Thursday, October 17, 2013

More Corporate State Crimes Against Humanity - Americans Resort To Selling Body Parts And Bodies To Survive

Throughout the years when I have noted that we are in the midst of a collapse, I have had countless comments from people who tell me that I am being dramatic.   In some way, they all support a system which victimizes themselves and their fellow man.  And they turn a blind eye to this system’s endless violence and injustices.  We are in the midst of a global collapse of unprecedented proportions.  And when I used to write this was going to be a global event, I was mocked.  China, India, Russia, India, Brazil, Canada, Australia, Germany, South Africa, etc were all roaring when I first wrote of what lay ahead.  I wrote of the impending crises all of these neoliberal economies that would happen this cycle.  It’s coming.   People in these countries are now, for the first time, starting to see their own fate created by massive global corruption by capitalism’s plutocracy.

As well as selling body parts, more women are resorting to selling their bodies.  ie, Prostitution.  This is driven by the repressive tyranny of the corporate state.  I can cite study after study that prostitution is on the uptick not just in the U.S. but around the globe.  That includes prostitution of young girls.   The article linked to in this post  should give some supporting evidence as well.  We have certainly seen an explosion of high-priced prostitutes in New York to serve the predatory, misogynistic Wall Street good ole boy’s club of sociopaths.  And I have seen it elsewhere.  This is really no different than any other dynamic driven by lack of economic opportunity.  It is the same reason Wal-mart has thousands of people apply for nonliving wage jobs when it opens a new store.  And, it is the same reason why the military has an ample supply of recruits to fight its endless wars.   Because democratic society is denied access to its own capital (and living wages) by private, for-profit capitalism and the corporate state.  

Selling drugs, illegal economic crimes, prostitution and selling body parts are all systemic socioeconomic indicators of how corporate capitalist society and the fascist corporate state are in the midst of an unprecedented collapse.   

The state sees every problem through the lens of violence.  That means state-driven solutions to problems are always violent.  They always involve some level of confiscation, theft, repression or violence against humanity.  As an example, rather than acknowledge what is driving the illegal drug trade in this nation, that is socioeconomic crises, and attempting to ameliorate them through democratic empowerment, Ronald Reagan (with the cajoling of his wife) and pliant political stooges from both parties used the force of the state to hire more horses and dogs to send a record number of people to prison for untold millions of victimless violence.  In fact, I find the act of taking drugs to be a crime to be absolutely preposterous.   By conclusion of natural law, crimes are that which hurt others.   Taking drugs certainly does not rise to that level.  Thoughts also are not crimes.   Thoughts of greed, envy, covetousness, etc are only crimes when they are acted upon and in the process harm others.  When understanding this, one appreciates how the corporate state is endlessly criminal in its violence against humanity.  That includes destabilizing people into violence against themselves. 

Violence against ourselves, which this system creates and encourages on so many levels including depression, mental illness, addiction, prostitution, etc should be treated with compassion and with programs to lift people out of that cycle of violence through empowerment rather than state-based punishment.  We all suffer from the human condition and it should be an intent of a sentient, compassionate and free society not to punish through violence but to reform through education, community support and empowerment where possible.  This certainly applies to victimless violence.  Obviously, if you murder someone on drugs, then you have crossed over the line of of victimless violence and now enter the arena of crimes against others. 

I would argue that selling your body or body parts because you are trying to survive is just another form of victimless violence encouraged by the corporate state’s exploitation and profit at the expense of others. 

These social ills are violent creations of the state.  Ask a politician to solve a problem and you’ll always get a political solution.  Endless bullshit rules and regulations enforced by horses and dogs.  ie, A solution driven by violence.  That includes the unintended and often covert violence that drives people to sell their body or body parts to stay alive.  For every violent solution the state puts forth there are countless nonviolent solutions that empower society and people to take personal responsibility for their lives and to enjoy the fruits of their own empowerment.  But, then, power is limited.  And the more power to the people, the less power for predatory, psychopathic, narcissistic and exploitative politicians, the state and our corporate masters.

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