Friday, April 15, 2011

2012’s Anti-Christ Has Revealed Itself. It Is The Republican Party. Cut Top Individual Tax Rates To The Lowest In Modern History To Kill Senior Citizens

I don’t like any politicians so this is surely not an endorsement of Dummycrats.  I do appreciate leadership in politics when these two words infrequently cross paths.  Ain’t no leaders in Washington today.  There are some who could be leaders if their voices were heard but no one in any position of authority in Washington exhibits leadership qualities.    I think most of us could say we would rather have our mother running the country.  At least we would see some true leadership. 

The last true leader in the Republican party was arguably Eisenhower.  And if you read the platform Eisenhower governed from in the link I provided some time ago, you would know he has absolutely nothing in common with modern day fascist Republicans.   Zero.  His platform was just about exactly the opposite. 

My neighbor, who was a Republican operative for thirty years, tells me unions destroyed our country.  When I nonchalantly mentioned the founder of the Republican party, Abraham Lincoln, supported unions and collective bargaining, she said, I never knew that.  Guess she never saw Reagan talk about his undying devotion to unions in this country either.  That’s pretty much par for the course for political cult followers brainwashed by Jim Jones-type Kool-Aid barkers.

The CBO has scored the Republican budget and said that seniors are going to pay up to $7,000 more annually for health insurance, health insurance could be now rationed because of this plan and therefore, because of these two dynamics, many seniors will simply go without health insurance.  Thus, adding to the already hundreds of thousands or even millions of unnecessary deaths in our country over many decades.   I guess we really know now who is supporting the idea of death panels.  It’s Republicans who are planning to murder our citizens while not cutting the military industrial complex or corporate welfare. 

Of course, this privatization will throw senior citizens to wildly corrupt private health care monopolies where, if this bill would pass, would again allow insurance companies to deny coverage based on pre-existing conditions.  Know any seniors without a pre-existing condition?

Social Security privatization for the Wall Street bosses is next.  They’ve been on that one forever. 

Evil has now revealed itself.  It is the Republican Party.  And I do mean that by the definition of what evil is.    

E-vil – noun

The force in nature that governs and gives rise to wickedness and sin.

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