Sunday, October 20, 2013

Dr. Mercola, The Documentary, Grounded, And The Power Of Connection

Even though many may not see the connection to the topic of economics in this post, in fact, it is directly intertwined.We are beings of light (energy) and frequency.   At least as far as science perceives reality.  And our perceptions of reality are created by both.  This documentary, Grounded, available to watch for free for the next week courtesy of Dr. Mercola, is fundamentally an appreciation of that reality.  And the importance of connection to the human experience.  The earth itself has an energetic heart beat, and thus, could be classified as a living entity.  Our planet exhibits many energy-driven phenomenon that allows life to exist.  We are, in fact, as proven by science, unable to live without a connection to that energy or the earth’s heart beat.  I would encourage you to consider watching this documentary  with an open mind. 

There are many people in our wildly ego-driven society that believe they have it all figured out.  That they know all of the answers about the human experience.   If you are one of those people, your ego is in for a rude awakening at some point.   The reality is we really know just about nothing.   What the ego or the manifested self believes about who it is, what its perceptions are of its experiences and what is truly real are almost certainly two completely  different things.  We can gain a greater appreciation of this illusion through what fundamental science is constantly grappling with in its endlessly elusive attempts to explain our perceptions of reality.   

We are witnessing the early experiences of a new trend that has been developing for quite some time.  That is, prevailing beliefs, including many scientific beliefs, are starting to crumble, if not outright collapse.  And, in its place, there is often a greater appreciation for intuitive experiences, to their connection to the universe and to all of humanity.  Often these experiences and perceptions have existed in various forms since early man in all cultures separated by both space and time.

One of those intuitive experiences is the true power of emotional and physical connection both to others and to the natural world.  This documentary is about connection to the energy of our existence.  To the divine life force of the universe that has created all life.  Connection is a basic need shared by all life.  I believe it is the most important need of the human emotional experience.  And, thus, to our emotional and physical health.    And we live in a world where disconnection is unprecedented.  That disconnection is from the natural world,  from each other and from ourselves or our mind’s higher power.

This disconnection is driven by the socioeconomic structure of corporate capitalism.  Class-based corporate capitalism at its core is an exaltation of the ego or the manifested self.   And given the ego is that which creates all perceptions of separateness,  disconnection and the associated harm against itself and others through that disconnection, corporate capitalism is a violent system that not only creates but actually exalts disconnection and associated suffering.  Not just suffering of and by the ego, but suffering created in the natural world by the ego and its attack on the connection to the world around it.  

Separateness and disconnection are man’s original sin as told in the story of Adam and Eve.  As I have noted on here before, maybe I will put up a post explaining original sin some other time.  But in the mean time, one must understand that sin is simply another word for a willful intent of doing harm.  All harm is fundamentally only possible through the ego’s perceptions of separateness or disconnection.  Quite frankly, when one understands the ego or the manifested self as the source of all willful intent of harm, which it clearly is as we understand reality, one can appreciate why the corporate state is Godless.  The corporate state exalts the self’s separateness and disconnection.

The self or ego and its intent to control and and associated belief systems are incredibly formidable enemies of truth and connection.  As I have noted on here before, I believe the battle between good and evil that is so much of a part of timeless spiritual beliefs across space and time may be the battle in our own minds between our higher self or our own divinity and the ego or manifested self and its fear-driven intent of control that is the basis for all harm or, if you will, sin. 

Class-based corporate capitalism exalts disconnection and separateness.   It does so through the ego’s disconnection that creates competition with the natural world and with the human family of life.   This competition is clearly not consistent with connection that is a fundamental need of all life.   In corporate capitalism, the ego takes from others and from the natural world whatever it can in a dystopian survival of the fittest environment.   Its willful intent is to encourage the ego to profit at the expense of the world around it.   This exaltation of the ego interferes with the normal functioning of our higher power and the inherent connection of the human mind.   

This is why the concepts of community, spirituality, fellowship, family, unions, collective bargaining, organized resistance, environmental activism and other forms of connection are constantly under attack by the ego in modern corporate capitalist society.   All forms of connection are a threat to the ego’s perceptions of its separateness and its focus on the self or selfishness.  We are literally living through a world where God,  or the divine life force of the universe, and our connection to it is under attack by the exaltation of the only known force that is the source of all harm. 

Corporate capitalism is the driver behind modern man losing his connection to his mind’s higher power and the universe.   And, thus, humanity and society are actually regressing or devolving into an ego-driven monster in the corporate state.   We are a world disconnected from our mind’s higher power or our own divinity and to each other.   That is why the world is embroiled in so much suffering.   The ego or the manifested self is the source of all suffering.  Not just suffering of the self, but suffering of others and suffering of the natural world.  And it seems quite possible that the universe’s life force has awoken to this imbalance in the energy of life’s existence.

This documentary is an example of the spiritual awakening that comes with a recognition of our connection to the earth and the natural world around us.  A recognition that without connection all life suffers.  

As noted in this documentary, sticking our hands in a pile of dirt is a spiritual experience.  This is an intuitive truth that has always been understood by experience.  And it reinforces our connection to our higher power and to the universe.  Being one with nature is a natural therapy to subsume the ego and to restore the natural balance of the human mind.   It’s the same connection that is so successful in equine therapy, animal therapy, pet ownership, family, community and other forms of fellowship that are so instrumental to maintaining life’s connections.  This documentary simply is an intuitive affirmation of what our mind’s higher power already knew.  And has since the beginning of time.  That is, we are all one.   The divine life force of the universe connects us all.

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