Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Neurobiology Of Evil

Doctor Stone discusses how the brain of evil is different.  And, it is indeed different.  Evil does not have comparable thought patterns as mere humans.  The doctor uses violence as a descriptor of an evil mind.  One must expand the concept of violence to that the actions of politicians, bankers and corporate bureaucrats who are all capable of greater violence than any serial killer.  Not only through war but through the enablement of the police state or through violent acts against society by denying people healthcare that results in endless death or great trauma or through endless economic poverty or malnutrition by denying society access to its own capital or by denying a student a right to an equal education.  The list of violence against humanity is endless and the bureaucrat uses much more sinister and cunning methods than any serial killer. 

As we have remarked before, we are not experiencing anything new in the modern world.  We are simply reliving the age old battle of good versus evil.   It’s really that simple.

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