowledge it, cholesterol medications, that have never shown any ability to lower heart disease risks, are still the most prescribed drug in the world. 

When it comes to money, the dumbed-down corporate state can continue to create endless propaganda long after their ignorance is exposed.   How much would the anthropogenic global warming meme been worth to financial predators trading carbon credit derivatives, mega corporations and the political aristocracy?  Tens of trillions of dollars would have been siphoned from your pockets to that of the ruling aristocracy if not stopped.  Yet, Obama presses on in support of these initiatives.  Clean, sustainable energy, which any informed citizen would support with empowering economic initiatives, is one thing.  That has nothing to do with any of this.  This is about control.  About corporations and politicians controlling you and me.

More on the topic of climate change later. 

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