Thursday, October 03, 2013

Top 100 Private Landholders–The Fleecing Of America

The top 100 private landholders were just announced again.   Corporations and the aristocracy literally have stolen everything.   We are all renters to a plutocratic ruling class.  Even if you think you own a home, it can be taken at any moment for countless reasons.  Many of which are predatory and exploitative.  You are chattel.  A feudal renter who serves at the whim of the corporate state.  As I have discussed before democracy does not imply that you are able to own as much of the country as you are capable of buying.  Especially when that money or land was often taken from someone else through violent, nondemocratic means as is the case with corporate capitalism. 

Corporations should be barred from owning any land.  Period.  They are not people and they are certainly not citizens.  Thus do not have any property rights.  Period.  And Ted Turner shouldn’t be able to buy up millions of acres when we have Americans being kicked out of their homes.  We are a nation of great abundance.  There is enough for everyone.  Even megalomaniacs who derive some twisted egomaniacal identity by grabbing more of that abundance than they could ever use.   Our economy of hyper-consumption serves the corporate state plutocrat who never has enough material wealth to ameliorate their inner emptiness.  Not the needs of our society or our citizens who are the exploited targets of this violence.

As I have noted before, land reform is coming in some way, shape or form.  There is no way around it.  Mark my word.  We’ve seen this play out time and again throughout history and throughout the world.  When the plutocracy steals everything, the worm always turns on land reform.  It won’t come without crisis but that’s impossible to avoid at this point.

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