Saturday, September 21, 2013

Bizarre Alignment Of Planetary Nebulae At Galactic Bulge … And Other Stuff

Bizarre only if you believe the universe is not connected in any way.  That each collection of matter or planets or solar systems or nebulae or whatever in the Milky Way are not impacted in any way by other collections or the Milky Way itself.  Which, of course, is perpetuated by current institutionalized scientific beliefs.   Science now rightly concludes there is some unknown energy force aligning these bipolar configurations.  It certainly points to the galactic core.  This would be the same as iron filings dropped into a table with a magnet that align in a bipolar configuration.  Or the way magma ridges on the ocean floor aligns with the magnetosphere’s field. 

Modern science in many fields, is changing at a rapid pace because of new discoveries.  Much of what has been accepted for decades or longer is going to collapse or already has.  Yet, the institutionalized “knowledge” is always the last to change.  This holds true with all institutionalized “keepers of the faith” including economics and politics.     

As I have noted on here many times, once you institutionalize knowledge, you make it a religion defended by the high priests whose self-interest benefits from existing ideology.   Institutionalizing anything involving discovery and truth has the ability to set humanity in backwards motion.

Some additional links from around the web. 

Climate scientists told to cover up temperature evidence.  Need I draw the corollary to the above remarks?  Institutionalization of knowledge is very, very dangerous.  That means putting our faith in a self-appointed few who suffer from the human condition and all of its self-interest, foibles, hypocrisies and rationalizations is a mental disorder we all suffer from. 

If your doctor tells you that your stomach acid is too high, it’s probably too low.

Scientists use DNA to assemble graphene transistors.  Amazing stuff.  Graphene has limitless potential across so many applications.  

Home Depot and law firm accused of shaking down millions of Americans.  More aggressively violent corporate behavior.  How are law firms like this even allowed to exist?  This serves no purpose to democracy and should be stopped.

American’s home foreclosed on for a few hundred dollars.  Ditto.  The predatory corporate state and local governments have teamed with financial predators to loot Americans and take advantage of their suffering.  Karma is a bitch.

China accused of looting African nation for mineral rights.   In many ways we have traded military war for economic war thanks primarily to Bill Clinton and Al Gore.  But, both parties are complicit.  The Democrats are far more of globalist corporatists than the Republicans who are more nationalist corporatists.  In some regards the Democrats are seemingly more communist in their thinking, coming from the left and likely believe that globalization serves a purpose of uniting humanity.  It has united humanity.   Under severe corporate and political repression.  Republicans are more generally right-leaning national fascists.  But, they meet in the middle with a common ground of the corporate state plutocracy.

Transforming panic into peace

Corporations exporting America’s energy independence.  More lunacy created by private, for-profit interests over that of democracy.

Microsoft’s concept videos from 14 years ago were ahead of  Apple.  Why didn’t they build any of it?  Execution and operational management is the number one failure I have seen in corporate strategy.  Corporate leaders generally don’t have the skills to execute a plan.  Just like politicians, they are talkers.  Ballmer is an incompetent talker who comes from the marketing side of the business where talking is all they do.  Microsoft failed because its leadership is a failure.

JP Morgan removes lending barriers in hot real estate markets.  More proof the real estate top is in.

One in five Americans struggles with enough food.  Obama’s healthcare mandate is a joke.  People don’t have healthcare because they can’t afford it.  A mandate from some power-mad bureaucrat in a far off land for people to buy something they can’t afford will have no effect.  Obamacare in its current form as a government-enforced, private for-profit corporation tax is doomed to fail.   By the way, when you pass a law, since when do you get to change that law as Obama has with delays?  If you want to change the law, you have to pass another law.  You can’t just say, “I was joking.”.  And then selectively decide what parts of the law to implement.   This is illegal.  Actually, some people have brought this up.  But not in Washington.  As noted on here many times, Herbert Hoover was elected as a reformer and turned into an appeaser.  He started the New Deal government programs while refusing to deal with the massive corruption in Washington and on Wall Street.  Collapse happened anyway and the programs went kaput with the economy.  The parallels between Hoover and Obama are stunning as I noted soon after Obama’s election.

Poor people are poor because they deserve to be poor.  It’s no surprise this is coming from Britain, which is in many ways the most repressive state in the developed world.

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