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“Once A Homo, Always A Homo.”, Gay Marriage And The Supreme Court

“If you have to pass laws that hurt other people in order to prove your morals and values, then you have no true morals or values to prove.” --  George Takei

How many laws in our society are based on some degree of violence?   Just about all of the million plus pages of codified code in this nation.    Takei’s comments extend well beyond the patronizing, hypocritical religious lunacy.

Yahoo has just published an investigative video on the U.S. government’s uniquely nasty war on gay people.    The title of this post is taken from the words of a U.S. government lawyer highlighted in this video who supported state terrorism against gay people.   More vile, ignorant and dumbed-down acts of violence by the state and bureaucrats in the good ole days of the corporate state.   You know, when men were men and women were women.   And being a real man meant you used the force of the state to terrorize innocent, decent people who were different than you.

The Supreme Court has just ruled that gay marriage is legal or whatever it is that the Supreme Court does.   What a surprise that we have a bunch of bureaucrats determining our natural rights.   Gay marriage was always “legal”.    It has simply been that the force of the state has been used to deny  gay people their natural rights.   Just as they selectively deny all of us our rights in some manner or another.   What would have astonished me, and would have been appropriate, is a dissenting view by one or all justices that they cannot rule on rights they have no control over.  ie, Gay marriage, slavery or whatnot.   That the Constitution is not a document of our inalienable, natural rights.   Those rights are granted by our Creator and no man has any right to deny or be the judge of any other man’s natural rights.   So, we, the Supreme Court, cannot rule on rights inherent to every human being.  Those rights are above and beyond our jurisdiction and are granted by our Creator.   Gay people have the same rights as all other people.    We can only rule on the limits of state power.    But the palpable arrogance and ignorance of the Supreme Court is clearly evident in many of their post-decision remarks.   Personally, it seems quite apparent the Supreme Court needs to be a little less supreme and a lot more democratic and even more driven by inalienable, natural rights rather than precedence and interpretations on state authority.   

I have written substantially about the overreach of the Supreme Court and that our founders did not grant judicial review to the courts.  In other words, the interpretation of what is or is not constitutional is not a right granted to the courts.   But rather the courts usurped that power with a particular court decision.    And, from there, precedence became the determining factor granting the Supreme Court illegitimate authority over our lives.   There is absolutely nothing “legal” about the Supreme Court being the only arbiter of our rights.   It’s simply based on tradition formed by a self-interested, bureaucratic power grab.   Interestingly, one must wonder if that power grab wasn’t in some way a constitutional crisis when unelected Supreme Court justices usurped that democratic right from We The People.   Many of our founders rejected that grab at that time.   Our founders gave the right of constitutional review to the states, to the people, to the courts, to the Congress and to the executive branch.    There are many writings on this including by Thomas Jefferson, who was clearly adept at understanding the law as it was intended since he was a major party to creating it and a lawyer himself.   As noted in past posts,  Jefferson remarked that anyone is able to mount a constitutional review or constitutional challenge to state power without it being determined by the courts.    Frankly, that review could be mounted by citizens including slaves themselves or gay people or whomever or anyone that was the subject of having their rights denied by state power grabs.   But, that democratic and natural rights power is now so suppressed by state power that considering such a power is granted to the people would be considered ludicrous.   The state bureaucrats have ensured that.    There are still many constitutional scholars and law professors who understand this.   Yet, most lawyers, law professors and members of the political establishment are conveniently ignorant to this fact.   And, thus, so are We The People.  With good reason.   It doesn’t serve the power of the state so it is a suppressed right.

The overreach of unelected bureaucrats, including Supreme Court judges, is so well understood as anti-democratic and tyrannical that France stripped its supreme court of constitutional review some decades ago and gave it back to the people.    The unelected bureaucrats aka judges in the courts in France no longer determine what is constitutional.   That could easily happen in the United States in coming decades.   What would our society look like if the Supreme Court was stripped of determining what is constitutional?   I would imagine it would be quite a major improvement in the quality of life of most Americans but a major shock to corporations, politicians, pathological elites and the state that props them up.   While we are at it, these highly political judicial hacks should have the power of lifetime appointment stripped from them as well.  Hey, while we are at it, there are no limits to the amount of justices on the Supreme Court.   And there is no requirement that a judge be a lawyer.   Maybe we should have a justice or two from each state.   Maybe a man and woman from each state.   Or, maybe a man and woman from each race and state.   And maybe we should consider people from other walks of life than lawyers.   Being a constitutional scholar is not guaranteed by a diploma as a lawyer.   Millions of people could be qualified to serve.    Whatever would make the courts more reflective of democracy and an inclusive society.

Reading the dissenting justice’s comments released on gay marriage, we see the dissenting views are all literally based on ignorance, hate (violence) and bullshit.   Which is a pretty doggone good reason why the unelected courts should not be determining the Rights of Man.  The state did not grant people the right to express their love for each other through the commitment of marriage or any other social construct.   God or our Creator or our higher power or the universe or nature or however you feel comfortable characterizing it, gave us those rights.   The Constitution is not a document that defines the rights of people.   It is a document that specifically limits the power of the state and is there to ensure there is no state overreach into our inalienable, natural rights.  Our Creator granted rights to people.   And that means our Creator granted the right of marriage to two consenting adults regardless of their race or gender.   Remember, it was not too long ago that it was also illegal for people of different ethnicities to marry in this nation.   Some of those laws are almost certainly still on the books of many states in this country but just no longer enforced.   The history of state overreach into our rights is and always will be timeless. 

“If you are among the many Americans—of whatever sexual orientation—who favor expanding same-sex marriage, by all means celebrate today’s decision. Celebrate the achievement of a desired goal. Celebrate the opportunity for a new expression of commitment to a partner. Celebrate the availability of new benefits. But do not celebrate the Constitution. It had nothing to do with it,” – Chief Justice Roberts

“Aside from undermining the political processes that protect our liberty, the majority’s decision threatens the religious liberty our Nation has long sought to protect.” – Justice Thomas

“Today’s decision usurps the constitutional right of the people to decide whether to keep or alter the traditional understanding of marriage.” – Justice Alito

“to call attention to this Court’s threat to American democracy.” – Justice Scalia

I can’t believe the lack of professional ethics involved in the dissenting justice’s emotional, bile-driven, fear-bating.   This is how terrorism starts in a society.   It’s always started by the state pathology running cover for lunatics and hate-mongers.    This type of commentary is very similar to the endless hatred and fear-bating about freeing black slaves during Civil War times or the fear-bating of the propaganda movie Reefer Madness in the 1930s that, from memory, would turn black men against white women or whatever the propaganda was.   And that led to putting tens of millions of people in prison for literally just about nothing other than smoking a joint.   The state is the ultimate source of terrorism.   And in some way the ignorance of state pathology runs interference for idiots and morons that do their bidding.  The reason why our country has become the Idiocracy (This dystopian comedy has turned out to be very prescient to reality. The dumbest people in history in that movie are politicians and corporate state bureaucrats. )   is because of the overreach of politicians and state bureaucrats in all aspects of our lives.   State actors are the idiocracy.   They are not the most qualified public servants in our society.  And they certainly aren’t the most selfless or brilliant or loving or creative or whatnot.  They aren’t even close.

These comments about democracy or the Constitution by these highly political, (thus highly flawed in their ability to think critically and humanely), highly emotionally-charged positions are ludicrous.   It really crystalizes the state’s war on gay people in the Yahoo video above.   It’s this type of fear-mongering and ignorant small-mindedness that reflects state terror against gay people in Yahoo’s investigative report.  

Gay marriage is a threat to democracy?   Really?  That is laughable and reeks of ignorance and homophobia.   People who want to express their love for each other by making a commitment is a threat?  People who have done nothing to harm anyone but rather wish to let their light shine without the endless shame and humiliation of people telling them something is wrong with them are a threat?   Actually, I think the greater threat is an overreaching Supreme Court that arrogantly grants spying, torture, corporate personhood, no limits on political spending by a pathological aristocracy and corporate pathocrats, debt enslavement, privately controlled, anti-democratic money, endless seeds needed for the subjugation of humanity including war and enslavement to corporations and the like are the greatest threat to our democracy.   That would be overreaching, unelected, activist Supreme Court justices granting power to the state while taking it from the people’s inalienable rights.

And the justice’s remarks about lost religious freedoms with legal gay marriage?   You mean to burn people at the stake because they were possessed by demons?   Or, maybe you mean genital mutilation of women, as a form of religious freedom, that is practiced by a large number of religious people in this nation?  Or, how about the religious freedom of efforts of forced gender change in Iran?  Or the religious freedoms of the hateful beliefs of the KKK?   What the hell does religious freedom have to do with anything?  What the courts should be focused on is ensuring gay people have the same religious rights to be married as anyone else.   That would be a nonviolent position of equality.  And by the way, marriage in this nation is not a religious institution.   Don’t kid yourself.   It may be performed in a church or by a religious leader, or maybe it is not, but that church has absolutely nothing to do with the marital contract that is enforced by the state in this nation.   Marriage today looks nothing like marriage did in Biblical times, which is the ill-guided hateful, patronizing, class-based foundation for the denial of gay people’s human and religious rights in the first place.   Marriage is a state contract today.   It may be more things in the mind of those who wish to marry in our society, but the state could care less about what is in the mind of those that are married when it comes to enforcing that contract.  Religious freedom is another hate-driven fallacy used to cover up the reality of those who hide behind it to deny others their God-given rights.  

There is a pretty well-developed perspective that I happen to agree with - one can determine a society’s true freedoms by the rights of women in that society.   Are women granted the right to vote?  To hold public office?  To lead organizations of women and men? To work with men?  To become educated?  To have the right to divorce?  And on and on.   I think maybe we should consider moving the bar a little bit.    Economic freedoms certainly needs to be included as a barometer given how the world lives under incredible economic tyranny.   And the freedoms of all people regardless of race, religion or gender to enjoy completely equal rights under the law.  Our laws should not be to grant anyone any particular advantage or deny anyone any particular rights.   All people should be equal in the eyes of the law as they are considered so by our natural, inalienable rights granted by our Creator.  

God, Gaia, Allah, our Creator, our higher power, nature, the divine universe or whatnot did not grant ultimate power to the state to then determine what rights humanity has.    That Power, our Creator, granted rights to humanity.   And humanity then granted minimal rights of maintaining a civilized society to the self-rule of government.    How exactly does the Supreme Court support that in its current form?   Unfortunately, ignorance is palpable in a world controlled and contrived by state authority and state bureaucrats who enforce that violence but we must remind ourselves that we don’t vote on human rights.  The state does not determine our human rights.   We grant ourselves those rights through our own divinity that our Creator gave all of us.   We don’t vote on slavery and we don’t vote on gay rights.   Those rights are there to be shared by all people.   The state should have absolutely no power to deny us of those inalienable rights.    If it’s not in the Constitution, its not a power that humanity has granted to anyone other than ourselves.    Chief Justice John Robert’s above comments are those of a clown and a dunce.    The Constitution is not the end-all in the determination of our rights.   Gay people have always had the rights of marriage.   The Constitution is there to limit the rights of the state and people like Roberts who somehow believe they uniquely have some authority over us that they have never been granted by the people or our Creator.   Our natural  rights are not up for debate.    We vote to approve bridges not slavery or marriage or equality or inalienable rights or whatnot.

Let’s see.   Throughout American history the state has terrorized American Indians, Asian Americans, Hispanic Americans, women, Japanese Americans, African Americans, Black men, White men, gays, supposed communists, supposed Muslim terrorists, the poor, the working class…  have I left anyone out?   Or, maybe the more appropriate question is there anyone left?   And on what group of entitled people have these acts of terror been approved?   That would be the pathological. 

First they (the state) came for the communists, and I didn’t speak up, because I wasn’t a communist. Then they came for the Jews, and I didn’t speak up, because I wasn’t a Jew. Then they came for the Catholics, and I didn’t speak up, because I was a Protestant. Then they came for me, and by that time there was no one left to speak for me.  -- Martin Niemoller
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Chris Hedges: My Hatred Of Authority, Along With My Loathing For The Pretensions, Heartlessness, And Sense Of Entitlement Of The Rich

“This great evil. Where does it come from? How'd it steal into the world? What seed, what root did it grow from? Who's doin' this? Who's killin' us? Robbing us of life and light. Mockin' us with the sight of what we might've known. Does our ruin benefit the earth? Does it help the grass to grow, the sun to shine? Is this darkness in you, too? Have you passed through this night?…  We were a family. How'd it break up and come apart, so that now we're turned against each other? Each standing in the other's light. How'd we lose that good that was given us? Let it slip away. Scattered it, careless. What's keepin' us from reaching out, touching the glory?

There is a palpable evil in this world.   And it is everywhere.   In some way every single one of us serves it.  Even as we believe we resist it in certain aspects of our lives, there is no way out.   We all are oppressed, victimized and exploited by it.  And as a result we often participate in that oppression, victimization and exploitation of others without being mindful of it.   In the United States and other “civilized” societies it is most often in ways that we don’t actually see or appreciate or don’t want to see because of our own ego’s subconscious fear of its own identify crisis and because the propaganda and our resultant brainwashing is literally so all-encompassing.   

This post is much more than Hedge’s recent remarks.  I want to use his remarks below to frame even broader systemic crises that are unfolding before our eyes.  

Politicians and the corporate press in this nation have gone full bore stupid with this recent mass killing in South Carolina by someone who was clearly very unstable.   And possibly driven to that instability by prescription drugs.   And definitely driven to that instability by a collapsing state-enforced corporate capitalist society.     It seems every few years the issue of the Confederate flag comes up.  I’m certainly no fan of people who use the flag as a sign of hatred.   But I suspect that’s s small number of ignorant people.   Black people are offended because it is akin to waving the Nazi flag at Jews.   White southern people are offended because it is part of their cultural identity that goes beyond slavery to a way of life that is now mocked and ostracized by many.  There certainly are ways to resolve these issues but we never can have an honest dialog or any meaningful action because politicians never miss an opportunity to stick their ignorant mouths into the mix.  So, it wasn’t a surprise that politicians called for the ban of Confederate flag sales and the politically-correct corporations obliged.  Even though these same corporations sell all kinds of toxic trash that is killing the natural world and countless people.    But all of this has quickly devolved into dismantling the Jefferson Memorial, statues of Robert E. Lee and other memorials to the South’s white heritage.   Now, I completely understand how these may all be offensive at face value to black Americans.  Maybe we need more memorials to their cultural history and identity in this nation.   Whatever the answer is, it’s not going to be found in politicization or by politicians.    The first thing that came to mind when the corporate politically-correct press and Washington politicians started talking about blowing up all of these historical memorials is ISIS and the Taliban blowing up historical cultural heritage sites in the Middle East.  Some of which are priceless treasuries that are thousands of years old.   All of those sites represented cultures that were repressive and brutal in some way or another.  In fact, that’s pretty much most of human history.   So, do we destroy our entire cultural legacy because it may have been controlled by pathology?   And while most people will chide this remark, it’s very accurate.  That is, politicians in our nation are of the same ilk as the lunatics in ISIS and the Taliban.   So blowing up antiquity is really no different than blowing up the Jefferson Memorial.   Or, even asinine talk of it.    By the way, CNN proffered this and I noted years ago that CNN and 24 hour propaganda news is headed for the trash heap.    This is a good proof point for the literal idiocracy and CNN’s part in perpetuating it. 

The North was not exactly virtuous in the Civil War or those times.   There was a small pocket of abolitionists and humanists who wanted to see slavery defeated.   But make no mistake, the North minted massive profits off of the slave trade in countless ways.   History has been rewritten, by the state of course, that this war was about the abolition of slavery.   That’s just not true.   It was an afterthought.   Do we remove the Lincoln Memorial too for his vile and reprehensible views on black Americans and slavery?   And while we are busy wagging our finger of our moral authority at everyone else, I suspect the first thing we should do is round up all of Washington’s politicians stoking these flames and put them in prison because they are very responsible for all of this with their destruction of our freedoms and economic determinism.  

Here’s the fundamental issue behind all of this and actually the reason why I decided to put this post up.   A friend of mine was traveling through my state two days ago and she called to say she brought me a present.   She’s from Wisconsin and she brought me a Scandanavian dessert that goes back nearly a thousand years called a kringle.   There is a famous local baker who supposedly makes the best kringles in Wisconsin.    If the state had its way, there would be no kringles.   We would all be eating Ho-Ho’s, Twinkies and McDonald’s cherry pies because they can mint large profits off of feeding us all state-enforced industrial garbage in lieu of our cultural artisanal and craft food and drink made with love.     Eating a kringle in lieu of a Twinkie is exactly the same thing as this politicized Confederate flag issue.  

My point is that the state robs people of their cultural identity and their history and replaces it with the conformity of a dumbed-down culture that serves the state.    What is American culture today as defined by the state?   Shopping.   That’s just about it.   Well, and gladiator sports, gambling, video games and a vibrant free pornography industry paid for by Google ad placements.   If I may speak on behalf of someone else, that’s fundamentally why black Americans are offended by the Confederate flag.   Where’s my history?   Where’s my cultural identity?   What about what the state has taken from me?   What about the suffering, struggle, brutality and state sponsored murder of my ancestors beneath the Confederate flag that you wish to glorify?  Where are the memorials to my struggle and strife and our historical roots?   To my ancestors who were responsible for creating your culture under the subjugation of slavery and the constant threat of murder?  They have been obliterated.   The state has robbed black America of its cultural identity.   And they still continue to rob them of that identity today.   Of course, to varying degrees and through differing methods, we could say the same thing about every culture in this nation.   Germans, Italians, Irish, Chinese, Indian, Vietnamese, African or whatnot.   Within a generation or two, most of their cultural identity dies out and their grandchildren are soon eating the state’s junk food, are indoctrinated into the state’s propaganda and educational system, are fighting the state’s profitable wars and are enslaved into the state’s dumbed-down corporate culture of work and associated wage/debt slavery.  

There certainly are equally valid claims from many who wish for us to remember the cultural identity of the South beyond slavery.   There were a small number of aristocratic slave owners in the South but beyond that were just people with all of the foibles and capable of acts of kindness we all share today.   And while I certainly am not an expert in that period of time, I know enough that many people in the South held virtues of family and an agrarian life of self-sufficiency high on their list of virtues in comparison to the North controlled by corporations, banks and politicians who all exploited the North’s population in much the same way as the economic aristocracy of slave owners in the South.   The reality is there is a thin veneer of evil that dominates humanity and the rest of us are caught beneath it.   That includes fighting their wars and being enslaved to their economic oppression.

There is an old saying that history is written by the victors.   More broadly, I think we can conclude that history is written by the state.  Because it is almost always the victor through its endless application of violence.   And out of that comes many lies and deceits.   That includes robbing humanity of their cultural identity and replacing it with the identity of conformity that is the state. 

Robbing people of their cultural identity is a very sinister and covert form of state violence.   And that is what Washington politicians and the corporate press are making hay with today in this recent mass killing.    A killing that really has more to do with the endless cultural and social violence created by Washington politicians and a class-based society than it does with the Confederate flag. 

It seems quite regularly now that there is some new case of someone taking the lives of multiple people.   Then politicians never miss an opportunity to politicize that situation to make hay and lay blame.   Yet it is these very politicians who enforce a system of structural violence that actually creates the social dynamics leading to these situations.   Politicians are daily murdering or oppressing all of humanity through endless institutionalized violence yet they are going to provide us teaching moments through their magnanimous hypocrisy?   The problem is the authoritarian, anti-democratic system that politicians enforce.  A system based on violence.   The problem is not the violence we see or the lack of morality of  the masses of people suffering under this system.  We don’t need more rules and regulations or police officers or greater powers to spy on people or more wars or other examples of institutionalized violence to solve our problems.    The problem is not the people who are acting out in endless self-destructive, violent ways that now overflow our hospitals, our healthcare system, our prisons and our court systems.   The violence is the symptom of the state and its institutionalized  enforcement of class and hierarchy, the purveyor of violence.   

If humanity lived under a community-focused environment of equality (democracy), if people had their own natural rights and associated responsibilities that allowed them to self-actualize and self-correct in their journey,  if forgiveness and understanding were part of that culture, if living and working environments were inclusive rather than competitive & violent, and if participation in any environment or community was truly voluntary rather than enforced through state violence, and no environment existed where someone benefited at the expense of someone else, (the state and its economic control systems) then the world would look nothing like the world today or frankly anytime in “civilized” human history.    And we wouldn’t have politicians or the state.   But there is no way that can happen because the system is and always has applying or applied unprecedented violence to stop that from happening.    Why?   Because this system, as it has been generally contrived for thousands of years, with few exceptions, would collapse under those fundamentally-human values and human emotional requirements.   ie, Something akin to nonviolently embracing  Maslow’s Hierarchy of Human Needs.  

We innately are born with the ability to meet humanity’s needs.   The universe has given us the tools to succeed; innate human values meet our innate human needs.   We are living under an unnatural control system that does not embrace our innate values or our innate needs.   It is an artificially created system that must use violence to prop itself up.   And that is why civilizations have always failed.   That is why wars exist.   And that is why humanity is now devolving under state tyranny.   Because these control systems are inconsistent with the natural laws of the universe.   And, so the universe is restoring the balance.    The reality is when humanity is actualized, it innately wants to nonviolently meet its innate needs and the innate needs of its community.   And it innately wants all of humanity to enjoy that same experience.  There is nothing more innately fulfilling than contributing to other people’s well-being.   And doing so without the intent of financial reward.  Money is a control construct that enriches the state and state actors.   I noted some time in the past that preterism has some reasons to consider that the Roman Empire or the state more broadly to be the Biblical beast and that the mark of the beast to be state-enforced money that it forces upon people to loot their labor and wit. -

Innate human values of community, dignity, forgiveness, compassion, acceptance, honesty, respect, kindness, equality, trust, love, selflessness, etc that are derived from our mind’s higher power or our mind’s divinity.  They are the values of truth.  They are the values of democracy.  They are the timeless values of the eternal light of the human mind.  They are the values of a culture that has citizen government rather than hierarchy or a ruling class of state authority and its pathological manifestations of control. 

Everything in modern society is contrived in some way.  There is almost no authenticity anywhere.   I mean that literally.   There are people trying to share their authenticity but it’s a struggle under corporate, state and religious hierarchical domination.   Now, there is plenty of authenticity with  individuals but, in general, authenticity requires vulnerability and in a system of violence, (institutionalized class and hierarchy and the associated pathological rule of man) vulnerability is preyed upon.  So, instead we live in a system of mass conformity to the Borg that is the state.   It goes so far that we contrive our own inauthentic personalities to conform to this structural violence.   We have lost our humanity.   Most of us are so lost we have no idea who we really are.   Which, by the way, is why we have so much self-destructive behavior and so many people pumped full of medications.   Mind you, in my experience we are probably not aware of any of this unless we are actually in some process of waking up.  All of this social ignorance and violence (one breeds the other) is due to a system based on institutionalized class and hierarchy.   

Hedges pulls no punches.    The very wealthy really just don’t give a shit about anyone else.   How can anyone with any sense of decency shut off the injustices that we create by conforming to and serving this system without feeling some semblance of selling their soul?    Anyone who has publicly said this economy or the world is in recovery is either completely brainwashed or a pathological crook or both.   Don’t kid yourself.   The rich don’t care about anyone else.  That includes just about every politician, corporate bureaucrat and religious lunatic minting millions or massive power off of creating fear within those they exploit and manipulate.  Those at the top of this system care about their money, their authority & power and their possessions.  And they care about possessing you because that is how they maintain their authority.   If they did care about other people, then there would not be billions of people in this world living in abject poverty.    With the technology and ability modern humanity has, no one on this planet should go to bed hungry or without modern shelter and health care.   Instead of that technology and ability uniting humanity in the cause of goodness or with a loving intent, it is used to control and exploit humanity of its surplus intellectual and labor value.    The overpopulation meme is totally contrived bullshit meant to control us.   All of humanity would fit into a one mile cube or easily into the state of Rhode Island.   Think about that.  The mass of all of humanity would fit into a 1x1x1 mile cube.   That leaves the entire planet to produce what we need to survive.   Humanity has shown throughout history that when it isn’t being controlled by a contrived system, it can and does integrate itself into the environment and does live within its means.   The reality is far more sinister as Chris notes.   Pathology uses the rest of us to destroy the planet and destroy each other for their own amusement and insatiable need for more.   The wealthy view the poor as parasites and vermin to be treated as such.    They are the untermensch that class views with disgust.   Which is what drove million of Europeans to the New World - mind you, Social Darwinism and Darwinism in general are state religions.  

Excerpts from Hedges new book that are the title of this post, Wages of Rebellion The Moral Imperative of Revolt here.

And two lengthy Youtube presentations he gave surrounding his new book here and here.  

And Chris’ latest article America’s Slave Empire - “For years we were called niggers to indicate we had no value or worth and that anything could be done to us,” Ray said. “Then the word ‘nigger’ became politically incorrect. So they began calling us criminals. When you say a person is a criminal it means that what happens to them does not matter. It means he or she is a nigger. It means they deserve what they get.” Interestingly, what really has changed as far as the institutionalized control system?   I just don’t see racism in most people.  (Racism is another ism, like communism and capitalism, perpetuated by the state as a control system.  People are taught to hate and no one does it better than class and hierarchy enforced by the state.)    What I do see is incredible institutionalized violence against the poor by those who control us and this system.   And frankly, it’s regardless of color.  There is no profit to be made off of the poor.   They can’t consume capitalism’s endless overproduction.  There is no method through which to exploit surplus labor or wit unless through outright slavery.  Even if that slavery is emotional.   Ah, yes, slavery is still alive in many forms.   By putting the poor in prison, using them as slave labor and privatizing the prison system into capitalism, there are massive profits to be made.  Not only by running the prison system but by forcing them into making things, pumping them full of pharma drugs, stealing the small pittance of money they make, etc.   

For black Americans, especially men, the institutionalized violence is far worse in many ways.    In the decades following the Civil War black men were rounded up and placed into southern prisons (the state) on trumped up charges and used as slave labor.  And we still see it today.   In the end, the reality is this system is not racist, per se.   The violence is based on class or the thin veneer of evil that dominates humanity that is the state.   And racism is enforced by institutionalized class or the state to divide humanity for purposes of control.   It just so happens that much of the world is dominated by white class-based violence.   But that violence is directed at people of all colors and nationalities including whites.

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Fascists, Communists And Capitalists (State Crooks And Liars) Pass Obamatrade Fast Track, Soros’ Delusions Of A China & U.S. Partnership And The Coming Failure Of U.S. & Global Institutions

First maybe one of the most direct looks at what Obamatrade really is by constitutionalist Phyllis Schlafly

Obamatrade looks like the communist/fascist unelected bureaucracy of the European Union

House passes Obamatrade

Fast track Obamatrade deals encompass 90% of global GDP

Government projects Obamatrade will result in 0% growth (and job destruction)

Is there anyone who can still deny that state liberalism is dying?   It is a virus.   And, mind you, state liberalism is the method through which any political entity, including political parties and political thugs, gain greater power and control by granting themselves more and more laws, rules, regulations and endless mounds of pathological power over humanity.   In the United States, there really is only one party.   It is the state liberalism party that grants itself greater and greater power over the people for pathological purposes.   There may be small differences but the confederacy of dunces always seem to find commonality when power, like Obamatrade or Obamacare, is the common factor.  In many regards the world that is now unfolding through these tyrannical economic slavery agreements looks strikingly like Huxley’s dystopian Brave New World rather than Orwell’s 1984.   The enforced sameness and conformity of dumbed-down corporate workers around the world, who are then controlled through propaganda and an abundance of material possessions, is one of the last pieces to the creation of that Brave New World.  Huxley made it clear in his work that any form of individualism would effectively be banished and that is exactly what we are seeing today.   It’s really quite amazing how dystopian fiction ages ago has presciently predicted the reality unfolding before us.

But the confederacy of dunces, statists of all sorts, continue to push an agenda that has already collapsed.   That collapse has not yet been experienced by the institutions who are enforcing it.   That’s because they are effectively using massive violence to maintain their institutionalized power in the face of miserable failure.    In other words, Obama and Republicans continue to push a tyrannical and oppressive trade and economic agenda based on the exact same characteristics to the structural violence that is already in the midst of massive failure in the European Union.  The people of Europe have chosen not to accept their fate of sameness and conformity as corporate drones, debt slaves and hamsters on the wheel for unelected EU bureaucrats and corporatons.   The next few days in Europe will be telling but the only legitimate and rightful actions of the Greek people, and all of the serfs in Europe, is to tell the European Union to eff-off and repudiate all debts and corporate state tyranny.  And in the process, take back their local communities and individual power.   

It’s ironic that now Republicans have the vote to pass Obamatrade when just a week ago they didn’t.   It was only a procedural block that stopped Obamatrade from passing the last time.   There was little virtuous in Washington’s procedural vote against Obamatrade.   It was essentially just that Republicans didn’t want to fund job retraining for any employment lost in these trade agreements.   Once that was taken out, voila, Obamatrade passed.  In other words, the bill wasn’t quite evil and vile enough but disposing of its small mockery of human decency pushed the bill over the finish line.   These efforts, even if passed through the brute force of state violence, will ultimately fail for the same reason the European Union is in structural, systemic and unrecoverable failure.    It isn’t rocket science that I have been writing long before it was ever evident or before any of its current crises were unfolding that the EU was going to implode.    The politicians, private bankers and corporate bureaucrats who are behind all of these efforts have absof*ckinglutely no idea what they are doing.  But they are hell-bent on doing more of it for one reason.  Control.  In other words, they are going to do it for the benefit of the state and their own pathological megalomania that subjugates and victimizes humanity into mass dystopian oppression.

I want to move onto a recent op-ed penned by George Soros.    Soros is proposing a partnership between communist China and the United States to avoid a World War.   Aw, how quaint.  This is a statist with an agenda.    And that agenda almost certainly is not to empower humanity.    Partnership?  You know, like the partnership between states in the EU or the partnership between the US and Mexico that has gone horribly awry on every level or the partnership between Chamberlain and Hitler or Stalin and Hitler.   Or any of the other ridiculous state-enriching entanglements that define a world created by the state.  Entanglements that our founders told us would actually lead to war.   That always have and always will.   The United States and China, simply through sheer scope and scale, are the two largest purveyors of institutionalized violence in the world today.   Now, what would a partnership between them be like?   I bet humanity would prosper.  Eh?  You know, like the mythical existing “free trade” agreement between Marxist-Leninist China and the United States.   Actually, any state-created partnership for peace is a bald-faced lie and paradoxical fallacy.   It’s a non sequitur.   The state exists for one reason, to perpetuate violence.   Partnerships between states to avoid war is a form of dystopian propaganda that people like Soros pawn off on the rest of us to maintain their pathological grip of control on humanity through the force of the state.    I wonder what Vladimir Lenin thinks of Soros’ proposal?  

“The Capitalists of the world and their governments, in pursuit of conquest of the Soviet (Or Marxist-Leninist communist China) market, will close their eyes to the indicated higher reality and thus will turn into deaf-mute-blind-men. They will extend credits, which will strengthen for us the Communist Party in their countries and giving us the materials and technology we lack; they will restore our military industry, indispensable for our future victorious attacks on our suppliers. In other words, they will labor for the preparation for their own suicide.” – Lenin

Ah.   So, Lenin agrees with Soros from the standpoint that it benefits  pathological state power around the world.   Or, communism or however you want to slice it.    But, granting even more power to the state while humanity ends up eating state gruel, solves nothing.   We have already repeated history in the re-creation of a powerful Nazi Germany or communist Soviet Union in modern-day China.  And Lenin told us ages ago that it was going to happen.  Yet our capitalist masters sold humanity down the river for its intent of profit.  (control)   Is anything Lenin stated above actually different than our current reality?    There is absolutely no way the United States is ever going to “partner” with China or vice versa unless both parties increase their own pathological self-interested level of control.   That’s what their Nash Equilibrium has been all about.  That’s it.    The modern-day states of China (the institutionalized violence of communism) and Russia embraced capitalism as a form of state survival.   Neither Russia nor China are interested in becoming democracies.   Neither ever had any intentions.  Nor does corporate capitalism in the United States want any form of democracy.   But we were told that democracy and, by propagandized inference, capitalism, has beaten communism.    No.    The only reality that has any modicum of truth is that both China and Russia embraced the control system that gave them the best chance of maintaining their state power structures.   Communism was in failure so they embraced capitalism as a form of maintaining their pathological grip on humanity.  And they have now used western commercial technology transfer to ramp up highly sophisticated weapons research and production.    China and Russia are already at war with the capitalist countries who transferred their wealth and technology to these pathological states with the short-sided, pathological intent of profit at all cost.  And now that technology transfer is being monetized into the state’s favorite pastime.   That is, weapons of war and control that serves to enrich the state.  (Institutionalized violence).   The capitalist investment in China and Russia is exactly like that in Nazi Germany leading into World War II just as I have written would happen for a long, long time. 

The answer to avoiding war is to get people like George Soros and other state actors out of our lives.   People whose primary intent has always been to control others.   That’s what becoming a billionaire is all about.   Money is a control construct.  Debt-based money is a slavery control construct.   And focusing all of one’s effort at becoming a billionaire is a pathology.  So, for every billionaire, in our debt-based monetary system there is a counterparty debtor who has taken on the billionaire’s debts as a debt slave.  If Soros is worth, say $10 billion, humanity is carrying the $10 billion in debt that Soros has transferred via state violence to the working poor and wage slaves.    Without the force of the state, Soros and other billionaires would never, ever be able to have as much power over humanity as they do.    Most would be working at Taco Bell.   Is there any billionaire today that has actually created anything that benefits humanity?   What do most of these people, or maybe I should say criminals, know how to do other than steal from humanity and leave us with the bill?   They certainly don’t create wealth.   Wealth is not money.  There is no loving intent to any effort involved in chasing money.   Just like becoming a politician.   The real answer to avoiding the violence of the state and possible armed conflict between China and the U.S. or any states, is for humanity to take back their power from the endlessly usurping violence of the state and state actors.

Now I want to close with the recent Gallup polls highlighted in US News.   Drudge had this on his home page over the last few days and it is a telling development of a long-time theme on here.   That is, Americans have no confidence in any institutions of the state.     US News has accurately pointed out that literally every single institution in this nation has lost the consent of the governed sans the military.    Why is that?  Because every institution in this nation exists for one reason.   That is, to perpetuate violence against the governed.  There is absolutely no way self-rule or democracy or republicanism can exist in a system of class.  Corporate capitalism, private banking and debt-based money are, under any definition, or any example throughout all of history, systems of class.  And the intent of profit, violence, exploitation, economic war against humanity and the like, all benefiting the corporate state, has destroyed everything in this nation, and around the world, that is institutionalized.   Frankly, I will be talking more about this, but the state creates institutionalization as a method of perpetuating its violence.

One of the long time themes on here is that the world is going to experience unprecedented and systemic failures of institutions of the ego (control) or institutions of man, if one prefers that terminology.  I have noted that will possibly include corporations, money, central banks, debt, banking, trade agreements, the IMF, the WTO, the EU, religion, capitalism, communism, socialism, (state economic control systems)  education, healthcare, government institutions, political parties, states themselves and on and on.   Will everything fail?  Dunno.   But many of these institutions are already in failure yet are being propped up by violence such as endless monetary emission that only serves to enrich these institutions.   Will all of these institutions fail permanently?  Dunno that either.   In a complex system, one can never really appreciate all of the connections and their impacts.  In some regards, one must consider the connections could be infinite.   And with the massive amount of feedback this global control system has built into it, the possible  that chaos within the system may become unfathomable.   The proverbial butterfly flapping its wings in Australia causing a hurricane in Brazil, although simply a made-up analogy, has real consequences in a contrived reality that has been made artificially and incredibly complex for purposes of control.  Bullshit mounded upon bullshit in red tape, legalese, illegitimate laws and decrees by our masters.    The systemic risks of wholesale global institutional failure are unprecedented.   Political, corporate and banking dunces, aka state actors, have actually increased systemic failure risks substantially by creating this unnecessary, unmanageable global web of control-driven deceit.   But control is nothing more than an illusion and once humanity has awoken from that deceit, how does one ever put the genie back in the bottle and recreate confidence in a confidence game?  Create new deceits?   Not likely because of the change of humanity’s state of mind.  

I do know that  anything  which is institutionalized is likely to experience massive crisis.   It’s coming - the United States and the entire world are suffering under the tyranny and endless control constructs (violence) of the state.   And because most of these control constructs are emotional and spiritual, there really is no way to enforce them beyond the illusions created by manipulation, deceit and coercion.   So, what happens when an emotional or illusory control system fails?   Well, confidence is one such example of that.    The reality is very substantially, if not completely, that humanity’s confidence in all of these institution was based on the original sin of universal deceit (the ego’s intent of control) in the first place.   We are never going back to the world that existed in 2008 before this crisis started to reveal itself.   People talk about the United State’s days being numbered or peak prosperity for this nation.   That’s well-meaning but incredibly lacking in the depth of what is really happening.   We are in the midst of peak state violence.   We are in the midst of a global dark ages created by the evil suppression of the eternal light of the human spirit or our connection to the universe or whatever you wish to call it.    And even though that  dark ages has just become apparent to most, that’s because we are just now starting to wake up to the state’s endless institutionalized emotional and spiritual control systems.   But the reality is we have been living under the tyrannical yoke of human suppression for a long, long time.   Most of us just weren’t starting to wake up to see it until recently.     

Actually, to give some historical context the the above statements, Europe, as just one example, has been living under tyranny for two thousand plus years except for some pockets of what the state calls “barbarians”, the Roman Republic and Athenian democracy as a few examples.    Europe struggled under empire for ages.   As noted on here in the past, when the Roman Empire fell, human prosperity peaked for a thousand years.   Then came the Dark Ages.   Then the Renaissance, which was really the early formative years of what would eventually become called capitalism, involved replacing one form of suppression and tyranny with another.  It was replacing the tyranny of institutionalized religion, which played a driving role in the creation of Europe’s Dark Ages, with the institutionalized private banking syndicate of the powerful Italian Medici family. (Um, no grand Jewish banking conspiracy.   Private banking and capitalism started under the Italian Renaissance.  Just another meme used by class and hierarchy to pit humanity against his innocent brothers and sisters and murder innocent people for the glorification of the state.)  And that new tyranny, that would later be coined affectionately as corporate capitalism, would eventually drive millions out of Europe into the New World.   The Renaissance was an awakening.   And the Medicis and others awoke humanity from the subjugated  misery of Papal power.  Art, literature, trade and human expression for some flourished for a period of time.    But eventually the masses recognized how this system too was oppressive and how this temporary freedom of human expression really was created for the benefit of the ruling economic class.  ie, Trickle down economics that still relied upon exploiting the masses of Europe for the benefit of the very few.   So, the Renaissance led to massive European wars and the wholesale flight of millions who were caught under its jack boot.   I suspect the Europeans are today in the midst of completely destroying control paradigms that have existed for up to a thousand years or more.   So, how does one measure the consequences of potential failure of institutions that go back hundreds or a thousand years when people wake up to the tyrannical and oppressive nature of these institutions?  

The recent Gallup poll is a warning sign for what I have uniquely been writing about on here for the better part of ten years.   That is, all of these hallowed institutions are going to meet with unprecedented crisis.  Americans have no faith or confidence in any institution of man.   Do you think it’s any better in Europe, Russia, China, the Middle East, Japan, Brazil, Mexico or elsewhere?   How glorious is that?   Seriously.   Glorious you say?   Indeed.   It is with good reason that confidence or consent of the governed is lacking.   Because it is through institutionalization that evil has always maintained its grip on humanity.  And our wake up call is exactly what humanity needs in this moment.   For, without that grand awakening humanity cannot create the massive lurches forward it needs to progress.   History is very nonlinear.   And we are in a very nonlinear moment.    Failure of institutionalization or institutions of the ego is a necessary precursor to humanity’s emotional and spiritual evolution.  

Most of the pathology controlling these institutions and some amount of humanity who rely upon institutionalization won’t believe it until they see it (because they have no hope or faith in humanity and thus no true understanding of the infinite power that humanity actually wields in their battle against evil)  but this moment is possibly the most profound in all of human history.  If you release all of the toxicity that institutionalization and pathology has placed in all of us through our own self-victimizing beliefs and are then able to open your mind and your heart, you can clearly receive what the universe is telling us in this moment.   All of the isms and institutions the state uses to control and pilfer from humanity are in the midst of crisis.   It is the state and all of its institutions of the ego that are in the midst of systemic failure. 

The cycle of volatility continues.

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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Psychopaths Joseph Goebbels And Dr. Mengele Would Be Proud: CIA Crimes Against Humanity Exposed In Illegal Medical Experimentation (State Violence) On U.S. Prisoners

Not only did we learn a few months ago that the American Psychological Association, the largest “professional” institution of psychologists, had worked covertly with the Bush administration to rationalize the inhumane and Godless use of illegal torture but now we actually have even better news. The atrocities of a Godless, anti-democratic state institution and medical doctors who abandoned their human values to please their Nazi masters.     Because as noted on here many times, the CIA was, to some large degree, influenced by,  molded by and created by former Nazis.   The CIA is not a democratic institution.   Not even remotely close.   We can almost be certain that it is much, much worse than is being reported.  

This is a perfect example of what I have written on here many times.   That is, the professional class does the bidding of state violence.  And the professional class as a whole will never be the source of reform or revolt against the system because they actually benefit from the state’s endless violence against humanity.   (In this case the medical industrial complex whose involvement in perpetuating state violence is very deep and wide in ways most of us simply don’t think about because we have come to accept that structural violence as normal.)  The Soviet dissident, Andre Amalrik, who predicted the collapse of the Soviet Union while the entire institutionalized military, university experts, think tank and political complex of the west laughed his assertions off as ludicrous, wrote of the complicity of the professional class or the college-educated, if you will.  It applies not only to the Soviet Union but the concept of the state as a universal construct.  

The level of state secrecy here and elsewhere that humanity lives under today is not to protect the American people or any other people around the world from the boogeyman.   It is to hide the massive injustices, crimes against humanity and outright evil that are used by the state to keep its jack boot on the neck of humanity.  The jack boot that keeps them in control and us as their slaves.   Crimes against humanity that should and possibly would be prosecuted at The Hague or in extra-judicial tribunals in this nation and elsewhere if humanity actually knew what was going on.   Extra-judicial because the existing court systems are the rotten rationalizer of evil state acts and therefore cannot be trusted to mete out justice but rather to perpetuate the power of the state and its endless violence.  

And to those useful idiots who espouse free market corporate capitalist ideals and think we need less state power and more free market corporate power to replace it, don’t kid yourself.    Politicians aren’t smart enough to figure out how to apply all of this violence to the human family on their own.   Corporate capitalism and all of the professional “careers” it provides is the enabler and beneficiary to all of this state secrecy.  Without the unethical and outright evil behavior of corporate bureaucrats, who anti-democratically (the rule of man) control the intellectual and labor talent of humanity and violently direct it back onto us for their own pathological self-interest, politicians could do little more than tie their shoes.   What we need is a restoration of power to We The People.    

The world is ruled by an authoritarian class of pathological predators.   What this recent revelation clearly now shows is the mockery of ostracizing low-level personnel for being the ring leaders at Abu Ghraib, as just one example, is an assault against the intelligence of every person on this planet.    And the real people who should be held accountable for these crimes are sitting in Washington.   The real violence starts at the top, or the controlling pathological predators, and now reality is starting to finally coming to light that proves everything that most people already knew.   That is, the fish rots from the head first.   And this fish is rotten to the core as all class-based, anti-democratic societies always have been and always will be.

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Friday, June 12, 2015

Has Communism Found Its Home With Fascism (And Capitalism)? More Timely Remarks On China, Washington Crooks & Liars And Their Criminal Trade Agreements - Part Deux

Corporate stooge Paul Ryan’s Nancy Pelosi Moment – You can read what’s in Obamatrade when we pass it.

Jeff Sessions: Obamatrade more of the crooked Obama gruel

What Chicagoland tells us about Obamatrade

Paul Ryan cooks up elaborate ruse to save immigration component of Obamatrade

Bill Moyers: Slam the door on Obamatrade

Democracy Now: Obamatrade revealed to give increased corporate power to public health

Obama minions launch frantic effort to save Obamatrade

Silicon Valley crooks make last minute push for Obamatrade

Will Democrats save the country from Obamatrade?

TiSA Obamatrade will cede authority to make immigration rules to corporations and foreign governments

Foreign governments pay crooked American politicians to sell TPP

Crooked American politicians vote to repeal country of origin on meat

Ann Coulter on the propagandized lies of immigration (This topic is HIGHLY interrelated to the same dynamic as these trade agreements aka cheap, exploitative labor for the capitalist and political classes as I have noted many times and will discuss again below.  And it is becoming more apparent that it is also being driven by a borderless world embracing communist ideals.)

Just a few more links above from the crooked, treasonous antics of the pathological evil in Washington regarding these anti-democratic, tyrannical corporate capitalist trade deals.   The first thing I would like to say, which is completely off topic, is that I have been prattling on for a LONG time that politics is an institution of the ego (control), and will disappear forever from this earth at some point.   I got a fair amount of feedback that I was a loon when I first started writing that.   Not so much anymore.   Direct and participatory democracy and public service has nothing to do with politics or creating political institutions.   Politicians are a relic of tyrannical times gone by.   Politicians are most often vile, ignorant and unevolved creatures who pathologically seek power for their own megalomania, narcissism and self-aggrandizement.   There may be a few sane, idealistic people that slip through every now and again but they are definitely the exception.  And they are definitely few and far between.   In fact, I would argue many politicians who are against Obamatrade have been for countless other domestic tyrannies.   And, therefore, it’s highly likely they are against Obamatrade not because they are virtuous but because it takes away much of their pathological intent of control.   What kind of person even wants to be a politician?  Seriously?    

I’d like to switch topics for the second part in this post and talk about what clearly appears to be the repackaging and resurgence of communism and  communist principles shrouded in modern-day capitalism and state liberalism.   And how it plays a major, and ever-increasing role in the corporate-dominated world today.   That includes in the United States.   Stick with me because this may be an important perspective to understand what the madness of the world today. 

Let me start this by rehashing some baseline concepts in the next few paragraphs.  You are welcome to skip the next four paragraphs, including this one, if you have been a regular reader and understand the concept of economic control systems meant to enslave society to the power of the state and its hierarchical aristocracy.   Corporate capitalist is a state control system as is communism, socialism, fascism, tribalism (arguably many Arab fiefdoms and some African states), feudalism, neoliberalism and every other ism the state can dream up.   The purpose of any state control system is for class & hierarchy or the state’s privileged actors to maintain their dominance and control over humanity.    I wrote a gigantic post a long time ago comparing and contrasting capitalism to communism as state control systems and how both exhibit similar systemic inconsistencies that will lead to their failure.   To summarize that in a single sentence, the net is they both rely completely on a dumbed-down culture of work to maintain control.   There are nuanced differences but corporations are the economic vehicles through which that massive overproduction and overconsumption, and associated forced work are accomplished.   This is not a world built to serve humanity but a world built to serve the state and the glorification of the state.   If you question this statement, all you have to do is look around you.   The world is and always has been embroiled in massive injustices and massive human misery.   Today there is more violence (spiritual, emotional and physical)  in our world than at any time in history.   Yet, the state and corporations have unprecedented wealth and power.   This undeniable truth reveals what I have written ad nauseam about on here over the last decade; the state exists for only one reason.   That is, to inflict violence on behalf of the privileged few.   This violence is how they maintain their control over humanity and subjugation to corporations are just one example of that violence.    Corporations, be they state-owned corporations in traditional communism, or often the appearance of “private” corporations in capitalism are tools of the state.   Most economic conservatives in this nation are fascists without even knowing it.   Because corporate capitalism is inherently fascist given states birth corporations.   And I will argue in this post that the world has morphed into a new twisted reality that corporate capitalism is also becoming inherently communist.   Mind you, when I talk about corporations and capitalism, I’m not talking about the merchant franchisee of a Burger King or small business owner either.   I’m talking about the ownership of the means of production (the true definition of industrial capitalism or renter capitalism which extends that definition to the class-based, corporate or aristocratic ownership of natural wealth-creating assets like property, mineral rights, natural energy sources, etc.)    that is clearly controlled by the state and the capitalist class in this nation.  The merchant class or the Burger King franchisee has nothing to do with anything.   They are powerless in many regards.   The merchant class is subservient to and serves the capitalist class and other state actors.

As it pertains to part one of this post, the TPP (and other criminal trade agreements in play around the world) and China’s funding for its Asian development bank are flip sides to the same intent of control that defines state megalomania.    They are both attempts at expanding state power at the expense of other states and primarily at the expense of humanity.   China wants to enslave other states to its massive overproduction and the United States is trying to stop other nations from being enslaved to that production for its own purposes of empire and global domination.  The pathocrats in China and the United States have much in common in their primary intents of control.   And that means they are on a collision course as I have noted many times over the years.   That is, unless we stop them.  Regardless, those who talk about coming trade wars are deluding themselves.   Capitalism is by its very nature a continuous trade war.   It’s a forced system of competition that pits humanity against itself  and nations against each other for the benefit of the surplus value that forced work creates.   That surplus value is the basis under which capitalism, communism and the state itself enriches the privileged few.  Interestingly, it appears Obama and other state liberals may be trying to avert the wars of capitalism and the state by extending a new manifestation of communism.  

Remember as you read on that communism, capitalism, socialism, corporations, debt-based money and the like are all creations of the class-based European state.   They were all created by monarchs and merchants (Montesquieu) to dominate humanity well before any concept of democracy ever took hold.   And as the most cited person in pre-Revolutionary War America, Montesquieu’s treatise was aimed directly at the European virus as the source of human tyranny.   It has been written out of state-contrived history books, but rebelling against corporate capitalism, debt-based money and private banks are the primary reasons we fought the Revolutionary War.  

The state only exists for one reason; to perpetuate violence on behalf of state actors whether that is standing armies, weapons manufacturers, corporations, banks, economic plutocrats, political plutocrats, state pathocrats and their cronies or whatnot.   The state doesn’t care about democracy, self-rule, the rule of law based on natural rights or anything else that is virtuous.   It cares about control as all pathology does.   Period.   China was not modernizing its economy or pilfering western technology because it wanted to become democratic or liberalize its human rights or society.  It wanted that for one reason and one reason only.   The perpetuation of state control.  The same reason pathological people like Putin and the endless stream of nutjobs in Washington exist.      

Now, let’s bring the baseline back to the present day and what appears to be  a rebranded form of communism spreading around the world through the progression of state control.   Keep that word progression in mind.   Because it is a progression that Marx wrote about that seems to be attempted right before our very eyes.    

Recently George Soros came out and remarked that if the United States does not allow China greater power within the IMF that war is imminent.   One  must understand reality to be able to understand its ramifications whether it is George Soros’ statements or anything else.   Why would George Soros make this statement?   It was obviously made with some type of intent.  He’s talking his book in some way, shape or form.   There is an intent of control in everything spoken and everything done by every single person on earth if there is not a authentic intent of discovery, truth or a loving intent.  Is his intent authentic?  Does he really wish to avert war and thus raise this issue with humanity to stop the madness of people like him who created this mess?   Doubtful.   You don’t become as rich as Soros without preying on people and completely looting them of their labor and wit.   Or, as John Dalberg-Acton noted, great men are almost always bad men.   

How ironic is it that we as a society really need to embrace the liberal arts including rhetoric, grammar and dialectic (In their original meaning.  Not their meaning today.) in concert with reason and an open mind/heart to appreciate what state pathology always has attempted to do to maintain their control us.   Which is one reason pathology in this nation has successfully destroyed the liberal arts.  Because the liberal arts are a great threat to the state.   In ancient Greece they were what people studied to become the informed, aware and educated citizens needed for democracy to flourish.    The liberal arts teach people how to think rather than what to think.  And pathology does not want people who can think for themselves as George Carlin presciently noted long ago.  They want people who can be controlled in a dumbed-down culture of forced work.   So, some questions around the abilities inherent to studying the liberal arts we can ask of people like George Soros, Barack Obama, Paul Ryan, etc, are- What is this person trying to put over on me?  Is he honest?  Is he qualified?  Does he have an agenda?  Is the agenda patent or latent? (willful or subconscious) Does he care if I follow him or not?   Is his motive money?  Or some other personal interest?  What are his statements doing to me?   Am I skeptical, am I angry or am I an eager believer?   Or, am I suspiciously open-minded to what he is saying?

The most obvious reason I can surmise is that Soros made these statements is that he is, in some way, patently or latently, has an intent of providing this rhetoric to the mainstream press for dissemination.   Or, more pointedly, I could surmise that he wants to take down the United States.   And why would he want to do that?  Possibly the same reason Obama and so many other state liberals may wish to take down the United States and the sovereignty of individuals.   That is, to usher in a global corporate  governance.  Or, more broadly, to create a “better” world that is consistent with their ideological views.  (Better as defined by their own pathological delusions.  By the way, this isn’t any type of stretch from reality.   The last 100 years has seen greater and greater enforcement of a dumbed-down world by state liberals who believe the answer to a better society is to control society and humanity.   That’s what state liberalism is - people in this world who believe that they have some superior intellect that should be used to impose their ideological will on humanity to save the planet and save all of us.   The reality is we need saved from state liberalism.)   And why would state liberals around the world want to destroy self-rule in the United States and elsewhere?   But especially the United States because of its powerful constitution granting unprecedented rights to humanity?  Well, it is highly dubious to assume communism is, in fact, dead or was defeated in the sense that has been propagandized, packaged and sold to the masses.   Communism is just a state control system.   It has been shown to be highly compatible with another control system, corporate capitalism.   In fact, Soviet communism and its state-based corporations looked a lot like state-propped up corporate capitalism, especially in capitalism’s maturity phases that we are witnessing today.    China remains clearly a communist country but has embraced corporate capitalism to some very substantial degree.   Of course, European monarchies and eventually socialism embraced capitalism and  Hitler’s fascist National Socialist German Worker’s Party or Nazi Party and Mussolini  loved capitalism as well as did the authoritarian Imperial Japan.   Saudi Arabia’s feudalist system loves capitalism.   And it was corporate capitalism and private banks in the United States and western Europe that helped create the monsters of Japan and Germany that ultimately took the lives of upwards of 50 million people in World War II.   Capitalism can run roughshod over humanity and yet remain subservient only to the power of its creator, the state.  The one thing in common that all of these capitalist states share is an all-powerful central political system that is needed to enforce the violence of corporate capitalism and its endless contradictions and instabilities.   This is the reason our founders eventually eschewed the Articles of Confederation for the Constitution granting greater power to Washington.   Because Montesquieu’s tyrannical merchants and monarchs needed an all-powerful central state to enforce corporate domination onto the masses.  For without it, people would not accept their own corporate slavery.   As noted on here in a prior post, Thomas Jefferson quit the Washington administration because he thought Washington and Alexander Hamilton, the sole person responsible for bringing Europe’s tyranny of corporate capitalism to our nation, were trying to build a monarchy of power in Washington.   His exact words.  Jefferson felt so strongly that what Washington endorsed and Hamilton was doing would result in tyranny that he quit in a fit of anger.

Contrarily the Articles of Confederation granted all power to communities, people and states.  It was a political sellout to financiers, bankers and corporate power interests in this nation that needed an all-powerful federal government to force the oppression of class-based private interests down the throat of Americans.    This has become self-evident with the British Empire, the U.S. Empire, Communist China, Socialist Europe, Nazi Germany, Imperial Japan, Oligarchic Russia, Feudalistic Saudi Arabia, facist Italy and on and on embracing capitalism.   And we now certainly see communism is now a major driving force in modern day European and American institutionalized state liberalism.  Let me continue to expand upon that last sentence through the remainder of this post.

How does a. Obama true believer rationalize his rhetoric with his actions?  Well, the most obvious possibility I see is that he is an ideological communist or a communist sympathizer.   Even though it has been downplayed under the meme of political correctness, Obama did have substantial personal contact with communist sympathizers and outright communists as a kid.   And Obama is clearly a statist.   In other words, he believes in his power to enslave people to his control by shaping what society should look like and use the force of the state to do it.   Of course, so does the Republican Party.   But each person and each party has nuanced differences created by their own differing pathologies.  Republicans want to enslave people to corporate capitalism and the “free markets” and use the state to do it.   Many modern day state liberals, especially in Europe, want to enslave people to the state and use corporate power to do it.    Obama seems a little off kilter for most democrats in our nation but his viewpoints seem very aligned with the virus of European state liberalism.   He clearly has a vision of using corporations to enslave people to both globalization and corporate control within the U.S.   And the TPP has language the offers clear power to international corporations only.    Regardless, all pathology shares a baseline that brings them all together on many issues.   That is the intent to control.   As more and more of the world reveals itself, it is obvious Obama and the Republican Party are both push a corporate agenda and flood the United States with cheap labor and is push a global agenda for corporate power.  But their world views may have nuanced differences that they disagree very clearly about.   But they can both compromise in a shared vision being statists and in support of corporate capitalism.  

We obviously know that Republicans equate corporate capitalism with freedom.  But what how is it that Obama has joined the corporate party?   Well,  it is becoming more and more apparent that his intents and beliefs are steeped in state liberalism similar to what we see with European state liberals.  The EU was founded on four freedoms.   And we now see the TPP embraces those exact same ideals with the stated free flow of workers, capital and goods.   It’s surely not a coincidence.   (Notice the freedom of workers and not people.  A very telling communist and capitalist bent.)    We have a group of unelected pan-European bureaucrats enforcing an interconnected, corporate-dominated, flat European system under which countries are tied together by corporate capitalist power and either subsumes or obliterates national constitutions and human rights.   Just like the TPP.   The European Union was a willful strategy of European state liberals to ensure Europe could again never again start world wars.   And the European political right went along with it because they are, at heart, fascists who embrace their creation of class-based corporate capitalism.   And the state is using capitalism to be the glue that would bind a flat, state-controlled, worker-driven society.    Or, a dumbed-down system of forced work just like the Soviet Union.   Rights in the European Union are not in terms of individuals and humanity but in terms of workers.    Clearly a Marxist doctrine is behind the European Union and is similarly, appears to be the exact same doctrine behind the TPP.    We can clearly see the future, if successfully implemented by both the fascist left and the communist right is the connection of all of these localized trade agreements into one global, corporate-capitalist-dominated agreement that subverts all of the rights of man.   The political left is happy because they created their utopian system of state-enforced sameness and conformity that they believe will create a harmonious world they will control and the political right is happy because at heart they are all fascists who believe in democracy and human rights about as much as I believe in the Easter Bunny.

In other words, fascism on the right has merged with communism on the left, to create a system that both state actors around the globe on the left and right are happy to support.  And the control system they are using to create this enforced, ignorant, dumbed-down system of forced work and endless misery is corporate capitalism.  Sort of corporate communism.   Or, the worst of both control systems.   A system where private interests and unelected corporate and state bureaucrats enforce a system embracing the worst of both worlds.

We can see glimpses of this mindset already.   Greece’s new prime minister’s biggest failure is because he is an avowed communist.   So, rather than grant the Greek people their own freedom as he was elected to do, he is operating from the position that he wants to remain in the fascist=communist European Union.  ie, He beliefs in the current pan-European, unelected bureaucratic structure and doesn’t wish to leave it.   Thus, rather than empowering the Greek people by granting them their own self-determinism and restoration of their local communities, he has only perpetuated and actually increased the misery of the Greek people.   

In fact, once you start to think like a communist under the appreciation of the original tenets of the liberal arts, everything Obama is doing makes perfect sense.   He deceptively supports the political right with a larger, more sinister aim that is consistent with what has been happening for decades with far left state radicals in the European Union.   His immigration policies are exactly mirroring that of Europe.   It pleases corporations to have an endless stream of cheap labor.  But, at the same time, it also starts to obliterate national borders and serves to integrate all of humanity into a flat, integrated system of enforced economic sameness and conformity by unelected bureaucrats.   The European Union in its construct looks a lot like the Soviet Union.   And that should be no coincidence for it was Europe that is the founding of communism as a method of supplanting capitalism as a statist control system.   And western corporations once helped the Soviet Union, with the support of western governments, build many of its factories and helped them with technology transfer after World War II.   On that note, Marx was very clear in his writings.   He saw feudalism being supplanted by capitalism which would then be supplanted by socialism and ultimately communism.   That is clearly the progression that has taken place in Europe and is now at play with the Obama administration and the Republican Party.    Remember, the European Union was first created as a flat, borderless economic union and corporate capitalism was used as the basis for that union.   In other words, state liberals have found a way to marry their beliefs of a state-controlled single, integrated, equal world with capitalism.   Rather than fight capitalism, they have learned to integrate their beliefs and goals with capitalism as the control system for communism.   Which, by the way, is exactly what China is doing as well.    Of course, if this is accurate to any degree, Republicans in this country are ignorant to the objectives of Obama.   They simply know their goals of extending corporate capitalism, and by inference, American-style “freedom” are being met.   This could clearly be why China is not being included in this deal.   Not because Obama wouldn’t attempt to do so but because Republicans actually believe they are spreading freedom through their own ignorance and it would be abhorrent to their own believes to include China.   Although state liberals would clearly have a longer term objective of incorporating China into their plans.  

I would highly encourage you to read the link in the first part of this post to Even More Surprises Hidden in Obamatrade.   Here’s the link again.  It’s very clear that Obama’s intents are exactly aligned with the virus of European state liberalism and a system of integration based on the marriage of communism and capitalism as a control system.  That includes through the flood of immigration that is clearly part of the European Union’s communist and fascist principles.   And it seems quite obvious that the goal is to extend the EU’s intents globally through a shared vision of state liberals be they communist or fascist.   Remember, Obama is also working on a massive trade deal to tie the United States to Europe and we already have NAFTA here in North America.   South Americans rejected a similar attempt by the United States to bring a deal unifying North and South America.   Remember, the basis for the EU was supposedly economic integration that would never allow one state to attack another and, thus, never see a repeat of the two world wars created by European states.   But, in actuality, this type of domination by corporations and state liberals is the fundamental dynamic they wished to avoid.   It is simply different lipstick on the same pig that created both world wars.   If all of the nations in Europe were not democratic in some regard, there would have already been an outbreak of war.  Instead, the people of Europe are awakening to their own tyranny and the wars in Europe are between humanity and the state (including their invention of corporations).   The people are rising up to rid themselves of the monster of the abomination that looks like corporate communism.   And now we can marry the bizarre remarks Obama made when Britain stated that it was possibly going to leave the EU.  Obama stated publicly that the United States needed to see Britain remain in the EU.   Why such an absurd statement about the sovereignty of other peoples?   It’s quite simple.   He wants to maintain the growing integration of communist and capitalist control systems in Europe and around the world.

This mindset is very clearly in play with state liberals.   They have spoken of intertwining the world into a system of state-enforced, corporate-dominated, dumbed-down corporate worker sameness and conformity to the authority of the state in order to avoid future conflict.   In actuality, what they are doing is guaranteeing collapse of a dumbed-down system of ignorance that is suppression the divine light of the human mind and spirit to political and corporate dunces like himself.    That is, the state itself and all of its manifestations of massive violence.   The state and corporations are creating their own future failure through their own pathological ignorance.   But until that day comes, corporations love it, Republicans love it and state liberals with a bent towards communism and a world based on a very distorted, twisted and Godless notion of suppressed, repressed, depressed “worker” sameness and conformity love it.   Sameness and conformity are not equality.   Sameness and conformity are enforced systems of social control created by the state, corporations, communism, other isms and the state.   Or, the Borg, if you will.   Communism is clearly not dead.   But, it appears to be resurgent through mutation and adaptation to the world around it.  Rather than fighting corporate capitalism, it has embraced it to achieve its ends.    Marx was right.   Feudalism supplanted by capitalism supplanted by socialism supplanted by communism.   But his basic premise was wrong being a statist.   What comes next is the collapse of the state and all of its isms used to dominate humanity.

In order for this strategy to to come to fruition in the United States, Obama must simultaneously collapse the expectations of living standards in the United States while attempting to raise those of the rest of the world.   That involves both the free flow of workers written into the TPP and the EU (Massive flooding of immigration to neutralize differences in corporate capitalist wages that makes these trade agreements desirable to both fascists and communists.) and the continuation of stealing the wealth of this nation created by its citizens that has happened for at least the last 100 years.   Which he clearly appears to be attempting through the passage of the dumbed-down, corporate-controlled system of worker sameness and conformity in these various trade agreements.   

It’s very clear that humanity is at war with the state to save its very existence.  We are literally in a fight for our lives.   None of these big, bloated, bureaucratic, corporate-created bills that Obama and others have passed are going to last.   They will all unwind.   Guaranteed.   Control is but an illusion created by the ego.   And when that control collapses, as will happen with the great awakening around the world, the institutions of the ego created to enforce that control will collapse.

The state, its institutions of control and its pathological aristocracy are a virus.   And the antidote or cure is a resurgent and awakening humanity.

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