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Fascists, Communists And Capitalists (State Crooks And Liars) Pass Obamatrade Fast Track, Soros’ Delusions Of A China & U.S. Partnership And The Coming Failure Of U.S. & Global Institutions

First maybe one of the most direct looks at what Obamatrade really is by constitutionalist Phyllis Schlafly

Obamatrade looks like the communist/fascist unelected bureaucracy of the European Union

House passes Obamatrade

Fast track Obamatrade deals encompass 90% of global GDP

Government projects Obamatrade will result in 0% growth (and job destruction)

Is there anyone who can still deny that state liberalism is dying?   It is a virus.   And, mind you, state liberalism is the method through which any political entity, including political parties and political thugs, gain greater power and control by granting themselves more and more laws, rules, regulations and endless mounds of pathological power over humanity.   In the United States, there really is only one party.   It is the state liberalism party that grants itself greater and greater power over the people for pathological purposes.   There may be small differences but the confederacy of dunces always seem to find commonality when power, like Obamatrade or Obamacare, is the common factor.  In many regards the world that is now unfolding through these tyrannical economic slavery agreements looks strikingly like Huxley’s dystopian Brave New World rather than Orwell’s 1984.   The enforced sameness and conformity of dumbed-down corporate workers around the world, who are then controlled through propaganda and an abundance of material possessions, is one of the last pieces to the creation of that Brave New World.  Huxley made it clear in his work that any form of individualism would effectively be banished and that is exactly what we are seeing today.   It’s really quite amazing how dystopian fiction ages ago has presciently predicted the reality unfolding before us.

But the confederacy of dunces, statists of all sorts, continue to push an agenda that has already collapsed.   That collapse has not yet been experienced by the institutions who are enforcing it.   That’s because they are effectively using massive violence to maintain their institutionalized power in the face of miserable failure.    In other words, Obama and Republicans continue to push a tyrannical and oppressive trade and economic agenda based on the exact same characteristics to the structural violence that is already in the midst of massive failure in the European Union.  The people of Europe have chosen not to accept their fate of sameness and conformity as corporate drones, debt slaves and hamsters on the wheel for unelected EU bureaucrats and corporatons.   The next few days in Europe will be telling but the only legitimate and rightful actions of the Greek people, and all of the serfs in Europe, is to tell the European Union to eff-off and repudiate all debts and corporate state tyranny.  And in the process, take back their local communities and individual power.   

It’s ironic that now Republicans have the vote to pass Obamatrade when just a week ago they didn’t.   It was only a procedural block that stopped Obamatrade from passing the last time.   There was little virtuous in Washington’s procedural vote against Obamatrade.   It was essentially just that Republicans didn’t want to fund job retraining for any employment lost in these trade agreements.   Once that was taken out, voila, Obamatrade passed.  In other words, the bill wasn’t quite evil and vile enough but disposing of its small mockery of human decency pushed the bill over the finish line.   These efforts, even if passed through the brute force of state violence, will ultimately fail for the same reason the European Union is in structural, systemic and unrecoverable failure.    It isn’t rocket science that I have been writing long before it was ever evident or before any of its current crises were unfolding that the EU was going to implode.    The politicians, private bankers and corporate bureaucrats who are behind all of these efforts have absof*ckinglutely no idea what they are doing.  But they are hell-bent on doing more of it for one reason.  Control.  In other words, they are going to do it for the benefit of the state and their own pathological megalomania that subjugates and victimizes humanity into mass dystopian oppression.

I want to move onto a recent op-ed penned by George Soros.    Soros is proposing a partnership between communist China and the United States to avoid a World War.   Aw, how quaint.  This is a statist with an agenda.    And that agenda almost certainly is not to empower humanity.    Partnership?  You know, like the partnership between states in the EU or the partnership between the US and Mexico that has gone horribly awry on every level or the partnership between Chamberlain and Hitler or Stalin and Hitler.   Or any of the other ridiculous state-enriching entanglements that define a world created by the state.  Entanglements that our founders told us would actually lead to war.   That always have and always will.   The United States and China, simply through sheer scope and scale, are the two largest purveyors of institutionalized violence in the world today.   Now, what would a partnership between them be like?   I bet humanity would prosper.  Eh?  You know, like the mythical existing “free trade” agreement between Marxist-Leninist China and the United States.   Actually, any state-created partnership for peace is a bald-faced lie and paradoxical fallacy.   It’s a non sequitur.   The state exists for one reason, to perpetuate violence.   Partnerships between states to avoid war is a form of dystopian propaganda that people like Soros pawn off on the rest of us to maintain their pathological grip of control on humanity through the force of the state.    I wonder what Vladimir Lenin thinks of Soros’ proposal?  

“The Capitalists of the world and their governments, in pursuit of conquest of the Soviet (Or Marxist-Leninist communist China) market, will close their eyes to the indicated higher reality and thus will turn into deaf-mute-blind-men. They will extend credits, which will strengthen for us the Communist Party in their countries and giving us the materials and technology we lack; they will restore our military industry, indispensable for our future victorious attacks on our suppliers. In other words, they will labor for the preparation for their own suicide.” – Lenin

Ah.   So, Lenin agrees with Soros from the standpoint that it benefits  pathological state power around the world.   Or, communism or however you want to slice it.    But, granting even more power to the state while humanity ends up eating state gruel, solves nothing.   We have already repeated history in the re-creation of a powerful Nazi Germany or communist Soviet Union in modern-day China.  And Lenin told us ages ago that it was going to happen.  Yet our capitalist masters sold humanity down the river for its intent of profit.  (control)   Is anything Lenin stated above actually different than our current reality?    There is absolutely no way the United States is ever going to “partner” with China or vice versa unless both parties increase their own pathological self-interested level of control.   That’s what their Nash Equilibrium has been all about.  That’s it.    The modern-day states of China (the institutionalized violence of communism) and Russia embraced capitalism as a form of state survival.   Neither Russia nor China are interested in becoming democracies.   Neither ever had any intentions.  Nor does corporate capitalism in the United States want any form of democracy.   But we were told that democracy and, by propagandized inference, capitalism, has beaten communism.    No.    The only reality that has any modicum of truth is that both China and Russia embraced the control system that gave them the best chance of maintaining their state power structures.   Communism was in failure so they embraced capitalism as a form of maintaining their pathological grip on humanity.  And they have now used western commercial technology transfer to ramp up highly sophisticated weapons research and production.    China and Russia are already at war with the capitalist countries who transferred their wealth and technology to these pathological states with the short-sided, pathological intent of profit at all cost.  And now that technology transfer is being monetized into the state’s favorite pastime.   That is, weapons of war and control that serves to enrich the state.  (Institutionalized violence).   The capitalist investment in China and Russia is exactly like that in Nazi Germany leading into World War II just as I have written would happen for a long, long time. 

The answer to avoiding war is to get people like George Soros and other state actors out of our lives.   People whose primary intent has always been to control others.   That’s what becoming a billionaire is all about.   Money is a control construct.  Debt-based money is a slavery control construct.   And focusing all of one’s effort at becoming a billionaire is a pathology.  So, for every billionaire, in our debt-based monetary system there is a counterparty debtor who has taken on the billionaire’s debts as a debt slave.  If Soros is worth, say $10 billion, humanity is carrying the $10 billion in debt that Soros has transferred via state violence to the working poor and wage slaves.    Without the force of the state, Soros and other billionaires would never, ever be able to have as much power over humanity as they do.    Most would be working at Taco Bell.   Is there any billionaire today that has actually created anything that benefits humanity?   What do most of these people, or maybe I should say criminals, know how to do other than steal from humanity and leave us with the bill?   They certainly don’t create wealth.   Wealth is not money.  There is no loving intent to any effort involved in chasing money.   Just like becoming a politician.   The real answer to avoiding the violence of the state and possible armed conflict between China and the U.S. or any states, is for humanity to take back their power from the endlessly usurping violence of the state and state actors.

Now I want to close with the recent Gallup polls highlighted in US News.   Drudge had this on his home page over the last few days and it is a telling development of a long-time theme on here.   That is, Americans have no confidence in any institutions of the state.     US News has accurately pointed out that literally every single institution in this nation has lost the consent of the governed sans the military.    Why is that?  Because every institution in this nation exists for one reason.   That is, to perpetuate violence against the governed.  There is absolutely no way self-rule or democracy or republicanism can exist in a system of class.  Corporate capitalism, private banking and debt-based money are, under any definition, or any example throughout all of history, systems of class.  And the intent of profit, violence, exploitation, economic war against humanity and the like, all benefiting the corporate state, has destroyed everything in this nation, and around the world, that is institutionalized.   Frankly, I will be talking more about this, but the state creates institutionalization as a method of perpetuating its violence.

One of the long time themes on here is that the world is going to experience unprecedented and systemic failures of institutions of the ego (control) or institutions of man, if one prefers that terminology.  I have noted that will possibly include corporations, money, central banks, debt, banking, trade agreements, the IMF, the WTO, the EU, religion, capitalism, communism, socialism, (state economic control systems)  education, healthcare, government institutions, political parties, states themselves and on and on.   Will everything fail?  Dunno.   But many of these institutions are already in failure yet are being propped up by violence such as endless monetary emission that only serves to enrich these institutions.   Will all of these institutions fail permanently?  Dunno that either.   In a complex system, one can never really appreciate all of the connections and their impacts.  In some regards, one must consider the connections could be infinite.   And with the massive amount of feedback this global control system has built into it, the possible  that chaos within the system may become unfathomable.   The proverbial butterfly flapping its wings in Australia causing a hurricane in Brazil, although simply a made-up analogy, has real consequences in a contrived reality that has been made artificially and incredibly complex for purposes of control.  Bullshit mounded upon bullshit in red tape, legalese, illegitimate laws and decrees by our masters.    The systemic risks of wholesale global institutional failure are unprecedented.   Political, corporate and banking dunces, aka state actors, have actually increased systemic failure risks substantially by creating this unnecessary, unmanageable global web of control-driven deceit.   But control is nothing more than an illusion and once humanity has awoken from that deceit, how does one ever put the genie back in the bottle and recreate confidence in a confidence game?  Create new deceits?   Not likely because of the change of humanity’s state of mind.  

I do know that  anything  which is institutionalized is likely to experience massive crisis.   It’s coming - the United States and the entire world are suffering under the tyranny and endless control constructs (violence) of the state.   And because most of these control constructs are emotional and spiritual, there really is no way to enforce them beyond the illusions created by manipulation, deceit and coercion.   So, what happens when an emotional or illusory control system fails?   Well, confidence is one such example of that.    The reality is very substantially, if not completely, that humanity’s confidence in all of these institution was based on the original sin of universal deceit (the ego’s intent of control) in the first place.   We are never going back to the world that existed in 2008 before this crisis started to reveal itself.   People talk about the United State’s days being numbered or peak prosperity for this nation.   That’s well-meaning but incredibly lacking in the depth of what is really happening.   We are in the midst of peak state violence.   We are in the midst of a global dark ages created by the evil suppression of the eternal light of the human spirit or our connection to the universe or whatever you wish to call it.    And even though that  dark ages has just become apparent to most, that’s because we are just now starting to wake up to the state’s endless institutionalized emotional and spiritual control systems.   But the reality is we have been living under the tyrannical yoke of human suppression for a long, long time.   Most of us just weren’t starting to wake up to see it until recently.     

Actually, to give some historical context the the above statements, Europe, as just one example, has been living under tyranny for two thousand plus years except for some pockets of what the state calls “barbarians”, the Roman Republic and Athenian democracy as a few examples.    Europe struggled under empire for ages.   As noted on here in the past, when the Roman Empire fell, human prosperity peaked for a thousand years.   Then came the Dark Ages.   Then the Renaissance, which was really the early formative years of what would eventually become called capitalism, involved replacing one form of suppression and tyranny with another.  It was replacing the tyranny of institutionalized religion, which played a driving role in the creation of Europe’s Dark Ages, with the institutionalized private banking syndicate of the powerful Italian Medici family. (Um, no grand Jewish banking conspiracy.   Private banking and capitalism started under the Italian Renaissance.  Just another meme used by class and hierarchy to pit humanity against his innocent brothers and sisters and murder innocent people for the glorification of the state.)  And that new tyranny, that would later be coined affectionately as corporate capitalism, would eventually drive millions out of Europe into the New World.   The Renaissance was an awakening.   And the Medicis and others awoke humanity from the subjugated  misery of Papal power.  Art, literature, trade and human expression for some flourished for a period of time.    But eventually the masses recognized how this system too was oppressive and how this temporary freedom of human expression really was created for the benefit of the ruling economic class.  ie, Trickle down economics that still relied upon exploiting the masses of Europe for the benefit of the very few.   So, the Renaissance led to massive European wars and the wholesale flight of millions who were caught under its jack boot.   I suspect the Europeans are today in the midst of completely destroying control paradigms that have existed for up to a thousand years or more.   So, how does one measure the consequences of potential failure of institutions that go back hundreds or a thousand years when people wake up to the tyrannical and oppressive nature of these institutions?  

The recent Gallup poll is a warning sign for what I have uniquely been writing about on here for the better part of ten years.   That is, all of these hallowed institutions are going to meet with unprecedented crisis.  Americans have no faith or confidence in any institution of man.   Do you think it’s any better in Europe, Russia, China, the Middle East, Japan, Brazil, Mexico or elsewhere?   How glorious is that?   Seriously.   Glorious you say?   Indeed.   It is with good reason that confidence or consent of the governed is lacking.   Because it is through institutionalization that evil has always maintained its grip on humanity.  And our wake up call is exactly what humanity needs in this moment.   For, without that grand awakening humanity cannot create the massive lurches forward it needs to progress.   History is very nonlinear.   And we are in a very nonlinear moment.    Failure of institutionalization or institutions of the ego is a necessary precursor to humanity’s emotional and spiritual evolution.  

Most of the pathology controlling these institutions and some amount of humanity who rely upon institutionalization won’t believe it until they see it (because they have no hope or faith in humanity and thus no true understanding of the infinite power that humanity actually wields in their battle against evil)  but this moment is possibly the most profound in all of human history.  If you release all of the toxicity that institutionalization and pathology has placed in all of us through our own self-victimizing beliefs and are then able to open your mind and your heart, you can clearly receive what the universe is telling us in this moment.   All of the isms and institutions the state uses to control and pilfer from humanity are in the midst of crisis.   It is the state and all of its institutions of the ego that are in the midst of systemic failure. 

The cycle of volatility continues.

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