Friday, April 22, 2011

BRICs Make Moves To Shove Dollar Aside – Hubris Should Be Careful What It Wishes For

This is a perfect example of lunacy in journalism.   Or as we often have often call such silliness, learned idiots.   One can write just about anything, regardless of how unfactual,  unscientific and untrue and make it appear to be founded in some type of intelligence or plausibility. 

We have been writing of the coming demise of BRIC countries for a long time.  We got a glimpse of that anticipated outcome in the 2008 collapse.  We’ll get a full blown look into reality soon enough. 

It is very obvious that the political idiots in BRIC countries have no idea that their own wealth has substantially been created by dollar emission, financial fraud, the largest financial bubble in history and through corruption in the United States.    As we have remarked numerous times, the criminal class in the United States has fed us endless propaganda that China and other BRIC countries are booming because it is comparatively easy to do business there versus the United States.  In the United States, we are told that forty five million people are on food stamps because there are too many regulations (that protect our environmnent, society’s safety, a living wage, etc)   and create too much difficulty for corporations to operate.  This is one of the corporatocracy’s greatest con games.  Ever.  

The World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business Index lists the United States in a statistical dead heat for the top spot in ease of doing business while Brazil, Russia, India and China’s massive fraud and corruption place them all languishing at the bottom.   Our jobs were not shipped overseas because of regulations or a business unfriendly environment.  They were shipped overseas because of evil.  Because of fraud.  It’s that simple.  Propaganda is a powerful tool to decimate and dismantle society.  And that is what is going on in the United States with calls of austerity and more dismantling of our rule of law while corporations maintain their trillions of dollars of welfare on the backs of often poor Americans.   More trickle down voodoo specifically driven by the neofascist Republican Party and their corporate masters, whose policies have choked off investment, killed small businesses, made our environment unsafe and created massive poverty.  

Arrogance, like greed and power, is always rewarded similarly.  We have warned that those in the global community seeking the demise of the dollar for their own avarice will find themselves in a situation of being sorry what they wish for.   In a game of global power, the United States controls the game through the reserve currency.  And you can be rest assured for every action to replace the dollar, there will be an equal but opposite reaction by U.S. politicians.  And that fits with our long term thesis that the U.S. will eventually again dominate the world economy unlike at any time in the last fifty years.  Of course, likely only after the world continues to experience massive volatility and crisis caused by corporate and political criminals around the world.  

We have been writing on here since well before the 2008 collapse that we are due a change in how trade is settled and that may mean the concept of a reserve currency becomes a thing of the past.  But, I can assure you that no one in the United States or Europe or other democracies are going to be settling trade in the yuan, a currency with absolutely no stability, no rule of law, no transparency and a society with no protected legal rights.    Wall Street criminals may wish to see that happen but once their desires cross paths with those of American politicians seeking their own motives of power and greed, that will never come to pass.   The two intents are diametrically-opposed.

China has maintained its competitiveness by devaluing its currency substantially.  First by overt action.  Then by manipulation.   Countries and companies are not going to settle trade in a currency that will have possibly lost 90% of its value within a few decades as will likely be the case with the yuan before we get out of this mess.  And American politicians are not going to submit their sovereignty to a communist country.  Trade settlement may change, but it won’t be through the yuan.  Nothing new in our position on any of this but just a rehash for new readers.  

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