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Unprecedented State Violence In Plain Sight Courtesy Of The State-Propped-Up Medical-Industrial Complex: Reconnecting To Our Humanity Is The Key To Healing Our Bodies, Minds And Connections To All Life

“Peace cannot be kept by force.  It can only be achieved by understanding.” – Albert Einstein

I’m starting off this post with the above quote for a reason.   That reason is the state is at war with humanity.  Now, this post is most specifically about the United States but these collapsing social dynamics are, in some way, happening all around the world.  This post is about widening the perceptions of that war to what is often hidden in plain sight.    I want to clearly state that what comes beyond this opening paragraph is about economics.  The knobs and dials of economics are symptoms or meaningless “data”.   They are not the root causes nor can they be used to forecast economic futures.   Economics is a social phenomena.  It is a manifestation of human behavior.   But economics taught as a social phenomena was destroyed ages ago when it broke away from sociology departments.  This clearly happened because its self-interested academic leadership wished to turn economics into its own discipline of study.   Obviously, this was done for the exaltation of the keepers of the faith (self-interest) rather than any search for truth.   To the contrary, economics today is taught very much as a hard science but it never will be anything close to that.   Which is why most economists are horribly incompetent, institutionalized wards of the state.    If they actually had to study it as a social phenomena and, as a result, understand the human condition driving it, most economists would never would have chosen economics as a “career”.     Because understanding the human condition and social factors affecting it would require economists to actually be human beings.   Rather than looking at the economy and economics logically using knobs, dials, mathematical metrics and data that capture absolutely nothing other than a quantitative number, they would have to understand it qualitatively through the human experience -  emotions, pain, joy, herd behavior, suffering, social conditioning, control, connection, compassion, greed, self-interest, propagandized beliefs, needs, dignity, narcissism, manipulation, extortion, corruption, social hierarchy, exploitation, mutual benefit and the like.   

Economists treat people, connections and community as mathematical units and numbers on a computer screen to be counted in the same way the Nazi bean counters counted people entering their extermination ovens and gas chambers.    That is, without any connection to their humanity or their own higher power or, if you will, their soul.   You think I am kidding?   Look around you.   This is the world created by economists.   They are the state “experts” paraded in front of the public by state actors to tell us how wonderful the economy is and always has been.   Almost to a person they will tell you how the economy is fine or pretty close to it.  Just as they always have, regardless of whether we are in a depression or nearing collapse.   Maybe a few will admit to some minor tweaking issues but beyond that it is a very, very small handful that have any qualitative connection to their humanity and actually speak to truth.   How’s that working out for you?  In fact, how are all of those state experts across a wide spectrum of falsely-created, pseudo-reality working out for you?   The national security experts who recommend spying on you, the military experts who recommend endless war, the global warming experts who wish to take away your rights and tax you to death, the health care experts who shove a massive state-enforced corporate tax down your gullet, the finance experts on Wall Street who enslave you to debt, the corporate experts who enslave you to a meaningless existence of serving wage slavery, money & profit and on and on.   These are the state appointed experts paraded in front of you to steal your rights and your humanity and grant it to the state.   These are some of the greatest dunces and morons in society who are as likely to serve the devil as God-   

Others, as most legislators, politicians, lawyers, ministers, and office-holders (economists fit in here.), serve the state chiefly with their heads; and, as they rarely make any moral distinctions, they are as likely to serve the devil, without intending it, as God.   A very few, as heroes, patriots, martyrs, reformers in the great sense, and men, serve the state with their consciences also, and so necessarily resist it for the most part; and they are commonly treated as enemies by it.-- Henry David Thoreau

Economics as it is taught today could very well disappear as noted over the years on here.  Especially if state, corporate and banking power is neutered or disappears substantially.   Now, let’s get onto some economics.  Some really disturbing economics that gives us a much clearer view of the horror that the state has created in what we call modernity or “civil”ization. 

I have written extensively about the human condition on here.  And, how it is a substantial, if not the only true driver behind this global crisis.   Since I suffer from it, I consider myself an expert.   And that expertise has allowed me to predict more major economic and social outcomes in this cycle than any other source.   And to do so well in advance of anyone else.   A major reason behind those accuracies is the human psyche and the human condition.   This crisis is much, much larger than any state actors have yet recognized.  I would encourage you to read on.   Most people will appreciate this intuitively but some may not have yet coalesced this topic and more into their conscious mind.   That is the intent of this post.   I am headed towards a major post on the topic re violence (and evil) in the series of posts, including this one, I have been putting up since December.   While to be human is to be ignorant and hypocritical, humanity has become wildly ignorant under the nuanced violence of the state; through a control construct attempting to dominate humanity’s emotional and spiritual fate.  What we accept as “normal” under the power of the state is really anything but.   Reality as defined by modernity is often very dystopian and very, very violent.   When we are forced, often unknowingly and ignorantly, under a control system where others take away our internal locus of emotional and spiritual guidance, like hierarchical religion, corporate-forced work, the political class, standing armies, etc., we become disconnected from our humanity.  

Some scientists have actually stated that human intelligence peaked two or three thousand years ago.  Well, I certainly don’t see evidence to support that view.  Mostly because the measures of intelligence that are generally accepted by modern society are very, very flawed.  I mean very flawed.  Did I say flawed?   But I do support the view that humanity is more ignorant (driven by ego, its intent of control and all of its foibles) than ever.    People aren’t born ignorant.  We may become ignorant through a small sample set size of experiences but most often we are made that way for purposes of control.  Whether that is our own intent of controlling our own behavior or being controlled by others like through the all-powerful state.   And nothing is more effective at perpetuating this ignorance than hierarchical control structures.  Part of that is an authoritarian, class-based, corporate-profit-controlled medical-industrial complex that also has the fingerprints of the state and even the military-industrial complex control smeared all over it. 

Let me state I have great respect for people who seek to selflessly help others through medical training.  Although I may not respect much of the ignorance and junk medicine their “educators” and they themselves may often perpetuate.   As I have noted in past posts, Obamacare is almost certainly a bailout for what has, in many ways, become a monster called the medical-industrial complex masking as health care.   In other words, without a state bailout, which is what Obamacare is, this system is ripe for collapse.   In many ways mental health sciences have become a Godless form of junk science that seeks to rationalize endless emotional and spiritual violence against humanity through its own self-deceit for the benefit of personal gain.   The cure rate for just about every type of "mental" illness by supposed medical “science” is statistically close to zero.   While this seems amazing in a world of such supposed scientific advancement, this is the reality.   And this is the true reflection of the state of science in institutionalized mental health.   Can we therefore actually claim this to be science?   More importantly and paradoxically, many of these "illnesses" are created by the same "modern" society that birthed mental health sciences to treat them. 

It is the supposedly "advanced" and "civilized" experiences of modernity that are destabilizing the human condition.  Whether that is modernity's endless emotional, spiritual and physical violence on a mass scale against humanity, or the violent toxicity of the chemical soup we ingest daily due to the “advancement” of modernity around us, or the incredibly violent toxic food that corporations market to us with an intent of profit, or the violent slavery to emotional control constructs like money, debt and wage slavery or the state's endless violent wars on drugs, illiteracy, poverty and humanity, or, or, or.   Modern civilization, created and exalted by the state, has become synonymous with violence.    And rather than actually resolving the endless forms of violence that are so ingrained into modernity, modernity itself (money and profit-controlled societies), through the force of the state, has created a medical “science” we call mental health that has a primary intent of covering up and masking its violence.  This is often done by literally hiding in plain sight the true state of the human condition.   In other words, the state’s answer to its endless destabilizing violence is to create a new medical “science” whose intent is to domesticate and pacify humanity into accepting its endless violence.   This is one of the truly great hypocritical, ignorant and violent paradoxes in human history.    

Rather than listening to what our minds and bodies are telling us so that humanity and society can self-correct or self-regulate what is harming us – which is corporate capitalist society and its inventor, the state itself -  both have worked together to create a mythical science whose intent is to label people who do not conform to or are not able to cope with modernity’s violence as “sick” and treat these supposed sicknesses through legalized drugging, pseudo-scientific hand-waiving and other equally dubious methods that are literally not solving or curing any problems; the human condition is and remains in unprecedented crisis.   And much of medical “science” is only working to perpetuate the sources of our crises and human misery rather than curing anything.   In other words, one of the greatest acts of violence by modernity is the mental health profession itself.   And one of the greatest acts of violence of the mental health profession is the endless for-profit, “legalized” drugging of upwards of 160 million Americans with some type of mind-altering, autonomic nervous system altering or hormone altering addiction (all in some way are mind or emotion-altering) we call pharmaceuticals, administered like candy by medical doctors and mental health professionals under the advisement of profit-driven corporations and state-appointed experts.

Does anyone else see a problem here?   What is wrong with the world that estimates are 7 in 10 prescriptions have an intent of altering our emotional state of being?  And upwards of half of society is drugged up on these legal mind-altering substances?   Additionally, how many more people are self-medicating with addictions to illegal drugs, alcohol, nicotine, shopping addictions, sexual addictions, food addictions and the like?  And how many more are not to the point of addiction but are still self-medicating to some substantial degree?   All because of incredible emotional, spiritual and physical violence and an inability to cope with modernity created by the violence of the state.  

Frankly, while I am not a conspiracy theorist, the reality is the psychiatric, mental health and pharmaceutical fields have been closely tied to human atrocities and human control experiments funded by the state, the CIA, the military-industrial complex, etc.   Does anyone really know how many people in our military are doped up on these drugs needed to turn them into emotionless, robotic killing machines?   Now, why exactly do we have this massive crisis of the human condition?   Whether there is any conspiracy or not, the reality is that the intent of this massive drugging of society is to control the outcome of its violence.  That is, a destabilized human experience.   And that is accomplished by domesticating and pacifying the masses into accepting Godless control systems of violence.    That is why the Soviet Union failed.  And that is also  modern corporate capitalist society and the state.   More importantly, how many state actors – corporate CEOs, Wall Street CEOs, politicians, doctors, psychiatrists, drug company CEOs, etc. do you see raising the issue of this crisis into public awareness?   Well, these groups have economically-benefited from this human crisis in multiple ways so that would be a very interesting form of economic suicide or blackballing.  In other words, to stand against the system would be to experience the wrath of its violence.   And some actually have. 

There are decent and good psychiatrists and medical doctors out there.  But on a whole, the medical-industrial complex has learned very adroitly to delude itself (ego) that it is doing God’s work when in actuality it is breaking all of his laws on so many levels.  I’m not just talking about the mental health profession either.

“Power always thinks it has a great soul and vast views beyond the comprehension of the weak; and that it is doing God’s service when it is violating all His laws.” -- John Adams

Now, let me make a clear point here.  I’m not picking on just doctors as we all are grist in this grinder.   And we are all ignorant and hypocritical on some level to the violence we perpetuate.  Even many of the good and decent doctors, psychiatrists and health care professionals who wish to break free from this system are trapped legally from doing so.   They are often literally forced (violence) to use “state-endorsed” – medical boards, insurance companies, university medical training, state licensing - procedures for treating patients.   This is what happens when society institutionalizes inconclusive, dubious and often outright junk sciences and then enforces doctrine (violence)  through education and then institutionalized practice of that “science”.   (This too is a major theme on here; that much of institutionalized scientific rationalism and much of its junk science is in collapse but those in the system don’t yet recognize it.)   Regardless, the further away we are removed from the consequences of our actions, the more ignorant we are.   i.e., Those at the top of any hierarchical or class-based system are the most ignorant to their own actions and their perpetuation of violence.   But the vast majority of the use of prescription drugs for mental illness are not solving any issues.   They are simply masking the reality of modern corporate capitalist society.  And that is only perpetuating the misery it creates rather than solving some fundamental medical issue.   

Do you want to know how much we have deluded ourselves to reality?  How much reality has been masked over by the medical industrial complex, the drug companies and the state?   There is one way to find out.   If you really want to experience the truth of reality, I propose we end this massive form of violence – the drugging of society into emotionless zombies that are only able to cope with the violence of true reality through an altered mind’s experience.  Then we can see what reality actually looks like.   A reality that exists without mind-altering and mind-numbing substances, addictions and other forms of self-medication that really have a primary intent of controlling. pacifying and domesticating humanity into a state of acceptance of our own misery and the Godlessness of corporate capitalism and the state.   

This isn’t necessarily any kind of conspiracy.   But that we label a substantial majority of the population as “sick” because they cannot cope with modern corporate capitalist society and its effects has very profound implications for the true, unaltered reality of this world.    Can you see that clearly?   In order to assimilate people into the violent Borg of modernity, a substantial majority of people are drugged or are drugging themselves into an altered state of mind.   That is clearly a form of violence and control as opposed to a form of medical “help” as it is presented by narcissism or self-deceit supposedly doing God’s work.  Well, unless one considers altering human perceptions so that the acceptance of violence can continue as a normal course of events while those who cannot acceptance that violence as characterized as sick.  Is this really a form of medical help?  Well, let me answer that with a rhetorical question.   Does a medical professional believe that writing a script for a mind-altering drug to someone in the military suffering from PTSD, depression, shock or anxiety so they can go back into battle a form of help?  Well, they certainly do exactly that.  None of this in any way is curative or solving the fundamental issues of violence but rather simply allowing violence to perpetuate itself far longer and far more broadly than it ever could otherwise by drugging the victim of violence.  That in itself is a form of violence.   It is a form of violence used against the victim so that they can ultimately accept even more violence. 

If we would take away all of these drugs, then all of humanity could actually see the reality of the world around us.   And the state could see very clearly what it has created.   This Godless world created by pathology and evil would erupt into a chaotic madhouse and quickly collapse.   Of course, maybe this truth is becoming clear to everyone, especially those who are “sick”.    The polling numbers, including new record low approval ratings, in support of government in this nation have been in the cellar for nearly thirty years.   And maybe that is why the state is so intent on spying on our every move.  Maybe they realize that drugging us into passivity is having less and less effect (which it clearly is)  so its use of violence must go well beyond what has historically been used for it to maintain its grip on humanity.  Or, maybe the state ignorantly does as pathology always does, simply sees a “problem” that they have usually created, ignorantly might I add, and seek an answer that involves the use of greater force and violence.   Regardless, the reality is without these drugs, addictions and forms of self-medication that the majority of society is engaged in, this control system and the state would collapse.   Or, if one wants to take the flip side of that statement, humanity could focus on fixing the violence that ails modern corporate capitalist society and the human condition rather than shoehorning zombies into a Godless system with all sorts of addiction.    Addictions encouraged by doctors, the mental health profession and the state. 

Not only is the state perpetuating this violence but it is actually profiting from it in countless ways beyond the $350 billion legal drug industry and the untold size of the illegal drug industry in this nation.  That includes the addictions to shopping, eating, drinking and every other imaginable “mental” illness that reflects back upon the violence of the state.  These addictions too are profited from by corporations and the state.   Who benefits from overeating junk food, shopping addictions, alcoholism, debt-binges etc. and ultimately even the illegality of behavior and the imprisonment surrounding these forms of acting out against violence?  That would be corporations and the state.  Is there really any question why the United States has 25% of the world’s prison population and 4% of the human population?  Is it because of American exceptionalism in law enforcement and our legal system?  Ahem.

Now let me say that there certainly are legitimate emotional health benefits that many have achieved through legal drugs and some forms of mental health care.  And those people may have suffered from conditions regardless of whether modern corporate capitalist society existed.   Even if Maslow’s hierarchy of human needs were met and we were a self-actualized and self-realized world.   But pre-modernity man didn’t likely have shopping addictions, drug addictions, eating disorders, mood disorders, chronic anxiety, chronic depression, PTSD, sleep disorders.   Mental illness on such a systemic level, or the great masses of people who suffer from emotional instability, are suffering these illnesses because of modern corporate capitalist society and the effects it is having on the obliteration of the individual, the family unit and communities.   Mental health as a profit-driven profession pushing drug addiction has only become necessary, or maybe even desirable to the state, on such a massive level under the violence of the state.   Without the violence of the state, humanity was often able to intuitively understand and appreciate its own experience and learn to self-correct based on feedback from those experiences.  That’s the fundamental basis of eastern philosophies going back thousands of years surrounding spiritual and emotional health.    That’s not easily possible, and frankly is often completely impossible, under a system of state violence.   It is the very existence we are leading that is destroying our psyche.  And that destruction of our mind is leading to the destruction of our bodies as well.   In other words, if you think the economy is great, and your life is great, then in some way you are probably the cause of other people’s mental anguish.  If you believe you are actually doing God’s work in this system, you very well could be pathological and really night want to consider emotional and spiritual help.

There is no greater act of violence than covering up, masking or altering our emotions, responses to and reactions to the experiences around us through the use of mind-altering drugs and other forms of self-medication.    The poor, marginalized, working class and the like experience life at a more profound level of violent reality because they are the basis for exploitation this system, aka modernity, needs to survive.   While the wealthy amuse themselves with their riches, the poor live the opposite side of that transaction.   That is, what the wealthy have gotten their off the backs of the working class’s violent exploitation.   But good and decent people from all aspects of society are living on the edge whether that is the various forms of violence felt by the overachiever or the oppressed, the college graduate or the welfare recipient.   The medical industrial complex has turned humanity into walking zombies from our natural state of emotionally and spiritually self-regulating, self-aware and self-actualized, sentient beings.  And those that benefit are the state, the medical-industrial complex and this class-based system of economic control that have been allowed to perpetuate their violence far longer and far more deeply than ever would have been possible otherwise.   For now.  Reality will ultimately reveal itself and there is nothing that anyone is going to do to stop that from happening. 

The waves of ignorant violence resulting from our actions and deeds ripple far beyond our line of sight and far beyond our ability to grasp.   Class and hierarchy extends those consequences far beyond the ability of any single human mind to appreciate.   So much so that the violence we perpetuate often has consequences for decades and even centuries.   Humanity’s karmic fate in the creation of this moment  happened long ago.  

“To be is to be perceived, and so to know thyself is only possible through the eyes of the other.  The nature of our immortal lives is in the consequences of our words and deeds, that go on and are pushing themselves throughout all time.  Our lives are not our own.  From womb to tomb, we are bound to others, past and present, and by each crime and every kindness, we birth our future.”  --  David Mitchell 

The state and its control constructs of capitalism, political parties, communism, fascism, class, corporations, debt, privately created money, mind-altering drugs, chemicals, poisonous food, war, wage slavery, consumerism, capitalist competition (social Darwinism), dehumanizing welfare, and on and on can only be known through the eyes of the other - humanity.   What humanity is unequivocally telling modernity, “civil”ization and the state is that “you” are hurting me, my family and my community and as a result I am unable to cope and that means I am emotionally-unstable, acting out or hurting myself and others.   Their cries of suffering fall upon deaf ears to the state, its inventions of class and hierarchy and its illegitimate authority.  That includes the medical-industrial complex that is turning them into the Walking Dead by drugging them to death.   Of one thing I am certain.    The state may not be listening but I know the universe is and karma is a bitch.

There is only one way to recover from this global crisis of the human condition.   It is to rediscover our humanity and the timeless human values of truth, compassion, equality, mercy, dignity, acceptance, community, respect, justice, love, non-violence, connection and the like.   And that means we no longer seek to perpetuate violence against ourselves, others or any life on the planet.  And the only way that is going to happen is by taking back the power that has been stolen from humanity.   Bad news for the endless violence of the state and modernity as we know it.

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