Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Is S&P Trashing US Debt to Help Crush Social Security and Medicare?

We seldom see anything of substance in the mainstream media.  And even though S&P issued a warning on U.S. debt, Treasuries didn’t budge.   That’s because Treasury rates are driven by supply and demand not endless and, might I add, useless opinions.  And the Federal Reserve knows this, which is why we said quantitative easing changed the game.  Seemingly no one else understands this.  Certainly not Bill Gross.  And certainly not S&P and financial idiots running our financial system and political appointments at our Treasury aka Timmy Geithner.   But then why aren’t S&P’s executives in jail for their perpetuation of endless fraud and systemic incompetence?

People like Bill Gross, Pete Peterson and other rich ideologues understand little about money and its role in society.  They simply support a system they grew up with.  They are bureaucrats who really understand nothing about anything except how to keep what they got, whether it was attained through merit or cronyism.   They place fear in the minds of society for their own personal gain. 

Back in 2008 I wrote, and might I add, it was a very, very lonely position, as this crisis started that the Federal Reserve could print a fairly large amount of money and not cause inflation.   The Federal Reserve still has not officially printed any money.  We wrote how this dynamic would occur.  (The Treasury would issue bonds, the Federal Reserve would then buy the bonds at auction, and place the proceeds into the Treasury’s Federal Reserve account….  which they have done…. with the exception of one important final step.  That is, to then wipe the liability off of the Federal Reserve’s balance sheet.  Which I have written I believe will eventually happen and expose the debt-based monetary system as corrupt and ultimately lead to substantial financial reforms.)

It’s quite amazing to me how many people are still deluded into the belief that the U.S. or any sovereign entity must borrow money from private criminals as is the case today.  And who then fall prey to the terrorism of the status quo.  Even gold bugs, as much as they hate the system as it is, are most often wildly ignorant in basic understandings of money and thus play a role of useful idiot to the status quo’s fraud and corruption.

S&P’s negative call on the U.S. debt served some purpose to some special interest.   We have never, ever, ever written on here that the U.S. is in jeopardy of default.  Ever.  Another very lonely position.  And we have written of more anticipated outcomes than anyone else I am aware of.  And saw more come true in 2008 than any other financial source I am aware of.   In other words, I think I have some idea of what is going on.  If the U.S., defaults on anything, it will be a conscious decision driven by the desires of the state for power and control.  Default would essentially be an act of war or terrorism by the state.   And we don’t need to see hyperinflation, another ridiculous red herring, for the government to honor all of its obligations.

The Federal Reserve and our government created tens of trillions of dollars out of thin air, both by implication and by act, to bail out a criminal financial system and criminal corporatocracy while Americans, the rule of law and democracy all continue to rot.  If you don’t see by now the ability of the Federal Reserve and the government to meet any and all obligations,  then I guess someone needs to spell it out for you.   Any and every default in our society by any individual, corporations, local-state-federal government is completely avoidable.    And so was this crisis and so will be future crises.  And that includes any crisis as it pertains to Social Security.  

S&P’s debt call on the U.S. government served some evil purpose.  What was it?  We can only guess.  But it is plausible that it is a form of terrorism against our society and our nation by criminal financial corporations in an attempt to create enough fear into cutting Social Security and Medicare so that the federal government will keep paying private criminals excessive sums of interest money on our debt. 

Our country is run by criminals.  We need a public banking system.

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