Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Monarch and Merchant Despots Agree - Fast Track The TPP And All Of Its Anti-Democratic, Unconstitutional, Economic Slavery Dealings

Obama’s smarmy extreme secrecy for the criminal TPP trade agreement. (Evil cannot survive in the light.)

Only two Republican Congresspersons have read the TPP and they don’t support it.

TPP’s international tribunals controlled by corporate lawyers would subvert the Constitution and the United States’ rule of law.

TPP faces Senate vote this week

Republicans push to save Obama trade deal

With a vote on Obama’s smarmy, anti-democratic, tyrannical TPP coming to vote in Congress this week, the glaring evil of the state has become so bald-faced and glaringly obvious that no one can deny reality.  When Congress isn’t even allowed to read the text of the agreement and it is only allowed to be read in secret boiler rooms, and yet congressional leadership from both parties (corporations) want to ram this down all congressperson’s throats, one cannot deny the pathological ego’s primary intent of control that pervades Washington’s tyrannical, despotic, anti-democratic culture.

“I do not believe that in the four administrations which have taken place, there has been a single instance of departure from good faith towards other nations. We may sometimes have mistaken our rights, or made an erroneous estimate of the actions of others, but no voluntary wrong can be imputed to us. In this respect England exhibits the most remarkable phenomenon in the universe in the contrast between the profligacy of its government and the probity of its citizens. And accordingly it is now exhibiting an example of the truth of the maxim that virtue & interest are inseparable. It ends, as might have been expected, in the ruin of its people, but this ruin will fall heaviest, as it ought to fall on that hereditary aristocracy which has for generations been preparing the catastrophe.   I hope we shall take warning from the example and crush in its birth the aristocracy of our monied corporations which dare already to challenge our government to a trial of strength and bid defiance to the laws of our country. Present me respectfully to Mrs. Logan and accept yourself my friendly and respectful salutations."  --Thomas Jefferson letter from November 1816.

The founding concepts of our nation have been completely obliterated by the state.    The state now glorifies that which many of our founders recognized as great evils and tyranny.   From the endless entangling alliances Jefferson spoke to eloquently of above to the rise of the aristocracy of monied corporations that bid defiance to our freedoms and laws to the criminal political parties that themselves are, in fact, monied corporations that only maintain their grip through the comingling of dirty money in authoritarian politics to the corrupt meme of free trade enforced upon humanity by a class of despotic economic masters.   The lying lies of endless liars (politicians and state actors) has eroded our freedoms over hundreds of years to where we have literally little true freedom left.   That erosion and the propaganda surrounding it has been so consistent and so pervasive that we have literally accepted our own enslavement without even a fight.   We embrace our own slavery through our own ignorance.   But the new Age of Enlightenment continues to expand human awareness.

Montesquieu was the most cited man in pre-Revolutionary War America for two reasons.   One, because of his work on the separation of powers that not only defines the executive, judicial and legislative branches of states, localities and the federal government, but also the separation of powers between states, localities and the federal government.  That matrix meant to throttle power has been completely obliterated.  And all of that obliteration started in a centralized, all-powerful, authoritarian bureaucracy in Washington DC.   The other reason was because Montesquieu is so famously quoted as stating that “governments should be set up so that no man should be afraid of another”.   The founders of this nation knew Montesquieu and his treatise The Spirit of the Laws very well.  Montesquieu believed that there were two forms of despotism for humanity to be aware of.   One was the state or as he noted monarchs, and the other was private economic interests or as he noted merchants.   Monarchs and merchants were the known basis of despotism and tyranny in 1776.  And they still are today in the corporate state.

It is important to understand the mindset of Revolutionary War times.   The colonists had been pushing back against the king’s greater and greater repression for decades.  That includes the monied aristocracy of British corporations and its private, for-profit banks.   This has been written out of history by corporate capitalism and the state.   Jefferson was very active in many of these rebellious efforts against the king’s tyrannies well before The Declaration of Independence.  Certainly no man is perfect, and we embrace their ideals rather than many of their contradictory behaviors.  Which, frankly, is the reason why there should be no authority in this world other than laws based on natural rights.   

There is ample evidence that Thomas Jefferson is one of only a few founders who really were interested in a radical new form of government.    His views were a major threat to many of the other founders.  As it pertains to fearing the despotism of Monarchs and Merchants, Jefferson resigned from George Washington’s presidential administration after numerous major disagreements with both Washington and Hamilton over many issues.   The most noted were Jefferson’s vehement rejection of economic and monetary policies of Alexander Hamilton, the Secretary of Treasury, that were supported by Washington.   Jefferson accused the Washington administration of trampling  all over the Constitution and giving the federal government the power of European monarchies.  In fact, it is noted that Hamilton remarked in so many words that that the Constitution was a worthless piece of paper.    Jefferson’s exact words were that Hamilton and Washington, in support of their economic and monetary policies, were “creating a monarchy”.   Now, one must appreciate how raw this was in a time when Montesquieu’s words on the despotism of monarchies was the basis of revolution sweeping Europe and the Americas.  And those revolutions were against the tyranny of both corporations and other forms of private economic interests propped up by the state and the state itself.   Just like todday.   Jefferson’s major disagreements with Washington and Hamilton were because both were supporting economic policies that concentrated power in Washington and in the class-based monied corporations or merchants who benefited from that concentration of political power.   Jefferson lost the war to Hamilton’s ideas of embracing the king’s monied corporations and private banks and we have finally reached the level of tyranny and oppression of monied corporations that Jefferson warned us of.   His prescient words ring more true than ever to lovers of liberty and democracy.    In many regards, we are living through a very similar time to 1776 and that is why these words ring so true today.

Let’s be honest with ourselves.   There is no doubt that in this nation we have a king.   There is really no true public service.   Any semblance of that has been obliterated over 200 years of ever-increasing power grabs by the state or monarchs and merchants.  We elect a monarch who arrogantly grants powers to merchants who then both use the force of the state to dictate to us the fate of our lives.   Again, all for the privileged few state actors or moochers and parasites.   As long as we serve the king and the state’s aristocracy of monied corporations, or monarchs and merchants, we may actually partake in the looting of the state and thus experience some of the wealth-stealing and plundering activities that it enforces.   This certainly didn’t start with Obama.   Nor Bush.   It has been this way for most of our nation’s history.   The only difference with history has been the state’s limited ability to project its authoritarian violence.   Today, that projection of violence and despotism of monarchs and merchants has reached the most dystopian levels imaginable.   

The life of a president in this nation is held with incredibly special status and rights.   Our king spends tens of millions of dollars vacationing on the public dime every year and is afforded massive deference, privilege and luxury that the masses he supposedly serves will never experience.   Most importantly, our king operates in secrecy and extends his power well beyond that of even King George in 1776.   Well beyond.   And, just like in a monarchy, Congress has abdicated its  duties on behalf of citizens to the king.    Our king wages war without any checks or balances, negotiates secret, smarmy and even criminal deals with merchants across a wide range of issues including health care “reform”, trade agreements, financial “reform”, waging war for merchant benefit and on and on.   Sure, if there is an outrage by the masses, our king sometimes backs off of the level of violence and control he uses to subjugate his slaves.   You know, just as King George did when the fear of retaliation by his subjects became just a little too worrisome to his own power.  But make no mistake, we have a king.  

Our egos like to tell ourselves stories about the good ole days but let’s be real with ourselves and dispose of the ego’s endless bullshit and self-deceit.   Outright human slavery and indentured servitude, corporate thugs hiring Pinkerton guards to murder workers demanding a living wage and a safe work environment, robber barons who bought up massive amounts of wealth while the people who worked for them literally slaved away to stay alive, company stores and company housing that stole back every ounce of the pittance wages stolen by robber barons and corporations in the first place,  two world wars and endless other wars of corporate capitalism and now permanent war against all of humanity.   It has always been that way since early losses of citizen power soon after the Revolutionary War.  It’s just now becoming so obvious because a control system of massive contradictions must use greater and greater violence in order for it to survive.   And that squeeze is now palpable.   It is going to continue to be ratcheted up until something breaks.   And, it certainly will break.   Whether it is a financial market or underlying economic market that starts the back end of this crisis is irrelevant.   It’s coming and there is nothing anyone can do to stop it.

Joe Biden and the Republican Party have already told us the reason why we are importing massive numbers of immigrants.   They already said the economy needs these immigrants.   Yes, they are being imported.   It’s for cheap labor and a new swell of soldiers needed by empire.   It has nothing to do with virtue or compassion.   The intent is exploitation and profit.  It’s the same reason every empire had porous borders and massive immigration.   Because that immigration served the state and the aristocracy as servants and warriors.  If the intent was virtue, then why doesn’t the United States spend a small pittance of the $4 trillion and counting wasted on Iraq trying to assist impoverished nations to build a democratic, self-sustaining infrastructure so that immigrants don’t need to abandon their families and communities to migrate to the United States?  The reason why $4 trillion was spent in Iraq, yet all of the U.S. money spend in places like South America are spent destabilizing nations, was for the benefit of our corporate masters.   The same migration is happening globally.   None of this is just a U.S. phenomena.   Humanity is  at war with the state.

All of the beliefs our masters have about themselves, that our masters have placed in our own minds and that we have victimized ourselves and others with are  collapsing.   Beliefs, which are really nothing more than control constructs of the mind created by the ego (Some may characterize the ego as evil, or the negative energy that resists the positive energy of our higher power or even Satan.  That’s for you to decide.) to keep us from seeing reality unfolding right before our very eyes are no longer working.   The ego is the great deceiver.  And corporate capitalism and the state, monarchs and merchants, rely exclusively on ego-created constructs for its deceptive control. (Money, profit, greed, vanity, power, class & hierarchy, propaganda, doublespeak, lies, etc)   The only difference today from other times in history is that the state has literally cornered every power imaginable.   With a finite amount of power in this world, it has become obtusely obvious that there is no power left for humanity.  That is, except our Divine power.   And that will be the downfall of this system.   That’s  because all of the ego’s control constructs and resultant perceptions of power are nothing more than an illusion.  Humanity is waking up from that illusion as all true power comes from within.

One reason why corporate rights are so sinisterly powerful and dystopian in this nation is probably paradoxically because of the Constitution.   When it is operating somewhat functionally, the Constitution grants unprecedented rights to people that really has few, if any true equals in our world.   So, with corporations having the rights of humans under our system, or the criminal concept of Corporate Personhood granted by the state, the Constitution creates a much more powerfully dystopian reality than is possible under a system of statutory corporate rights in a nation like, say Germany. 

What was a concern of the times in 1776 and during the early years of our Republic, by Jefferson in particular, has become a reality across all aspects of our society today.   Even simple things like equality and education being necessary for a republic to actually work.   Yet, corporate capitalism is a system of class that relies on keeping the masses in a state of fear or ignorance or both to survive.   Or constitutional review being a power that could be wielded by the states against federal tyranny or by Congress against judicial tyranny has become lost to an active Supreme Court legislating from the bench that has usurped the people’s power.   How many examples can we use to count the ways of  Montesquieu’s remarks that “governments should be set up so that no man should be afraid of another”?

No man afraid of another man?   Do we live in that type of society?  Does our government protect us from violence and fear?   Or does it perpetuate both?   We live in a very fear-driven society.   Everything socioeconomically operates on fear. (Violence)  We fear not being able to pay for basic necessities for our families most often controlled by corporations, we fear corporate power across so many aspects of our lives it is almost unfathomable including the violence used to force us into wage slavery, we fear the state in its endless desire to entrap us in any of its control schemes and on and on and on.   I bet if everyone actually stopped to think about every intent they had during a single week, that the number of times we do something out of subconscious fear-based conditioning  would be counted in the thousands of times.   And that is the key to how pathology creates a control system to dominate humanity.   It must keep humanity in a constant state of fear.  

Free trade and, in this case the TPP, more fear-driven propaganda memes created by monarchs and merchants, is pure bullshit.   Jefferson clearly and unequivocably noted that taxes should be raised through import tariffs.   This because most imports would be consumed by the rich.   And they could afford to pay the taxes.   How the worm has turned.   Now the monied aristocracy overconsumes endlessly anything and everything they can with nary a thought of paying an import tax.  Even Alexander Hamilton, for all of his failings of an aristocratic elite, wrote about the need for import taxes.    Yet Obama, Democrats and Republicans seek to extend the power of monarchs and merchants with more trade bills that are truly despotic when applied to Montesquieu’s enlightened treatise The Spirit of the Law and his concepts of government and fear.

I want to close with a few important remarks as it pertains to the Washington despots trying to ram another thuggery form of control down our throats in the form of free trade agreements.   It is important to appreciate that we live under a control system enforced by state violence.   And this economic control system will continue to apply greater and greater force necessary to deal with its many instabilities and contradictions that would otherwise send this system spiraling out of control.   In other words, monarchs and merchants using the force of the state is only going to become more and more tyrannical and despotic until something breaks.   Once you appreciate this, and the decades, if not the entire 20th century of greater and greater state force, one can gain a clearer perspective that all of these bullshit control constructs (laws, money, debt, authority, etc) that despotic monarchs and merchants are granting to themselves are going to unwind.   In other words, most recently Obamacare, financial reform, trade agreements, useless laws protecting politicians and corporations through spying and intrusion, etc are going to unwind.    And its unwinding is likely to be more powerful than anything any single person could ever imagine.   Nothing the state is doing today is going to last.   If the TPP passes Congress and goes into law, it will eventually be unwound or will collapse in some form or another.   It’s all an illusion created by their own intent to control.   Nothing is going to stand long-term.   But, this type of control and violence is what the system needs to maintain itself so until something breaks, monarchs and merchants will continue to apply greater and greater tyranny and force to the people of this world.  

And so it is with both Republicans and Democrats trying to pass one of the most criminal, odious, repressive and illegal bills in our nation’s history; the Trans-Pacific Partnership.  How do we know it’s criminal?   Because they won’t let us see it.   And that is behind this monarchy’s unprecedented secrecy.   Evil cannot survive in the light.

The cycle of volatility continues.

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