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The Massive Economic And Environmental Devastation Created By The Plutocracy’s Worship Of Gold(en Calf)

First, and marginally off topic, I wanted to post that Thomson Reuters is reporting a massive shift in corporate earnings guidance.   This has happened more than once since last summer when I posted that this was about to unfold.  That said, the level of earnings still remains high.  Unsustainably high.  For now.  

Everyone has become an unknowing useful idiot for some belief system created by modern corporate capitalist society.  People actually defend beliefs that victimize themselves.  Whether than is black America’s belief that the Democratic Party serves their economic and social needs (which Malcolm X unequivocally understood was black America’s self-victimization) or whether it is the belief of rural white Americans that the Republican Party actually serves their economic and social needs or whether it is belief in manmade global warming that would victimize millions, including many who ignorantly shill for it,  and stunt the self-determinism and development of the entire third world including the African continent or a belief that this country was founded on free market capitalism (as noted time and again, we fought the Revolutionary War to rid ourselves of the British empire’s corporate capitalism) or the belief that this nation is still embroiled in systemic racism (The only substantial ism that is exploiting black America, white America and all America is corporate capitalism) or as it pertains to this post, the self-victimizing belief held by countless numbers of the oppressed that gold is honest money.  

Where did anyone learn that gold is honest money?  That’s not a value we derive through our own inner discovery.  Where does this belief system actually come from?   History?  The people’s history or the plutocracy’s?   Who controls the view of history?  I have written extensively on here about gold and, among other things, why it is the plutocracy’s money.  That it is the antithesis of democratic money which is liberal and abundant for all who wish to participate and those who have value to monetize for the benefit of society and democracy.

In modern corporate capitalist society we have learned how to victimize ourselves by accepting the propagandized beliefs of the plutocracy.  These beliefs are the foundation of our class-based social value system.   Those at the top of the plutocracy determine our social values.  And that value system serves the perpetuation of the plutocracy.  Which is why one should thoroughly consider and contemplate any such beliefs before accepting them as your own.   This self-victimization is successful because we have been told what to think rather than how to think and we have accepted this.  The ego always victimizes itself by outsourcing its power and its responsibility to someone else.   The amount of false beliefs accepted by society is absolutely mind-boggling and crosses every demographic, every race and both genders.   We have become useful idiots in perpetuating our own victimization. 

Nothing points to this more clearly than the fact that 55% of Americans, including almost all of the most “educated” (Or so they believe.  Again another belief that is dubious based on the systemic ignorance of our society.)  vote for our oppressors time and time again.  We vote for Democrats and Republicans.  Ignorance is a necessary dynamic for creating our own oppression.  The dumbing-down and associated self-victimization of modern corporate capitalist society is everywhere.  We have met the enemy and it is us.   Awakening to our own ignorance and the deceptions that created it is the only way out.  Whether that awakening is of one’s own volition or foisted upon one violently through a crisis of beliefs and associated self-identity is the only question.

When one is a seeker of truth, they are going to piss off just about everyone’s ego in modern corporate capitalist society at some point.   The ego is extremely formidable and resistant in the face of reason, logic, discovery, truth, mercy, compassion, etc.  It rejects all and more through the process of cognitive dissonance that shuts off our higher power’s search for discovery and truth.  It shuts down our ability to listen to our higher power to discover greater truth.  The last thing the ego wants to do is listen.  The ego wants to control.  That’s why politicians never listen to their constituency or care about any of the solutions we may present.  Their ego’s control is so consuming that discovery and truth aren’t part of their lexicon.

This very reason is why social value systems are so dangerous and filled with so many untruths and outright lies.  Whether that is Nazi Germany or the United States today, there is no difference in the untruths and outright lies that determine our own victimization.  Every human being alive suffers from the human condition and is part and parcel to this dynamic.  I don’t care what country you live in.  You create some level of your own victimization by outsourcing your believes and your responsibilities to yourself. 

When someone tells you gold is honest money, they are either part of the plutocracy or they are unknowing useful idiots for the plutocracy.  And, as a result, they are responsible for the intended and unintended consequences that result.  Ignorance is not a viable defense for responsibility.  They are responsible for the economic and environmental devastation in the Youtube video below. 

It is the plutocracy’s obsessions and beliefs that force impoverished people around the world to do whatever they can to serve our masters to stay alive.   Because that is the only method to gain access to enough resources to survive.  That means the demand and obsession for gold, money and material wealth created by the plutocracy rapes the natural world without concern for its consequences.   The ego is never willing to take responsibility for its behaviors or actions.   Which is why the plutocracy will never take responsibility for the misery, destruction and impoverishment it creates.

It is the system that is corrupt.  It is the system that corrupts people and exalts those that are consumed by the self.  The problem is class-based corporate capitalism and the corporate state that denies most people access to the wealth they help create and institutionalizes oppression.  A system that enslaves people into overproduction and overconsumption that serves the plutocracy ego’s endless need for more. 

We live in a world of great abundance yet we are experiencing unprecedented impoverishment and poverty because of the fruits of humanity’s labor are extracted and plundered for the benefit of the very few in the plutocratic corporate state.  Gold is no exception.  Gold is not honest money.  It is the looter’s money.  The plutocracy’s money.   In order to serve our masters in this system of control, (because this is the only way they can survive as a renter in a world controlled by corporate state lords) impoverished people must do whatever they can to serve our masters to stay alive.  People don’t work to serve the needs of society, community or their own needs, they work to serve the needs of the plutocracy.  And the ego could care less about what happens to the world as a result of its obsession with gold, materialism or money.  It is void of compassion or concern for others or the world around us.   

As I have remarked time and again, I wouldn’t be betting that gold is going to save anyone.  Gold is dishonest money.  It is the obsession of the plutocracy.  And just like everything else this cycle, the plundering and devastation is unprecedented.  The video below helps quantify that the plutocracy ego’s dishonesty and obsession will do anything to the world and those in it to serve itself. 

Recently released Youtube video from the Peruvian Ministry of the Environment showing massive gold mining devastation

English subtitled here.

Amazon Aid’s web page on the topic

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