Friday, April 29, 2011

Brain Structure Changes After Meditation – Stimulate Your Vagus Nerve

Today’s world is about just as imbalanced as is possible when it comes to creating a centered existence.  The stresses of every day life for most Americans is off the charts.   Our society and our economy do not consistently provide or reinforce any of the basic physical or emotional human needs as defined by Maslow’s Hierarchy.    It does serve the needs of a corrupt and criminal class.  That is, power, greed and control.  It is easy to become uncentered in this environment.  We see that with rampant drug use, alcoholism, depression, obesity, crime, etc.  Most of these issues and more are a result of an uncentered self.  And while there are many aspects to the human condition, one of the most obvious inputs to creating these dynamics are the uncentered society and uncentered economy created by uncentered politicians, uncentered lobbyists and uncentered banksters. 

When there is little or no safety provided by shelter, family, economy, employment or health care  or when even physiological factors created by an uncentered society and economy such as lack of sleep, emotional stress or uncentered breathing, our body responds with high blood pressure, gastrointestinal illnesses, heart attacks, overeating, depression, emotional traumas of all sorts and on and on.   The list of maladies impacted by or even created by an uncentered society is endless.   Quite frankly, much of this is the drive behind volatility around the world.  When the average Egyptian is making $2 a day and Wall Street criminals are driving energy and food costs through the roof for personal profit and greed, something had to give.  And that was much of the impetus in the Middle East’s rampant uprisings.  The jack boot of tyranny became too great.  Hundreds of millions of people had and have absolutely nothing to lose.  

It isn’t just our banking system that is corrupt.  We need a new economic model that addresses the basic democratic needs of our citizens.  All citizens – one person, one vote.  And as part of that, we need to restore the lost sense of community that has been stolen from our society by corruption, power and greed.  Nothing is more stabilizing to the human condition than community.  It serves the basic human needs of acceptance, belonging, support and emotional satiety or oneness with our world.  

I have practiced meditation of one form or another for most of my adult life.  I’m not going to get into the epiphanies or ethereal experiences I have witnessed but make no mistake, meditation works.  And I have witnessed emotional and physical changes that science would classify as impossible.  Science is finally catching up to some of what people have known for thousands of years.    And link here.

Most people have no idea what it means to meditate or where to start.  The stereotypical picture is of a monk chanting to clear his mind of chatter.  While that works, I find it less than appealing for myself.  Everyone is different.  Active meditation is often easier for people to consider.  Active meditation involves doing something.  It could involve yoga, pilates or even walking.  The list is endless.  As long as you are able to control and focus your mind and breathing as part of the process. 

There is an easier method and I believe a more scientific method of meditation.  That is active breathing.   Studies done by people who do studies tells us the vast majority of people are mouth breathers and chest breathers.  Upwards of 90% if the statistics are true.  I suspect they are from anecdotal experience and because of the stress level of our society.  Shallow breathing is a natural stress response from the body.   Most people use very little of their lung capacity.  And they have no idea how to properly engage the diaphragm and to breathe properly.   Shallow breathing creates many crises in the body.  That includes muscle tension in rib cage muscles that can become permanent without release.   Thus, creating a self-fulfilling prophecy where one literally cannot breathe deeply without engaging a massage therapist, rolfer, craniosacral therapist or whatever to release the restricted rib cage muscles.

As mentioned in the link above, science has measured substantial change in the human brain after a relatively short time period of mediation.  Using active breathing as a form of mediation is one of the choices I use because I know it scientifically has a profound impact on the body.  Amongst other factors, many of which are unknown, diaphragm and even belly breathing stimulates the vagus nerve.  The vagus nerve might as well be termed the nerve of life. 

Shallow breathing also impacts the vagus nerve.  The vagus nerve is responsible for proper heart, lung, sexual, stomach, intestine and skeletal muscles to name some of its responsibilities.  The vagus nerve has been implicated in depression, heart attacks, epilepsy, stomach and intestinal disorders, eating disorders and improper sexual function and on and on.    In fact, science artificially stimulates the vagus nerve with implants to remedy many maladies.  We really don’t know all of the profound impacts the vagus nerve has on our psyche and our emotional and physical health but it is substantial.

Given that the vast majority of people are chest breathers or light breathers, one easy prescription for improved health is to stimulate your vagus nerve through meditative breathing. 

Two excellent sources and examples of meditative breathing techniques are here and here.    There are countless examples or you could create your own routine.  

If you are overstressed or find yourself being one who is a shallow breather, I would encourage you to do more research into meditation and active breathing in particular.   Who knows.  It may change your life or even save it. 


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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Chomsky On The Grand Area Doctrine And American Hegemony

First let me say, I haven’t forgot that I have a follow up  to our post titled “The Cycle of Volatility and the Deluded Human Mind”.  I’ll get to it in the next few weeks. 

In the mean time, many ideologues and people deluded by government propaganda dismiss Chomsky for his unvarnished views but quite frankly his positions of dissent over the last thirty years are pretty much all coming home to roost.  I consider Chomsky to be one of the pre-eminent authorities on the state and its endless shenanigans.  Especially as it pertains to the U.S., its policies subverting democracy around the globe, Washington corruption, the war state and the U.S.’s policy of international hegemony. 

“As long as the general population is passive, apathetic, diverted to consumerism or hatred of the vulnerable, then the powerful can do as they please, and those who survive will be left to contemplate the outcome.”

Indeed true.  But, Americans, especially the segment of the population that votes, are now awakening to a new reality.  As their eyes are opened further and further due to diminishing self interest, the rampant corruption and subversion of the rule of law becomes less and less possible.  ie, As less of the population benefits by sticking their head in the sand, the less legitimacy the status quo becomes.  Public sector workers, who generally had their head in the sand to the plight of Americans in the private sector while they taxed us into submission for their personal gain, are now joining the private sector in the misery created by a corrupt political and banking system.

With very weak GDP and jobs data reported today, JP Morgan’s substantial reporting of negative loan growth earlier this month, and a stock market rising on fumes as we have reported half a dozen times since last May, the economy is already drifting back towards trouble.  Regardless of the misrepresentation of data by political crooks, one could argue GDP would clearly be very negative without substantial overspending by the federal government and a dollar that is substantially lower than it was a year ago, thus boosting international profits and year over year economic comparisons.  All while a Congress and President essentially have done nothing other than perpetuate fraud since their election in 2008 and 2010.

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Is S&P Trashing US Debt to Help Crush Social Security and Medicare?

We seldom see anything of substance in the mainstream media.  And even though S&P issued a warning on U.S. debt, Treasuries didn’t budge.   That’s because Treasury rates are driven by supply and demand not endless and, might I add, useless opinions.  And the Federal Reserve knows this, which is why we said quantitative easing changed the game.  Seemingly no one else understands this.  Certainly not Bill Gross.  And certainly not S&P and financial idiots running our financial system and political appointments at our Treasury aka Timmy Geithner.   But then why aren’t S&P’s executives in jail for their perpetuation of endless fraud and systemic incompetence?

People like Bill Gross, Pete Peterson and other rich ideologues understand little about money and its role in society.  They simply support a system they grew up with.  They are bureaucrats who really understand nothing about anything except how to keep what they got, whether it was attained through merit or cronyism.   They place fear in the minds of society for their own personal gain. 

Back in 2008 I wrote, and might I add, it was a very, very lonely position, as this crisis started that the Federal Reserve could print a fairly large amount of money and not cause inflation.   The Federal Reserve still has not officially printed any money.  We wrote how this dynamic would occur.  (The Treasury would issue bonds, the Federal Reserve would then buy the bonds at auction, and place the proceeds into the Treasury’s Federal Reserve account….  which they have done…. with the exception of one important final step.  That is, to then wipe the liability off of the Federal Reserve’s balance sheet.  Which I have written I believe will eventually happen and expose the debt-based monetary system as corrupt and ultimately lead to substantial financial reforms.)

It’s quite amazing to me how many people are still deluded into the belief that the U.S. or any sovereign entity must borrow money from private criminals as is the case today.  And who then fall prey to the terrorism of the status quo.  Even gold bugs, as much as they hate the system as it is, are most often wildly ignorant in basic understandings of money and thus play a role of useful idiot to the status quo’s fraud and corruption.

S&P’s negative call on the U.S. debt served some purpose to some special interest.   We have never, ever, ever written on here that the U.S. is in jeopardy of default.  Ever.  Another very lonely position.  And we have written of more anticipated outcomes than anyone else I am aware of.  And saw more come true in 2008 than any other financial source I am aware of.   In other words, I think I have some idea of what is going on.  If the U.S., defaults on anything, it will be a conscious decision driven by the desires of the state for power and control.  Default would essentially be an act of war or terrorism by the state.   And we don’t need to see hyperinflation, another ridiculous red herring, for the government to honor all of its obligations.

The Federal Reserve and our government created tens of trillions of dollars out of thin air, both by implication and by act, to bail out a criminal financial system and criminal corporatocracy while Americans, the rule of law and democracy all continue to rot.  If you don’t see by now the ability of the Federal Reserve and the government to meet any and all obligations,  then I guess someone needs to spell it out for you.   Any and every default in our society by any individual, corporations, local-state-federal government is completely avoidable.    And so was this crisis and so will be future crises.  And that includes any crisis as it pertains to Social Security.  

S&P’s debt call on the U.S. government served some evil purpose.  What was it?  We can only guess.  But it is plausible that it is a form of terrorism against our society and our nation by criminal financial corporations in an attempt to create enough fear into cutting Social Security and Medicare so that the federal government will keep paying private criminals excessive sums of interest money on our debt. 

Our country is run by criminals.  We need a public banking system.

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White House Releases President’s Birth Certificate

There are countless people playing the role as useful idiots to those perpetuating corruption in our country.  One is the birther movement against President Obama.  I may think the President is beholden to corruption and is a stooge for companies like GE and wildly incompetent corporate bureaucrats like Lloyd Blankfein and Jamie Dimon, but the birther movement is an attempt to divide society and refocus away from the corruption of democracy and our economy.   And if you were a part of instigating that movement, you need to look in the mirror and consider that you might be an idiot.

Link here.

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

GE & The Military-Industrial Complex - Masters Of Corporate Welfare And Legalized Corruption

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Friday, April 22, 2011

BRICs Make Moves To Shove Dollar Aside – Hubris Should Be Careful What It Wishes For

This is a perfect example of lunacy in journalism.   Or as we often have often call such silliness, learned idiots.   One can write just about anything, regardless of how unfactual,  unscientific and untrue and make it appear to be founded in some type of intelligence or plausibility. 

We have been writing of the coming demise of BRIC countries for a long time.  We got a glimpse of that anticipated outcome in the 2008 collapse.  We’ll get a full blown look into reality soon enough. 

It is very obvious that the political idiots in BRIC countries have no idea that their own wealth has substantially been created by dollar emission, financial fraud, the largest financial bubble in history and through corruption in the United States.    As we have remarked numerous times, the criminal class in the United States has fed us endless propaganda that China and other BRIC countries are booming because it is comparatively easy to do business there versus the United States.  In the United States, we are told that forty five million people are on food stamps because there are too many regulations (that protect our environmnent, society’s safety, a living wage, etc)   and create too much difficulty for corporations to operate.  This is one of the corporatocracy’s greatest con games.  Ever.  

The World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business Index lists the United States in a statistical dead heat for the top spot in ease of doing business while Brazil, Russia, India and China’s massive fraud and corruption place them all languishing at the bottom.   Our jobs were not shipped overseas because of regulations or a business unfriendly environment.  They were shipped overseas because of evil.  Because of fraud.  It’s that simple.  Propaganda is a powerful tool to decimate and dismantle society.  And that is what is going on in the United States with calls of austerity and more dismantling of our rule of law while corporations maintain their trillions of dollars of welfare on the backs of often poor Americans.   More trickle down voodoo specifically driven by the neofascist Republican Party and their corporate masters, whose policies have choked off investment, killed small businesses, made our environment unsafe and created massive poverty.  

Arrogance, like greed and power, is always rewarded similarly.  We have warned that those in the global community seeking the demise of the dollar for their own avarice will find themselves in a situation of being sorry what they wish for.   In a game of global power, the United States controls the game through the reserve currency.  And you can be rest assured for every action to replace the dollar, there will be an equal but opposite reaction by U.S. politicians.  And that fits with our long term thesis that the U.S. will eventually again dominate the world economy unlike at any time in the last fifty years.  Of course, likely only after the world continues to experience massive volatility and crisis caused by corporate and political criminals around the world.  

We have been writing on here since well before the 2008 collapse that we are due a change in how trade is settled and that may mean the concept of a reserve currency becomes a thing of the past.  But, I can assure you that no one in the United States or Europe or other democracies are going to be settling trade in the yuan, a currency with absolutely no stability, no rule of law, no transparency and a society with no protected legal rights.    Wall Street criminals may wish to see that happen but once their desires cross paths with those of American politicians seeking their own motives of power and greed, that will never come to pass.   The two intents are diametrically-opposed.

China has maintained its competitiveness by devaluing its currency substantially.  First by overt action.  Then by manipulation.   Countries and companies are not going to settle trade in a currency that will have possibly lost 90% of its value within a few decades as will likely be the case with the yuan before we get out of this mess.  And American politicians are not going to submit their sovereignty to a communist country.  Trade settlement may change, but it won’t be through the yuan.  Nothing new in our position on any of this but just a rehash for new readers.  

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Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Neurobiology Of Evil

Doctor Stone discusses how the brain of evil is different.  And, it is indeed different.  Evil does not have comparable thought patterns as mere humans.  The doctor uses violence as a descriptor of an evil mind.  One must expand the concept of violence to that the actions of politicians, bankers and corporate bureaucrats who are all capable of greater violence than any serial killer.  Not only through war but through the enablement of the police state or through violent acts against society by denying people healthcare that results in endless death or great trauma or through endless economic poverty or malnutrition by denying society access to its own capital or by denying a student a right to an equal education.  The list of violence against humanity is endless and the bureaucrat uses much more sinister and cunning methods than any serial killer. 

As we have remarked before, we are not experiencing anything new in the modern world.  We are simply reliving the age old battle of good versus evil.   It’s really that simple.

Link here.

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More Criminal Political Schemes In Washington – 3,200 Oil & Gas Wells Without Cement Plugs

Politicians hold court to whore out our government and We The People for their own personal profit and threaten our democracy, our freedoms, our safety and our economic rights in the process.    Treason is not the exception in Washington.  It is the rule.  Everything in our country is undermined by the evil of greed and power, specifically in Washington.    Our nuclear energy industry writes its own regulations as does the drug industry, the aviation industry, the military-industrial complex, the banking industry, the oil & gas industry, the industrial food industry and on and on.  The list is as long as the corruption and treason that creates it. 

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Chris Hedges - America’s Leaders Disdain The Attributes Of Compassion, Empathy, Beauty, Justice And Truth

Life is not only about us. We can never have justice until our neighbor has justice. And we can never recover our freedom until we are willing to sacrifice our comfort for open rebellion. The president has failed us. The Congress has failed us. The courts have failed us. The press has failed us. The universities have failed us. Our process of electoral democracy has failed us. There are no structures or institutions left that have not been contaminated or destroyed by corporations. And this means it is up to us. Civil disobedience, which will entail hardship and suffering, which will be long and difficult, which at its core means self-sacrifice, is the only mechanism left.

The bankers and hedge fund managers, the corporate and governmental elites, are the modern version of the misguided Israelites who prostrated themselves before the golden calf. The sparkle of wealth glitters before them, spurring them faster and faster on the treadmill towards destruction. And they seek to make us worship at their altar. As long as greed inspires us, greed keeps us complicit and silent. But once we defy the religion of unfettered capitalism, once we demand that a society serve the needs of citizens and the ecosystem that sustains life, rather than the needs of the marketplace, once we learn to speak with a new humility and live with a new simplicity, once we love our neighbor as ourself, we break our chains and make hope visible.

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Monday, April 18, 2011

Criminal Acts - Millions Of Gallons Of Carcinogens Pumped Into The Water Table By Natural Gas Drillers

This is nothing new.  This is all documented in GasLand, the documentary we wrote of before.    Again, I highly recommend this documentary.  This is part of the same criminal corporatocracy that banksters represent, GE and other multinationals represent, and lobbyists represent.  And the Supreme Court, Congress and White House all represent.   We didn’t have a financial crisis.  We are having a crisis of democracy.

By the way, this is courtesy of the Republican Party.  Dick Cheney called the natural gas companies into the White House and told them to write the legislation that would allow them to do this.  And, the legislation they wrote precludes them from criminal prosecution under existing EPA laws.  And, by the way, the current Republican Congress wants to get rid of the EPA all together. 

So, these criminals manipulated the laws to plunder our society and keep them from prosecution.   Sound familiar?  Sounds like the criminal banksters and what they did.

"Sometimes the law defends plunder and participates in it. Thus the beneficiaries are spared the shame and danger that their acts would otherwise involve. But how is this legal plunder to be identified? Quite simply. See if the law takes from some persons what belongs to them and gives it to the other persons to whom it doesn't belong. See if the law benefits one citizen at the expense of another by doing what the citizen himself cannot do without committing a crime." -- Frederic Bastiat

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Friday, April 15, 2011

2012’s Anti-Christ Has Revealed Itself. It Is The Republican Party. Cut Top Individual Tax Rates To The Lowest In Modern History To Kill Senior Citizens

I don’t like any politicians so this is surely not an endorsement of Dummycrats.  I do appreciate leadership in politics when these two words infrequently cross paths.  Ain’t no leaders in Washington today.  There are some who could be leaders if their voices were heard but no one in any position of authority in Washington exhibits leadership qualities.    I think most of us could say we would rather have our mother running the country.  At least we would see some true leadership. 

The last true leader in the Republican party was arguably Eisenhower.  And if you read the platform Eisenhower governed from in the link I provided some time ago, you would know he has absolutely nothing in common with modern day fascist Republicans.   Zero.  His platform was just about exactly the opposite. 

My neighbor, who was a Republican operative for thirty years, tells me unions destroyed our country.  When I nonchalantly mentioned the founder of the Republican party, Abraham Lincoln, supported unions and collective bargaining, she said, I never knew that.  Guess she never saw Reagan talk about his undying devotion to unions in this country either.  That’s pretty much par for the course for political cult followers brainwashed by Jim Jones-type Kool-Aid barkers.

The CBO has scored the Republican budget and said that seniors are going to pay up to $7,000 more annually for health insurance, health insurance could be now rationed because of this plan and therefore, because of these two dynamics, many seniors will simply go without health insurance.  Thus, adding to the already hundreds of thousands or even millions of unnecessary deaths in our country over many decades.   I guess we really know now who is supporting the idea of death panels.  It’s Republicans who are planning to murder our citizens while not cutting the military industrial complex or corporate welfare. 

Of course, this privatization will throw senior citizens to wildly corrupt private health care monopolies where, if this bill would pass, would again allow insurance companies to deny coverage based on pre-existing conditions.  Know any seniors without a pre-existing condition?

Social Security privatization for the Wall Street bosses is next.  They’ve been on that one forever. 

Evil has now revealed itself.  It is the Republican Party.  And I do mean that by the definition of what evil is.    

E-vil – noun

The force in nature that governs and gives rise to wickedness and sin.

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Art Of The Con - JP Morgan Manipulates Earnings To Report Record Profits

Right on time.  While every Tom, Dick and Harry in the financial bubble are bullish again, we wrote five months ago that we were again bearish on Wall Street banks because they were starting to manipulate their results again to boost earnings.   (For new readers we were completely out of these companies, including moving my family’s deposits out of these firms, within a few percentage points of their peak stock price before the 2008 collapse while endless carnival barkers kept coming on Tout TV, CNBC, and telling us to buy more of their gruel.)   It should be no surprise that JP Morgan is falling substantially on its supposedly great earnings.

If anyone on Wall Street could actually read an income statement or quarterly financial results or do a balance sheet analysis, they would know this.   But the work of Benjamin Graham isn’t taught anymore.   Value is a worthless term with no meaning.  Even to most Wall Streeters who consider themselves value investors, they have no idea what they are doing. 

What is taught today are completely irrelevant and ridiculous diversification models, dollar cost averaging, sales skills, ridiculous Monte Carlo simulations, momentum modeling and other completely useless bullshit to an industry generally comprised of completely nonthinking Marching Morons populated with ridiculously underqualified MBAs from Harvard and other Ivy League schools.    (Soon to be panhandlers as we have written on here for years.) 

We didn’t lose a nickel in this crisis and every CEO on Wall Street had to be bailed out to the tune of trillions of dollars.  This isn’t rocket science.  It’s fundamentally common sense.  And most households in the US, which by the way are in shambles because of these satanic thugs, could do a better job than Immelt of GE and Dimon of JP Morgan running these firms.  Because most people would simply say these companies are too complicated for me to run.  And these incompetent buffoons actually convince themselves they can manage risk in companies that are unmanageable and well too big.  Some day I’ll show you some research that shows the optimum company size should be limited to 1,000 employees.  Real work.  Based on the real world.  Not the mergers vertical of Goldman Sachs pumping ever larger humpty dumpty firms run by ever more incompetent bureaucrats. 

JP Morgan’s earnings manipulation is the same con game practiced by President Obama’s Council of Economic Advisors stooges, GE’s Immelt and countless other companies.   The quality of earnings in the U.S. is N-O-T-H-I-N-G-T-O-N like it was fifty years ago.  As we have said countless times in the last six years, this market is hundreds of percentage points more overvalued than the market was in 1929 when the market fell 90%.  This is all part of the greatest financial bubble in history.

Our  downside target remains 200-450 on the S&P 500. 

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Republican Budget Estimated To Kill 70,000 Children

I love it when monetary idiots remark that we just don’t have the money.  But we have literally endless money to subsidize fascism and run a $1 trillion military budget.  These same dolts somehow seem to forget that our monetary system has essentially made money out of thin air for the last 100 years and yet we can’t figure out how to do so without creating inflation to help the underprivileged?  People most often underprivileged because of U.S. political corruption?  There is a unique place in hell for these criminals.  I have no doubt.

Of course politicians already have untold blood on their hands from decades of watching Americans die needlessly due to no access to affordable health care. 

Link here.

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Quick Remark Of The Neofascist Republican Party’s Washington Budget Games

I want to make a few comments about this ridiculous budget nonsense in Washington.   It seems over the past few weeks, Congressman Paul Ryan has become the budget henchman for the neofascist Republican party.   Telling us how Washington needs to get its spending under control.   Ryan and other Republicans are operating under the morally-bankrupt economic ideology of voodoo or Reagan economics.    In other words, more tax cuts for the people who have destroyed democracy via legalized bribery and whom the rest of us are supposed to hope they will throw money from their castles for us to catch and more tax burdens for people without a voice in Washington – all economic minorities, middle and lower class families, and the working man and woman.   Ryan is leading the charge of the con game we said at some point was coming to a United States near you.

How these people can cut jobless benefits or heating assistance to elderly or any other social program that helps underprivileged people, while not cutting the hundred of billions of dollars of the corporatocracy’s welfare programs or a military budget that in sum total is twice the rest of the world’s qualifies these people as what?   And then they want to cut taxes to the top 1% of Americans who are the people that have lobbied our government to destroy democracy over the past three decades.   I can see no other argument that can be put forth than that these are some of the most evil or brainwashed cult leaders on earth.  They are shaped in the mold of Egypt’s Mubarak or Yemen’s Saleh or North Korea’s Yong-Il.

And, as we have said countless times, that we have a President who is clearly looking evil in the eye and refuses to do anything makes him a modern day Neville Chamberlain who appeased Adolph Hitler.  Our President has a primary burden in these activities for failure to stand up to evil.  Soon after Chamberlain’s appeasement, Hitler terrorized the world.  At that point, he knew his enemies weren’t going to do anything to stop him.  Sociopathic power seekers understand one thing – force.  And that our President has failed to use it, has given cover to the neofascists.    The Republican party is a modern day incarnation of evil.   Politicians are attempting to terrorize us just as Hitler did.  But today they do it through social cuts, medicare cuts, Social Security cuts, etc.  All while serving their corporate masters and kings. 

Washington power and spending needs or we need a new economic and monetary system to establish higher levels of government spending that would not burden Americans.  But cuts without a new economic model, as we have hammered for years, it will simply result in more economic devastation.  Austerity is the game of the crook.  In his attempt to keep what he has stolen and to protect the value of his wealth.    But first, before anything, the corruption needs to be stopped so that the cuts are made to the programs destroying democracy.  Programs that are benefiting the top 1% that are living off of the rest of us.   The age old battle of good versus evil is in full bloom.  And there ain’t no good in Washington.

While political crooks think they finally are able to run roughshod over the people, there are unintended consequences for every ploy perpetuated by evil.   What is happening is something we have said would happen.  The fewer who benefit from this government, the fewer who will support it.   Devastating services to democracy while protecting corporate welfare and the predatory rich ensures that most Americans are getting little in return for a tax burden that is many times larger than it was before the Revolutionary War.  

This could manifest itself in any one of countless outcomes.  It could be a refusal to spend money, it could be by adding uncertainty so that people will no longer be able to plan any type of economic future, it could be dozens of other outcomes but all with the same economic impact.  We see in Greece that people are refusing to pay taxes.  We see in Iceland that people are refusing to repay obligations of a crooked financial system.   Illegitimacy breeds dissent.   And believe me, whether you see a million people marching in the streets of the U.S. or not, there is enormous dissent that is manifesting itself in many ways. 

The system is becoming more and more illegitimate by the day.   And that means undercurrents of instability are continuing to form beneath the feet of evil.  But they are blinded by their own arrogance, lust and gluttony.  We see this everywhere in global markets that are smoldering beneath the surface.   The entire system of globalization is smoldering whether that is in Pakistan, Yemen, Bahrain, the United States, Greece, Portugal, Iceland, Germany or wherever. 

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Monday, April 11, 2011

Another Dunce, Former Obama Economist Christina Romer, Tells Us A Weaker Dollar Is Good For America

For God’s sake.  These clowns seeking to get their mug in front of a television or in a newspaper article are in endless supply.   Does Christina Romer actually know anything about economics?  Well, apparently not and that is what qualified her to work in the White House. 

If a weaker dollar is better for America, then why not just set its value at zero?   This comparative currency game is a fool’s game created by dunces as we have remarked numerous times.

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JP Morgan CEO, Destroyer Of Worlds, Talks Of How Regulation Will Destroy America

"I cannot accept your canon that we are to judge Pope and King unlike other men with a favourable presumption that they did no wrong. If there is any presumption, it is the other way, against the holders of power, increasing as the power increases. Historic responsibility has to make up for the want of legal responsibility. Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men, even when they exercise influence and not authority, still more when you superadd the tendency or certainty of corruption by full authority. There is no worse heresy than the fact that the office sanctifies the holder of it. " -- John Dalberg-Acton

I have a major problem with many conspiracy theorists who propose that this environment is a global grand plan of elites to take over the world, enslave us all, start killing people through population control and all of the other generally ridiculous assignments of brilliance to people who truly are idiots.  Do people who seek power wish to assert their own control over others?  Sure.  But there is no global cabal seeking to foist some anti-Christ upon us.  Every thug throughout history was ruthless and predatory but that doesn’t mean they were brilliant.  They are brilliant at shitting all over their fellow man to get to where they are and then ruthlessly holding power once they get it.   These people are massively deluded by their own ignorance, confusing their misplaced self-aggrandizing beliefs with intelligence.   People who seek power are ruthless power whores who are substantially or completely blinded by their massively distorted sense of self.   These and others are at least narcissistic and often sociopaths. 

If there is one thing I could impress upon people who read this blog, is if you don’t already understand this fact, it is to come to grips to is that people who seek power are not more capable at anything other than shitting on other people.  I have hammered this point home incessantly over the years.  I have never worked with Jamie Dimon but I have acquaintances that have worked with him and his team.  He is no great brilliant mind.  He has a mind that seeks power.   The human mind cannot seek truth if it is attempting to seek power.  Power deludes and those who seek it are farther from truth than anyone else in society.  Anyone who seeks dominion over their fellow man is never to be trusted.  Ever.    There is no morally-legitimate reason any human being would want to gain power or control over another.  Ever.  I don’t care if that is a spousal relationship or someone who can’t wait to be a first level manager at McDonalds or the CEO of JP Morgan Chase.

Jamie Dimon’s ego is only superceded by his ignorance.  That Dimon believes regulating the $600 trillion derivatives market will hurt America shows how absolutely ignorant he is.   He has turned banks that are given special privilege to develop our citizens into a casino that takes risks he has no idea how to quantify.  Zero.  How deluded his mind is to the truth.  That truth is he and others like him have destroyed our country and that we don’t need to regulate what he and others are doing, we need to ban what they are doing.   The government seeks to regulate rather than ban because of outright corruption and because Wall Street’s casino is perceived as a source of substantial tax revenues. 

Dimon is surely a good bureaucrat.  He knows how to tell people what to do, build self-serving empires off of the backs of the creativity and hard work of other people and then beat his chest about how great a job he did because JP Morgan didn’t need a Treasury bailout in the 2008 collapse.  What he didn’t tell you is if the government didn’t plunk down $25 trillion to bail out all of his counterparties, JP Morgan would have completely collapsed due to his incompetence.

Frankly, what is the difference between Jamie Dimon, Lloyd Blankfein, Muammar Gaddafi, Saddam Hussein or King Abdul Aziz?  Do we really know what those who seek power in our country are capable of if they didn’t have some democratic check on their power?  We already know through leaks that during the 2008 collapse that apparently the CEO of Goldman, Morgan Stanley or JP Morgan encouraged the government to essentially enforce martial law. 

If we limited the size of hegemonic economic power in the U.S.,  Jamie Dimon would likely be running a local Dairy Queen.  And that’s probably a pretty good job.  But he surely isn’t qualified to run a bank the size of JP Morgan.  No one is.  

Essentially, what I am saying is people like this are the man behind the curtain in the Wizard of Oz.   They build themselves up as powerful and brilliant because it serves their extremely insecure ego’s narcissistic need.  But yet they truly are weasels that only gain any personal satisfaction by taking (manipulation and control)  from others.  These people are no different than any of the thugs from history past.  And we should deal with them accordingly.  We need to rid ourselves of them by rooting out evil and voting them out of public office and then mandating to our new public servants that they enforce the laws of the land.  And that includes anti-trust laws. 

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Banksters Once Again Get Slap On The Wrist For Massive Foreclosure Fraud

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Class Action Lawsuit Claims JP Morgan Ripped Off It’s Clients

No surprise with this.  Since starting this blog we have said that Frankenstein finance has made clients irrelevant.  Now with endless supplies of below market taxpayer funds available through the Federal Reserve, there is no need to service their customers.  Wall Street often trades against their clients as we saw in the Goldman Sachs goat rodeo before Congress and countless other seamy situations at other firms. 

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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Iceland Stiffs European Banksters

We have been consistent on here since the start of this crisis.  The people of the world should stiff the banksters and their toady politicians.   Whether that is Greece, Iceland, the U.S. or elsewhere, democracy has not benefited from this criminal cabal of banksters and should repudiate any obligations that benefited the very few. 

At the end of the video, the commentator and Iceland’s finance minister talk of this now going to the EU’s court system and that ultimately that means the people of Iceland may have to pay anyway.  Wanna bet?

If some international court outside of the sovereignty of the U.S. decided that U.S. citizens should have to pay $5 trillion (the equivalent to Iceland’s mess based on population) because of the criminal behavior of American banksters, does anyone actually believe they would ever get a single penny of that money?

Globalization is dead.

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Friday, April 08, 2011

True Government Spending Last Year Was Over $11 Trillion

Remember, as we highlighted last year, the government is now spending just about 70% of national income.  A massive fraud in itself.   Guess who is getting all of that money?  Those who have bribed our politicians.  That’s why middle class and poor Americans are broke in the first place.  This ain’t some new game.  Reagan and Clinton perfected this con for both parties.   Now these sonofabitches are cutting off heating assistance to underprivileged people who are most often the marks of massive fraud, while maintaining billions of dollars of corporate handouts to energy companies.  They are cutting food assistance to poor children, who are most often poor because of Washington fraud, while maintaining the massive subsidies of the industrial food vomit they are putting on our store shelves.  The list of treasonous actions by Washington is nearly endless. 

This is a good article but I have a problem with the closing statements that somehow our economic future or ability to finance our government is controlled by China or buyers of our debt.   As we have said numerous times, that is ridiculous.  But, then the comment is made by someone who doesn’t understand anything about money – a political idiot.  And because political idiots are running our country, as opposed to our citizens running their own lives and politicians working as servants on our behalf, that means plenty more economic stupidity.   That is, until We The People fix the mess politicians have made.  And isn’t that the way it always is?

There are easy ways out of this mess and corruption is the only thing standing in our way.

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Thursday, April 07, 2011

Obama’s Strikes In Libya An Impeachable Offense?

Our king continues to shit all over our Constitution as his recent predecessors have. 

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S&P 500 Update

We have shown this advance-decline data a handful of times since the flash crash last year.   It attempts to show an unmanipulated view of markets - the effects of Frankenstein finance has been backed out.  Since the flash crash, for the first time in modern history this data point is hugely divergent from market direction and remains terribly weak.   Comparatively, the manipulated NYSE advance-decline data is making new highs.  Of course, it also was making new highs before the 2008 collapse.  The strength of the NYSE’s advance-decline data is simply a manifestation of the completely unsustainable financial freak show we see before us.  Couple that with some stocks in the Dow trading at 5x what the average stock was trading at in 1929 before the collapse into the Great Depression and one gets the sense of the scope of such unprecedented financial lunacy in our country. 

In some manner, we can already state that the market has once again started a new crash as of May of 2010.  Price has yet to crash but unmanipulated data has crashed. 

To rehash some points we have made before, the most obvious conclusion I believe we can draw from this is that market direction since May of last year has been determined almost exclusively through the use of derivatives and algorithmic trading, all of which are funded by endless money at zero percent interest.   This is confirmed by the highest correlation between markets and the S&P since the 1987 crash we cited last year (derivatives trading), the countless low volatility up days with an often immeasurable average true range and the low contract futures-driven higher opens which often fall back or make no meaningful intraday advances.  Effectively, the only buyers are manipulators aka Wall Street and hedge funds.  Mind you, this dynamic also exists in commodities as we have hammered incessantly as well.  It is important for one to understand, this is exactly what happened with the mortgage trading mess.  Ultimately, Wall Street was the only buyer left as counterparties evaporated.  We have uniquely written numerous times of this dynamic coming to pass in financial markets a year before they collapsed and the commodities and equity markets over the last two years.  

Markets are permanently broken due to massive Wall Street fraud and corruption.  Wall Street is the dumb money as we have said countless times.  There are no counterparties left  and there hasn’t been since the 2000 economic collapse.  Counterparties have either been traded out of the market as we have said either has or would happen, or they are unable to participate due to economic circumstance or they are unwilling to participate because they recognize the massive financial market corruption and rigging that both the Democratic and Republican parties wholeheartedly endorse. 


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Tuesday, April 05, 2011

It’s Good To Be The King At GE

One of our favorite dunces on here is Jeffrey Immelt, the horrendously incompetent CEO of GE and on the Council of Economic Advisors for an equally incompetent President of the United States.   Immelt’s accomplishments as a dunce include pushing GE to the edge of collapse and requiring a taxpayer bailout, crowing about how great China was before its collapse,  being incredibly excited about the global economy right before the 2008 collapse and, of course, ripping off America to the tune of billions of dollars.  For this, Immelt pays himself gangster wages. 

Another one of our favorite bureaucrats is John Chambers of Cisco who was on 60 Minutes a few weeks ago saying the U.S. needs to lower its corporate tax rate after it was reported that firms are ripping off the U.S. left and right.  Chambers was pretty much right there with Immelt in all of the remarks above as well as crowing about how great the economy was right before his company’s stock dropped 90% and demand for his company’s products had collapsed right after he had stuffed the sales channel with millions upon millions of dollars of products that needed to be written off because of his incompetence. 

How may times do we need to listen to these economic idiots talk about lowering corporate taxes?   I don’t have access to the database anymore because I cancelled my subscription but not too many years ago, the effective corporate tax rate for multinational corporations in the U.S. was around 11% as I recall.  That’s far lower than the published 35% rate.  Some people say that every ten years this costs the U.S. over a trillion dollars in lost revenues. 

I could stop these con games by corporate con men and their legion of corporate thug lawyers in about ten seconds with a very simple law that would protect democracy and democratic competition in markets - No public corporation, yes public, who receives the benefit of society’s wealth, support and backing through public funding, is allowed to send a single penny of American capital outside of our nation’s borders.  Period.  Private corporations and individuals can do whatever they want to do.  It is their money.  But public corporations are relying on the wealth, backing and funding of our society and, therefore, government (the will of the people) is going to protect that investment on behalf of our citizens.  You want to move your private company outside of the U.S.?  Good riddance.  Hopefully, you’ll never come back.  Let someone else inherit your sorry ass.  Because you, the corporate bureaucrat, never created the wealth of the corporation in the first place.  Society did.   

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Doctors Are The Latest Slaves

There are no compelling proposals that I see anywhere in the mainstream about how to fix the American economy.  I don’t even see anyone who can identify any of the problems.  And, as we have said at least one hundred times, for God’s sake the problem is not debt.  It is the symptom. 

Lunatics on one end of the fringe want to dismantle social services and government, and cut corporate taxes while leaving the fraudulent fascist state machine in place.   Lunatics on the other end of the fringe tell us that government must tax and spend more because that’s what happened in the Great Depression.  They are both completely wrong.    They are in an ideological war with no foundation in science or economics.

One of the effects of corporatism that we have highlighted numerous times over the past six years is a culture of indentured servitude to neofeudal corporate lords.  It is not the dream of a democratic nation to only find employment or economic opportunity working for corporations that will drive people mercilessly for the profit of a very few.  

I hear people always talk about how lazy Americans are.  That is an abhorrently ignorant position perpetuated by neoliberals who are trying to rationalize hiring illegal immigrants for what used to be union jobs with benefits and a rationalization to send jobs to countries where corrupt governments allow their citizens to work as slaves.  The American work week is longer than any industrialized nation on earth, including Japan.  And it is no surprise then that fraudulent corporate fascism in our country is also the worst in the world.   Fascism and the economic rights of democracy are mutually-exclusive.

To some, it was a-okay or went unnoticed when blue collar or perceived lower skilled workers (most often a lie in itself) were driven like indentured servants and slaves of yore for the profits of their corporate task masters.   Corporate bureaucrats that, as we have written countless times, have no skills and add no wealth to our society other than to live off of other productive people.  But, it isn’t so fun when going to college means mountains of debt and working 60-90 hours a week for mostly stagnant or even falling wages.   That is, if you can even get a job.

When I was too young to remember much of anything other than playing with my dog or playing basketball, I do remember one thing - doctors often worked out of offices attached to their homes as mine did.   Or they worked in very small offices in the community.  Many made visits on their patients at their homes.  Doctors were entrepreneurs.   Being economically-independent was the American dream before it was hijacked by fascism and people like President Obama who tells us we need more education to get more people into that corporate slave treadmill to then compete for whatever corporations want to give us.  A position we have lambasted as ignorantly ignorant on here many times.  Our President and our Congress are economic dunces.  We could be a country of high school drop-outs and have a more productive and democratic economy than we have today.   Truly.   

One of the effects of fascism is that economic self-determination has been hijacked.  The Rights of Man are no longer.  Now workers, whether they have a fourth grade education or twenty five years of education slave away to enrich corporate bureaucrats.  Their options?  Quit and go to work somewhere else who abides by the same fascist policies of our nation. 

Something to remember.  We have often termed this environment as the end of big.  And the destruction of institutions that are the creation of the human ego.  Apparently, nature sees things the same way in its destruction of many creations of the human ego in the cycle of volatility.   We can surely expect more of this both by nature and by the collapse of globalization and the fraud that defines it. 

The Humpty Dumpty health care industry is teetering on the precipice.   As it pertains to this post, might you envision some economic changes that would restore sensibility not just to the medical community but to all of the American economy?   

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