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Sharyl Attkisson Interview: Is Every Mainstream Meme, Belief And Socially-Derived Value A Contrivance, A Manipulation, A Deceit Or Even An Outright Lie? And Timely Remarks About Baltimore Riots And The True Thug Culture Of The State.

If you wish to skip this intro on the events in Baltimore, then the paragraph starting with Sharyl is the start of that part of the post.   But I want to first make a few comments about the riots in Baltimore.   What is happening in Baltimore is a major reason why I do not support violent dissent.   At least in a nation where there is some modicum of law and democratic rights.   Even if they have been stolen as is the case here.   We have the ability to change our world completely nonviolently.   In fact, it is the only true way to change the world for the better.   The status quo is well-equipped to deal with violence.   They are the masters of it themselves.   And they control the mainstream memes around rioting, violent dissent, etc.   So, they have nearly universally and successfully labeled the rioters in Baltimore and Ferguson as thugs, looters, criminals and such.    What the status quo has no answer to is peaceful dissent.   When people see the status quo beating nonviolent protesters who use their power for a loving intent, the status quo has lost all of their power.   But, we live in a very primitive, ego-driven reality created primarily by two primitive control constructs, the state and corporate capitalism.   So, what is happening in Baltimore is simply a reflection back upon the violence of the state.   People are violent because they experience endless violence - we are a sum of our own experiences. 

This social violence has been an endless theme on here.   Some years ago I put up a post on the different personality types and how the aggressive personality type is glorified in our nation.   Whether that is corporate competition, gladiator sports, the glorification of war and the military and on and on.   This aggression allows pathology to shine.   The very personality traits of a psychopath, as an example, just so happen to be the same personality traits which corporations find most attractive in their employees.   And that social aggression glorified by the state is most often turned against humanity itself in its outcomes.   Whether that is the predation, victimization and exploitation of the state or the predation, victimization and exploitation of corporations.   Any hierarchical construct is by nature violent.   That includes hierarchical religious constructs, educational constructs, medical industry constructs or whatnot.   Most social constructs and social values are violent.   Whether one is the exploiter or the exploited, both involve emotional self-abandonment or worse, possibly outright evil.   So, in actuality we live in a thug culture and the biggest thugs are corporate barons, politicians, political parties, standing armies, religious hierarchy and other forms of systemic hierarchical violence -  

thug – noun.   A cruel or vicious ruffian (lawless person or bully), robber or murderer.

I find it interesting that Obama called the rioters in Baltimore thugs and criminals.  And so did most mainstream characterizations of what is happening to our nation.    Because who took their economic freedom, stole their self-determinism, stole their power of their natural rights and violently made them wards of state power?   Well, that would be politicians.   So, who are really the thugs and criminals?    The rioters are simply reflecting back onto society that which society created.   In actuality, the state wants to maintain its monopoly on being thugs.   So, the rioters in Baltimore are muscling in on the state’s power so they become the object of the state’s ire.

There were two noted remarks in the media that I thought were worth mentioning.   One was the comment made by the Baltimore Oriole’s baseball team owner’s son, John Angelos.    And the other was the comment by Michael Eric Dyson.   Angelos’ remarks were quite profound for someone who is a benefactor of state violence.   He makes a compassionate plea on behalf of the people of Baltimore.    But, in actuality what Angelos probably isn’t mindful of is that he only is in his position of social power, above the fray of the riots, because of being a benefactor of state violence.   Professional sports teams and owners have ripped off society endlessly by extorting tax breaks, tax exemptions and the allocation of endless sums of subsidized money and massive inflows of capital that prop up their unsustainable bubble.   There is absolutely no way that any single person could ever accumulate the money necessary to own a professional sports team without the force of the state behind them.   No man, through his own wit or physical labor has any ability to make anywhere near that much money or garner that much power over others.   They are only able to do so off of the surplus value of other people’s wit and labor.   That is only possible through the force of the state.   The state IS BY DEFINITION a redistribution scheme from the masses to the privileged few.   In this case, private for-profit capital that is enforced by the state.   And much of that monetary power and wealth comes from corporate sponsorship.   Which, by the way, those massive sums of retained earnings that make professional sports team owners so rich through advertising dollars are only possible by exploiting labor.   The very labor that is rioting because of lack of economic opportunity and state repression in Baltimore.   So, what does this point out?   How we are all hypocrites and how everyone and everything is connected.  We are all reliant on each other.   Or, if you will, the Butterfly Effect.   How our actions beyond our line of sight create violence, suffering and misery for others.   Even if we try to lead a virtuous life, as I’m sure John Angelos does.   There is simply no way to extract yourself from the violence of this system as much as you may delude yourself into thinking you can.   Self-reliance is a farcical delusion of the ego.   We are all slaves to and perpetuators of state violence.  

Dyson sees the world more clearly and delivers that in a very poignant set of remarks.  Yet, Dyson sees the world through race which is a faux mainstream meme used simply as a control mechanism by class to divide humanity around superficial, meaningless differences.    There are clearly well-more white people in this nation who are exploited than black people.   ie, The issue facing our nation is not race.   As I have noted ad nauseam, racism is a faux and generally meaningless mainstream meme used to manipulate us.    Perpetuating that meme benefits class and those who enrich themselves off of dividing society like Rush Limbaugh and Al Sharpton.    Both of whom have achieved class rank and privilege by manipulating society and taking their extorted cut of wealth off of the backs of other’s misery.    It’s not racism but class that is the issue.   It is class that denies us our natural rights.   It is class that controls the allocation of capital.   It is class that determines the massive profit of professional sports advertising and viewership is more important than granting access to capital to poor, underprivileged people.   It is class that exploits that poverty for its own personal gain.    The fundamental problem in this nation has nothing to do with racism.   It has to do with denial of access to capital that is so fundamental to private, for-profit capital controlling society and enriching itself at the expense of humanity.   The fundamental issue in the world today is the state and its many control constructs such as corporate capitalism, private banking and private money creation, all of which have a primary intent of profit (control) for the benefit of state actors that subverts democracy, natural rights and human capital investment & development.   We need a new economic model, a new monetary model and we need local public banking owned by democracy and not politicians; an overarching theme on here.  It’s our f$cking money, our labor and our wit that created this nation.   Not the predatory classes of the state. We The People own the money supply in this nation and we don’t need any pathological bureaucrat dictating to us how it should be used.  That should be determined by individuals and their communities through direct democracy.    The people of Baltimore and their access to money and democracy’s capital comes before the private interests of a baseball team that throws about balls for a living.  Especially when the people of  Baltimore don’t have a pot to piss in and said baseball team has so much of society’s surplus value, it is coming out of their ears. 

What is happening in Ferguson, Egypt, Greece, Spain, Baltimore, Japan and every other place on earth is a warm-up act for the karmic fate of the status quo.   It’s coming and there is nothing they can do to control it as much as they may try.

As an extension of this dynamic of control, Sharyl Attkisson, a journalist that has been making waves for some time, is in this Youtube clip being interviewed by Dr. Mercola.   It’s about 20 minutes in length and worth a watch.   (Later in this same article, Mercola highlights the attack on Dr. Oz by doctors (really thugs) united in support of GMOs as well.)   Attkisson essentially indicts just about everything in the mainstream as a lie or deceitful and driven by the gods of power, profit and money.   She also talks about how the Internet is becoming destroyed by companies and special interests who use money to bribe bloggers, hire legions of “astroturfers”, etc.   Anyone who accepts advertising or in some way is economically-tied to a particular point of view is subject to being corrupted.    And she points out that this is all accomplished through obstruction, intimidation and harassment.    In other words, covert emotional and spiritual state violence.  

I wanted to put this post up because this is something that is very underappreciated.   It is my experience that we tend to believe what confirms our own ignorance and reject that which doesn’t.    Neither serves our higher power’s primary intent of discovery and truth.   Anthropogenic global warming is another example of this.   The science is settled.   And it is that CO2 has always lagged temperature rises by thousands of years as noted on here time and again.  So, CO2 cannot be the cause of global warming.   Additionally, real science, and its intent of discovery, has called into question the whole concept of Greenhouse gas more than 100 years ago.   The atmosphere and our planet are not a closed laboratory system but rather is more likely a complex, intelligent, self-correcting, cyclical, open system that interacts with the universe in many ways we simply don’t understand.   Yet there are untold numbers of people who believe what politicians and pseudo-scientists tell them about humanity being the cause of global warming.  Not because they understand science or its primary intent of discovery and truth.   Because they obviously don’t.   They are true believers who even refuse to see that literally zero of the predictions made by the global warming cabal that were supposed to come to pass by now have come true.   Literally.  They are preyed upon by the same dynamic that Attkisson discusses above.   ie,  The mockery of discovery and truth that is the human-caused global warming bureaucracy is an utter disgrace to science.   And, instead is built upon self-interest and deceit.  Now, it looks even more damning for the lying lies of liars.

We are getting a greater and greater glimpse into the reality that exists in this world.   That is, the likelihood that all mainstream memes, social values and  beliefs in a class-based (control) society, the state, with a primary intent of control (private banking, debt-based money, corporations, capitalism, profit, communism, socialism, etc) are likely nothing more than contrived lies, deceits, manipulations and distortions that become ever more dystopian over time.    While Attkisson is speaking to a doctor, and thus is focused on indicting the endemic fraud and corruption in the medical-industrial complex, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to extend this to every aspect of our perceived reality.      In some regards it is almost a certainty that everything is rigged or distorted by the gods of power, money and profit.   Now, I’m not talking conspiratorially either.   There is massive self-interest and Omerta cultures in all power structures.   So, there is not likely any global or even national cabal pulling all of the strings with some finely controlled intent.   It’s just the evil of money, power and profit.   

How else does a very small cross section of humanity with comparatively just about zero talent or ability, except pathological control, manage to dominate the rest of us and the massive well of talent and ability that all of humanity is cumulatively capable of?   Was King George, his corporate CEOs or private bankers the most qualified people to speak on behalf of humanity, communities or societies?   They were the most pathological.   The most willing to stomp on the face of their fellow man to get to the top of the class-based pyramid scheme.    That is still the case today.    In fact, it always has been this way except for a few brief snippets of history.   This very reason is why we live in a world of so much abundance yet so many have literally nothing to show for it.   It has always been this type of domination that led to the suppression of human freedom, achievement and periods like the Dark Ages.   Yet today it is much, much more sinister because it’s most often emotional and spiritual domination rather than outright physical slavery.   Under emotional and spiritual domination we actually accept our own fate as slaves through propaganda, manipulation, deceit, lies and other forms of pathological control.    This dynamic has again created a new Dark Ages today with an ignorant, pathological element now dominating and suppressing humanity in literally all aspects of our existence and the politician is the talking mouthpiece for this incredible evil.   For now.   Not much longer though.

As an aside, here is another example that is seemingly almost beyond belief.   Yet, reality and living presently awakens us from our self-victimizing beliefs and this story appears to be true.   Democracy Now! has an interview that exposes how the FBI is entrapping people into terrorist charges.   This isn’t something new.  Entrapment is a favorite tool of the state.   It interviews two producers of a film called (T)ERROR that actually catches an FBI entrapment case before it unfolds and captures conversations and video of the FBI’s ploys.  That is, if true and accurately depicted.   The FBI’s target had a prior felony drug conviction and posted a picture on Facebook of himself holding a "rented" gun at a gun range.   That is considered possession under some distortion of the law and he is now serving 8 years for illegal possession of a gun.    But, there was no terrorist conviction because the FBI had yet to successfully entrap him.    In large part that is because the target knew the FBI was trying to entrap him and called a civil liberties organization.   He was supposed to have a press conference the next day to expose the FBI’s tricks.   The FBI knew he was going public to blow them so they arrested him and convicted him on possessing a gun at a shooting range.   In the media it was portrayed as stopping a terrorist plot.   What does the FBI get out of this?  It’s pretty simple.   They get to justify their existence and growing bureaucracy by deceiving society into believing they are serving a useful purpose.

"Of the tyrant (the state), spies and informers are the principal instruments. War is his favorite occupation for the sake of engrossing the attention of the people and making himself necessary to them as their leader" --Aristotle, over 2000 years ago

I want to highlight how this is endemic to a world controlled by any bureaucracy granted power over humanity as with class-based, hierarchical constructs we see today be that corporate capitalism, communism, the state, political parties, the military-industrial complex or any similar pathologies.   We don’t have public servants or public companies that serve humanity.   These bureaucracies are authoritarian and control humanity through massive emotional and spiritual violence. (And physical violence when it can be rationalized.  Rationalizations are Godless ego-created constructs of control.  Like we have to fight them over there before they come over here.  Or presidents murdering American citizens because we are told that these citizens are not deserving of the rule of law or their rights but rather they are to be dealt with through the rule of man as their judge, jury and executioner.  Or, any of the proactive elements in the wars on terror.  Or, the wars of economic violence against the working class in this nation that are part of the state’s deception for such violence that they call free markets.  Free for the state and its creation of the capitalist class to loot is what free market is.)  

Most people would never consciously tie entrapment policies by the FBI with corporate business practices.   Really, there is no difference.    Let’s look at how corporations and the state use the exact same tactics under different lipstick.   The drug prosecutions in this country are very substantially predicated on entrapment.   There are often mass roundups of innocent people or entire neighborhoods who are then leaned upon to turn state’s evidence or be threatened with some bullshit charge.   But exculpatory evidence doesn’t need to be presented before trial, so district attorneys threaten innocent people with faux evidence and jail time through systemic deceit (not acknowledging the exculpatory evidence to the person charged) if they don’t either plea bargain to a crime they didn’t commit or turn over a name that may or may not be part of the drug trade.   So, oftentimes the most successful prosecutors are pathological liars that dump innocent people in prison to pad their conviction rates.   Which, by the way are tied  to federal funding.  Then those prosecutors go out and kiss babies and run for Congress or public office as a defender of justice.   Look at who benefits from this type of entrapment.  The police benefit, the legal system benefits, the prosecutors benefit, the law profession benefits, federal agencies benefit, the prison system benefits, the contractors building and running prisons benefit, the companies providing services to all of these steps benefits and on and on and on.    The bureaucracy becomes a self-sustaining Borg of conformity and dumbed-down ignorance that serves no purpose other than to enrich and perpetuate itself.   And that enrichment and perpetuation requires said bureaucracy to violently exploit innocent people, those they call customers, citizens and the like.   It’s all self-interest and, thus, pure evil of the disconnected ego.    This is also how the medical-industrial complex operates, the military-industrial complex, the industrial food complex, government, universities and every other bureaucracy.

Companies use the same rent-seeking, exploitative practices of “law enforcement” to hook the world on GMOs and its massive production of chemical soup associated with them.  It’s a form of entrapment that serves those who benefit from the entire supply chain of any particular product or service and humanity is the target.   Politicians benefit from GMOs because companies pad their pockets, lawyers benefit from the expansion of corporate law and threatened lawsuits to keep farmers from using their own seeds, the workers who produce the chemicals sprayed on GMOs benefit from employment,  the farming equipment firms benefit by selling more and more into the industrial food production system, the banking system and investor class benefit from loans, bond and stock issuance and the like, antibiotic producers benefit from keeping animals alive that are fed this swill, farmers benefit by selling toxic food to all of humanity and on and on and on.    Once a company reaches some level of inertial “critical mass”, it no longer has any intent to innovate or provide services to society.   That is, if it ever did in the first place.   Instead a company uses its girth or its bureaucracy to prey upon those that were once its customers, citizens or people they valued as human beings.   Critical mass means that bureaucracy will then continue to perpetuate itself until its massive contradictions eventually creates its own demise.   The state is the same way.   It reaches critical mass and then its own self-interest serves a purpose of exploiting taxpayers, citizens, etc.   Ditto with political parties, religious institutions, news media, universities, etc.  It’s all the same.   Different lipstick, same pig.  And everyone inside of these bubbles actually rationalizes that they are doing God’s work.   

And so it is.   When we serve power, (ego) we can rationalize we are doing God’s work.  Just like the German people in their service to the power of the Nazis and the state.   In actuality we are creating our own self-victimization.   Not only of ourselves but of our fellow man  -

“Power always thinks it has a great soul and vast views beyond the comprehension of the weak; and that it is doing God’s service when it is violating all His laws.” -- John Adams

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