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Modern Capitalist Society Collapse - Oklahoma State University Officials Accused Of Endorsing Prostitution, Drugs, Grade Fixing And Paying Football Players

Right now we don’t know what, if any, of these allegations may be true.  There are many reason why people may mischaracterize cheating on both sides.  It could be bitter former players.  Or there could be truth.  I suspect there is some level of truth to these allegations because they surface year after year at leading universities.  That said, we need to let the facts reveal themselves.   But in the mean time I’m going to take this moment to revisit some topics talked about extensively in the past.   What is happening at OSU and other universities around the country constantly embroiled in scandals involving cheating are clear signs of social collapse.  It’s amazing how many people don’t want to see reality.    There are countless people in the system who are wildly bullish on the future of this system.  And, there are countless people in this system who think the only issue at hand was a housing crisis and, now that they think this has passed, an issue of political will to make adjustments to Washington’s spending habits.  Regardless, this type of hyper-competitive and aggressive behavior on trial at Oklahoma State is endemic to corporate capitalist society.  

Many certainly skirt the rules under extreme pressure to win in our aggressive and hyper-competitive corporate capitalist culture.  That certainly includes winning in sports.   This behavior is no different than that exhibited on Wall Street or corporate America where winning often comes at any cost.  Cheating and gaming the system, so typical of hyper-competitiveness and aggression that is endorsed by the criminal class of political and corporate leaders (looters), is rampant in every  industry and most aspects of life.   It’s no different than the aggressive and hyper-competitive environment that has led to paying nonliving wages, providing no benefits, working in slave labor conditions, working under the longest work week in the world, trashing pensions, shipping democratic jobs off to countries that turn a blind eye to slave labor, etc.  It’s no different than the hyper-competitive and aggressive culture that forces Americans to compete like an animal on the African plains for food and shelter.  It’s no different than the hyper-competitive and aggressive corporate state politics where supporting your winning political team comes at any cost as the winners get the spoils of endless dirty money and power to do as they wish, often violently to others.  Or as Orwell wrote, in the future there will be no loyalty but to the political party.  It’s no different than our legal system that measures success by aggressive prosecution rates and the world’s largest prison population rather than discovery and truth.   It’s no different than the aggressive police brutality driven by the officer’s competition for control with his victims rather than his duty to selflessly serve society.   It’s no different than corporations, people living on the public dole or people working for the government who aggressively defend their right to other people’s surplus value or money.  It’s no different than the insanely aggressive military-industrial complex that pushes aggressive and hyper-competitive propaganda about America’s military superiority and the virtues of waging and winning at man’s most evil invention, war.  War, like corporate capitalism, is a form of aggressive competition against our fellow man.  It’s no different than corporate advertisers exploiting unrealistically-perfect (and airbrushed) swimsuit models that creates insecurity and thus promotes competitiveness between women rather than cooperation.  Women as defined by the corporate state’s value system can never meet those propagandized expectations and thus lovingly accept themselves as they are.   It’s no different than the aggressive and competitive parent who pushes their children into hyper-competitive cram schools, colleges and competitive sports so their parents can act out their twisted insecurities and failures by controlling their children.   It’s not different than the wildly aggressive thug, street-gang hip-hop culture or the explosion of aggressively violent children’s games or the explosion in youth aggression, bullying and shootings or kids now experimenting sexually at ages when I was playing with Tonka Trucks. 

The hyper-competitiveness, violence and aggression of our society is everywhere.  I do mean everywhere.  Almost any socially-specific or culturally-unique activity or behavior in modern corporate capitalist society involves hyper-competitiveness, aggression and violence.   People may not see it, likely because they aren’t mindfully aware of who they are or what they are doing.  In other words, reflective of the ignorance and dumbing-down of corporate capitalist society.  They may think they are doing the right thing because they are conforming to a violent system for their own self-interest.  But it exits.  People can habituate themselves to any type of environment and rationalize their behavior in that environment. 

Almost all corporate advertising is a violent assault on our citizens.  It is meant to create a perception in our minds that we are somehow unworthy or not whole or need their product or service.   We need it to be accepted as part of the winning culture.  This competitive and violent message takes our minds out of the moment and plays on the ego’s desire to covet or attach itself to worldly possessions and worldly beliefs of others.  This very fact is the basis for hyper-consumerism defined by modern corporate capitalist society.   Corporate advertising  promotes a culture of hyper-competitiveness and aggression that is based on keeping up with the Jones.  They have it so I need it.   This form of emotional violence creates a response of emotional self-abandonment by the ego of its victim.   It makes us desire to compete with our fellow citizens for attachment to worldly possessions and attachment to social values exalted by the ego.   In the process it shuts down the normal functioning or our mind by short circuiting a cooperative, loving response from our higher power or our own divinity.  How much cooperative and loving behavior do you see in the self-appointed corporate or political leaders in this nation?  Or for that matter, even at a Pee Wee football game where nearly toddlers are now allowed to beat the hell out of each other with helmets and pads.  And the parents are right there aggressively competing with the other parents.  Often verbally or even physically assaulting other parents.

Humanity has only survived and evolved through cooperation, not through corporate capitalism’s Socially-Darwinistic aggression and competition.   A culture based on competition instead of cooperation is a society based on violence and aggression.  Darwin’s theory of utility clearly is dubious when applied to  evolution.  It only explains mutation within species.  And with that, it certainly can be used to explain the mutated competitive, aggressive, predatory and victimizing megalomania that has evolved within the human species to succeed under the survival-of-the-fittest (most dysfunctionally competitive and aggressive) modern corporate capitalist social structure. 

Modern corporate capitalist society is collapsing because it destabilizes the human condition.   Because humanity is devolving rather than evolving under its endless violence.  Humanity’s own future is now at risk because of the social structure and value system that modern corporate capitalist society has created.   Whether those risks are destroying our ecosystems, destroying the natural world, destroying each other through hyper-competitiveness and aggression, destroying other nations, destroying our own divinity and destroying ourselves.   This corporate state social structure is inconsistent with our spirituality or our mind’s higher power and its mindful awareness of the connection and oneness with all life and with all people.  Of our higher power’s innate desire to cooperate rather than violently compete against our fellow man and against the natural world around us.  We are enslaved to a Godless (lacking our higher power’s human-values) existence.

In the completely ego-driven hyper-competitive and aggressive corporate capitalist state, it’s not about what’s right or virtuous.   Virtue and human values derived from our own divinity have no place in a world of aggression and hyper-competitiveness.   Vulnerability, one of our greatest gifts of connection and cooperation, is preyed upon.  Compassion and mercy are mocked as signs of weakness.  Love and kindness for those who are suffering exposes our fragility and thus are only for those who can be exploited.  Instead, it’s about the ego’s aggressively dysfunctional and self-centered need to separate itself from others and in the process draw attention to itself.   It accomplishes this through competition and aggressive behavior rather than connection’s cooperation and nonviolence.  All driven by the ego’s basic need to control the world around it at any cost and in the process deem itself worthy of being treated differently or separately.  To be superior.  To be rewarded with favor and special treatment.  All because of often subconscious ego-driven feelings of inadequacy.  What better system to accomplish this special treatment, separateness and favor than a class-based system.  That is, class-based corporate capitalism. 

It’s all about winning at any cost.   We all buy in.  We all participate by supporting this system of violence.  A system where those most willing to stomp on the face of their fellow man, their sports or business or political competitor, get to the top.   To be exalted as gods.  To gain the power, control and validation over the world and people around it that the ego is always unwilling to grant itself.  

The ego is the only known source of evil in this world and the hyper-competitive and aggressive corporate capitalist society exalts it.  We have literally devolved into egomaniacal madness.   We live in a world whose self-appointed egomaniacal leaders are literally disconnected from their humanity or their own divinity.   A world driven exclusively by ego, the most base, un-evolved aspects of the human mind.  Is it any wonder so many are addicted to alcohol, addicted to drugs, addicted to food, addicted to competition, addicted to winning, addicted to gambling, addicted to sex, addicted to shopping, addicted to work, addicted to consumerism, addicted to war, addicted to external validation, addicted to fame, addicted to external perceptions of success or in the case of the political and corporate elites, addicted to power and control over others.   Modern corporate capitalist society is careening into some type of dystopian dysphoria.

This issue at Oklahoma State ties in with my long-time thesis that wages in the service economy are going to collapse.  (ESPN video of Sport’s Illustrated’s OSU investigation and its claims of unprecedented corruption here)  Not because some sinister banker is going to willfully cause it, but because of the ignorance to what is accepted as fact in modern economics flies in the face of economic truth.   Sports adds zero wealth to society.  Zero.  Zilch.  Nada.  Nothing.  If you want to test this statement, go to the Sudan, find yourself a basketball, cobble together a basketball rim and backboard and start shooting.  When you create the wealth necessary to solve their problems of poverty and starvation by dribbling a leather ball, come back and see me.  

Service jobs consume wealth.  Paying athletes and coaches  obscene salaries, and universities spending fifty times as much money to pay coaches as they do science or liberal arts teachers is simply part of the biggest financial bubble in the history of the world.   This corporate capitalism-inspired idolatry of aggression and hyper-competitiveness contributes substantially to the ignorance necessary to create this obscenely egomaniacally-focused amusement and entertainment culture.  And it puts incredibly pressure to compete and win on those being paid millions of dollars to exploit young people in college athletics.  All of this contributes to the ego-driven dumbing-down of our society.  The search for discovery and truth has been replaced by the search for money and power.  And the path to money and power is through hyper-competitiveness and aggression. 

Corporate capitalism is dying.  The entertainment and amusement industry wages are all going to come crashing down. There are clearly definable economic and monetary factors that support this outcome.  More in the second part on my update re the coming collapse of service economy wages…. and the service economy itself. 

In closing, I’m also going to link to two detailed prior posts on this topic of the idolatry of hyper-competitiveness and aggression in modern corporate capitalist society.

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