Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Quick Remark Of The Neofascist Republican Party’s Washington Budget Games

I want to make a few comments about this ridiculous budget nonsense in Washington.   It seems over the past few weeks, Congressman Paul Ryan has become the budget henchman for the neofascist Republican party.   Telling us how Washington needs to get its spending under control.   Ryan and other Republicans are operating under the morally-bankrupt economic ideology of voodoo or Reagan economics.    In other words, more tax cuts for the people who have destroyed democracy via legalized bribery and whom the rest of us are supposed to hope they will throw money from their castles for us to catch and more tax burdens for people without a voice in Washington – all economic minorities, middle and lower class families, and the working man and woman.   Ryan is leading the charge of the con game we said at some point was coming to a United States near you.

How these people can cut jobless benefits or heating assistance to elderly or any other social program that helps underprivileged people, while not cutting the hundred of billions of dollars of the corporatocracy’s welfare programs or a military budget that in sum total is twice the rest of the world’s qualifies these people as what?   And then they want to cut taxes to the top 1% of Americans who are the people that have lobbied our government to destroy democracy over the past three decades.   I can see no other argument that can be put forth than that these are some of the most evil or brainwashed cult leaders on earth.  They are shaped in the mold of Egypt’s Mubarak or Yemen’s Saleh or North Korea’s Yong-Il.

And, as we have said countless times, that we have a President who is clearly looking evil in the eye and refuses to do anything makes him a modern day Neville Chamberlain who appeased Adolph Hitler.  Our President has a primary burden in these activities for failure to stand up to evil.  Soon after Chamberlain’s appeasement, Hitler terrorized the world.  At that point, he knew his enemies weren’t going to do anything to stop him.  Sociopathic power seekers understand one thing – force.  And that our President has failed to use it, has given cover to the neofascists.    The Republican party is a modern day incarnation of evil.   Politicians are attempting to terrorize us just as Hitler did.  But today they do it through social cuts, medicare cuts, Social Security cuts, etc.  All while serving their corporate masters and kings. 

Washington power and spending needs or we need a new economic and monetary system to establish higher levels of government spending that would not burden Americans.  But cuts without a new economic model, as we have hammered for years, it will simply result in more economic devastation.  Austerity is the game of the crook.  In his attempt to keep what he has stolen and to protect the value of his wealth.    But first, before anything, the corruption needs to be stopped so that the cuts are made to the programs destroying democracy.  Programs that are benefiting the top 1% that are living off of the rest of us.   The age old battle of good versus evil is in full bloom.  And there ain’t no good in Washington.

While political crooks think they finally are able to run roughshod over the people, there are unintended consequences for every ploy perpetuated by evil.   What is happening is something we have said would happen.  The fewer who benefit from this government, the fewer who will support it.   Devastating services to democracy while protecting corporate welfare and the predatory rich ensures that most Americans are getting little in return for a tax burden that is many times larger than it was before the Revolutionary War.  

This could manifest itself in any one of countless outcomes.  It could be a refusal to spend money, it could be by adding uncertainty so that people will no longer be able to plan any type of economic future, it could be dozens of other outcomes but all with the same economic impact.  We see in Greece that people are refusing to pay taxes.  We see in Iceland that people are refusing to repay obligations of a crooked financial system.   Illegitimacy breeds dissent.   And believe me, whether you see a million people marching in the streets of the U.S. or not, there is enormous dissent that is manifesting itself in many ways. 

The system is becoming more and more illegitimate by the day.   And that means undercurrents of instability are continuing to form beneath the feet of evil.  But they are blinded by their own arrogance, lust and gluttony.  We see this everywhere in global markets that are smoldering beneath the surface.   The entire system of globalization is smoldering whether that is in Pakistan, Yemen, Bahrain, the United States, Greece, Portugal, Iceland, Germany or wherever. 

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