Monday, May 18, 2015

Eating McDonald’s Rapidly Destroys The Natural Fauna Of The Human Gut

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This story is highly disturbing.   And we can be completely certain this is not just a McDonald’s phenomenon.   This is representative of the chemically-laden, overly processed, artificial ingredients-driven, GMO tainted swill that defines the U.S. corporate food supply chain.    Just about everything in that corporate food chain is harmful to our health and the planet in one way or another.   And those artificially-created illnesses then feed the corporate-controlled medical industrial complex with a recurring stream of sick patients.   The more humanity reacquaints itself with the ancient knowledge of fermented and natural foods that are necessary to our health, the more we recognize that the wholesale corporate war on bacteria and getting dirty is a massive failure and must be reversed.  Because not only is that affecting our health, but that chemical war is destroying the massive beneficial microbe population in the soil and thus entire ecosystems.   Planting GMO foods and then dousing the soil and ecosystem will billions of pounds of pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals is not a technological advancement.   It is a dystopian devolution of life. 

Over the last decade I have written many times about how the mythical service or servant economy has exploded in this nation since the 1970s.   And that the amount of retail square footage per capita has swelled over 500%.  That if we see a return to trend we can expect to see retail space collapse 80+%.  That  number is even larger now given the post 2008 collapse economy has kept building retail space at a frenetic pace.   Nearly a decade ago I noted that Wal-mart was headed for the dung heap and I’ll show you why that is almost a certainty at some point.  The big box retailer is in serious trouble but they just don’t know it yet.  And so are places like McDonald’s.   I am very dubious many, if any of the massive fast-food chains will survive.

Everyone is now aware of the corporatization of our food supply.   And what that means.   When I was a kid, there were dozens of local individual butchers in the small towns dotting the landscape around my home.    There was a reason for that.   Farmers grew and locally-sold their own food without the involvement of corporate capitalism.   Now we have four or five massive, industrial butcher operations in this nation that control upwards of 90% of the meat processing.   The corporate efficiency business model of extreme Taylorism aka Scientific Corporate Management, has turned the Untied States into the Soviet Union or the British Empire with massive, centrally-planned, Humpty-Dumpty corporations propped up by state violence.   We are told this is necessary because of the size of our population.   This is a myth reminiscent of the central planners in the centrally-planned Soviet food production system that ultimately led to the Soviet Union’s collapse.   That is, it could not feed its people after years of poor harvests and a currency that was not convertible.  As noted on here many years ago, the Soviet Union did not collapse because of Ronald Reagan and trickle down economics.   It collapsed under its own contradictions.   There were 230 million Americans in 1980.   Yet local food production was still very much part of our economy.  The reality is we can achieve massive productive gains in food production on a local or regional, decentralized level.

McDonald’s and other massive chains are very much behind the industrialization of our food supply.   They need consistency and large suppliers who are able to achieve that consistency.   In effect, they are centralized bureaucracies who demand massive corporate food suppliers. Then we are fed the lies about why this is necessary because of our population.      This brings up another point.   The franchise business model is a very, very sinister business model that should be banned by democracy.    It simply extends the reach of bureaucracy and bureaucrats.   Franchises are renter capitalist business models owned by bureaucrats where making money from money is the strategy.   In order to own a McDonald’s one must have some large amount of wealth in cash.   The targeted franchise owner has no skill, love or talent at creating a food culture.   If they did, they wouldn’t be opening a McDonald’s relying on cheap labor, cheap, unhealthy food and large sums of capital to exploit humanity.   McDonald’s is looking for bureaucrats to own their restaurants.   Bureaucrats who will enforce their “sick” business model for the intent of making money.   Contrarily, many locally-owned or family restaurants rely on locally-grown food, or used to before that culture was obliterated.   And they rely on the higher power’s concept of craft or their love of food which they wish to share with others.   Peasant food or food created by local traditions, cultures and locally-available foods is a labor of love versus renter capitalist exploitation whose primary intent is profit that is the franchise business model.    Plus local food cultures reinvest their profits in the local communities.  McDonald’s and franchisees don’t live in these communities.   They suck up all of that local profit and put it in the pockets of corporate bureaucrats.

As I have noted in the past, if we back out all of the unsustainable, undemocratic and unhealthy or exploitative, predatory and victimizing businesses that don’t serve democracy but rather exploit humanity in one form or another, the S&P’s PE ratio of 21 all of a sudden becomes what?  31?  61?  101?  I’ll be talking more about this in the future including some very, very disturbing looks at what the true market valuations really are.   They are far, far higher than any time in capitalism’s history.    On that note, without those exploitative and unsustainable businesses, what exactly then becomes of the true unemployment rate that is already 25%?  30%? 50%?  Higher?   And what exactly then happens to future energy demands without all of these make-work jobs?   Does energy demand fall 10%?  30%?   More?   A substantial amount of the perceived growth of the U.S. economy over the last four decades is going to become extinct.  That is, the service or servant economy which is a class-based system that permanently turns those who work in that sector into the Walking Dead or endlessly working poor to serve the aristocratic class of the state.    And that means the power of the state, that is achieved through enslaving the population to artificial, mundane and unproductive corporate work, is in serious jeopardy.   The issue facing the state is not debt but employment, which is the method through which the state enslaves humanity to its power.

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