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Immutable Crisis Lies Ahead - Remarks On The Post-Election Actions Of Greece’s New Prime Minister And The Evil Pathology Enslaving All Of Europe


I pilfered the above picture and it was lifted by someone else and so on and so on.   There is no original attribution so I’ll simply chalk up the attribution to the great people of Greece.   But I wanted to start this post with this graphic to show the absolute criminality of what is happening in Europe.   (Remember, this is only a nation of 11 million people.)  This is not a U.S. phenomena.   And it’s not a Greek phenomena.  It’s global.   And it’s enforced through class and hierarchy.  ie, The state.  The predators in Europe are every bit as vile as here in America.  In fact, so far they are worse as this picture shows.  Give them time.  They’ll pull every bit of evil they can out of their hats in the U.S. too.   And so will China and everywhere else.   If humanity did to the pathological evil in this world what it is doing to them, they would all be living on the edge, dead or suffering massive misery.   It’s incontrovertible this evil literally has not a f*cking care in the world if all of us die as long as they maintain control of us.  They are clearly purely evil psychopaths lacking in any human empathy.   Don’t kid yourself.   Our inability to call evil for what it is has allowed this pathology to grow and flourish for far too long.  There is a palpable evil in this world and it is unprecedented in scope and scale.  Never has the world suffered under so much emotional, spiritual and physical violence.  What is coming our way is going to be far, far larger than anyone in the status quo imagines.  Back a decade ago one of the first posts I wrote that the world would literally shudder and shake when this cycle ends.  This at a time when we were “told” the world was experiencing unprecedented prosperity.  On the surface, and to those who really didn’t get understand what is going on,  and people who believe what they are told rather than thinking for themselves, it certainly did appear that way.  Karma is a bitch.

I want to go into some detail about monetary policy, Syriza’s plan and the Greek victory for  the far left in coalition with the far right in that nation. (Far left and far right are made-up terms used by pathology to trivialize human decency and democracy.  Because, to be honest, the Syriza part is not going far enough to create a new paradigm.  Or, as the status quo would say, they aren’t radical enough or threatening enough to their megalomania and evil.)  The new prime minister, Tsipras, is already shaking up the status quo.    Greek bank stocks and Greek debt are collapsing.  Of course, one of his campaign plans was to nationalize the banking system so frankly, if he does so, what their debt does or what banking stocks do is irrelevant except to the current paradigm of pure rot and fraud.    The current system must be pushed aside for humanity to move forward.  Collapse of existing paradigms is guaranteed if humanity is to ever move beyond the contrivances of criminal economic, banking and monetary systems.   Tsipras, like Beppe Grillo and other political outsiders rising to the forefront around the world, are definitely is not the moronic status quo political donkeys that are controlled by private forces, corporations, bankers and class.   They are well-versed in important topics rather than the general pall of extreme ignorance that defines almost all current politicians.  In America politicians like Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Barack Obama, George Bush, John Boehner and Mitch McConnell define that pall.  I am being completely serious here.  American politicians are right up there with the world’s standard bearers for ignorance.   The two party monopoly presents us with endless false choices.  Choices of dunces.   A Confederacy of Dunces.  The criminal racket of extortion these two parties create relies on ignorance to flourish.    Literally every single politician I can think of in this nation is steeped in ignorance and arrogance, the most acrimonious of marriages, and one I personally loathe more than any other.  Ignorance is a condition we can all easily overcome.  Ignorant arrogance is a terminal condition for which there is no treatment.   Now we are seeing why many of our founders wanted to ban political parties.  Merit can never rise to the topic when control structures like political parties, registered corporations themselves, are there to prevent it.    We can expect Greece in some form is likely coming to Amerika sooner or later.  It may develop an American twist but when the pain reaches its necessary threshold, and it will without massive reforms even larger than in the Great Depression, we are headed for another revolution, a long time theme on here.  Not necessary a violent revolution.  In fact, I have written many times that it doesn’t need to be and hopefully won’t be.  But rather a revolution of our minds.  That is the kind of revolution the status quo fears the most.   They want us to be ignorant and respond violently.  They are prepared for that.  It simply validates their greater and greater use of violence to “protect” order, society, themselves or whatever bullshit they dream up.  What they have no answer to is a revolution of the mind or enlightenment and awakening.  Just like in 1776.   And mind you, this is just like 1776, and the start of the Civil War, and the Soviet Union, and the British Empire, and the Roman Empire.   The pathology of evil throughout history rhymes in many ways.   But this is far more sinister than any of them.

Regardless, Tsipras has written and spoken publicly for the last year on a multitude of very important topics.  He clearly understands the pure criminality of austerity as imposed by his Brussels-German-French overlords and the crooks at the IMF.   That said, he has some contradictory assessments of what needs to happen to solve the problem.   That means crisis almost certainly lies ahead not only for the EU but for Greece.   It will get worse before it gets better.  Likely much worse.  And Tsipras, if he continues down this road, will be the instigator of that crisis whether he means to be or not.   Political actions have massive unintended consequences.  He is trying to maintain the existing paradigm and work within its controlling constructs in an effort to reform it.    We are well past reform.  We need new paradigms.   Tsipras wrote early last year that Europe needed a new New Deal.   He wants new terms on loans and an opportunity within the existing central banking and pan-European money paradigm to recover Greece.   That’s quite an impossible paradox of attempting to find truth within the constructs of control.   There is absolutely no way this will work.   The system must be redesigned from the ground up.

Since his election he has penned a letter to Europe and Germany.   It’s a very eloquent and I would encourage everyone to consider reading it as I will be discussing it below.   And his discussion points are relevant globally as the criminal class is global and their oppressive evil and violence is global.  Additionally, here is Syriza’s 40 point plan to recover Greece’s economy.    It looks more like a cross between Jeffersonian Democracy (basically Athenian Democracy and that should be no surprise since we are talking Athens two thousand years later.) and the words of Jesus of Nazareth than a communist manifesto.    (This includes a pro-peace foreign policy that calls out the neoliberal warmongering, violent, control-driven doctrine of the Europeans and Americans.)  By the way, I wouldn’t get too caught up in Tsipras’ political ties.  Communism has been a very active political element in Greece for the last century.  They have pretty much been a democracy to some degree and the communist party has played a role in that.   I abhor communism as an ideal founded in the cult of statism and control but people can label themselves whatever they want in relation to the state and it can mean anything under the sun.   Democrat, Republican and Libertarian in this nation means corporate tyranny, class, the subversion of individual rights, wage slavery, economic misery and Godlessness.  What matters are people’s deeds and actions.  You can call yourself Santa Claus if your actions are right and just and true. 

With that, I want to note a point I made on here years ago.  If capitalism and free markets were so just and democratic and naturally obvious to those who are oppressed, then why are the oppressed people of the world living under capitalist exploitation always rising up in the form of communism or some other type of rebellion?   Did the devil make them do it?   And why is America and Europe always fighting against these movements and subverting nations around the world who are trying to break free from capitalist exploitation?  And why has the Pope and other people seeking decency and kindness called out capitalism as brutal and inhumane?  And why did we fight a Revolutionary War in 1776 when Adam Smith’s capitalist manifesto, Wealth of Nations, was written in that very year?  Because it’s all a brainwashing snow job.   You may think Adam Smith was an authentic dude and his writings have been bastardized.  And maybe that is true.  But the reality is in 1776 Britain’s capitalism was a virus and his delusional writings of grandeur are about a mythological system that simply has never actually existed in the real world.    All isms, capitalism, communism, socialism, feudalism, fascism are simply different variations of the same dynamic.  That is, simply different flavors of forced state violence.  They are control constructs meant to enrich a plutocratic ruling class who hates the idea of democracy, self-rule and human freedom and use the force of the state to dominate humanity emotionally, spiritually and physically. 

I want to address below some of what is going on with Greece and Europe.  And why Tsipras’ attempts to modify the existing paradigm and work within this system are going to fail.  Whether it fails completely and rapidly or fails in pieces over time is the only question.  And that cannot be completely answered because we don’t know yet what actions all of the actors will take.  But, that said, critical mass is probably a very small number in the world today.  So, once we reach it in various constructs, things are going to happen very quickly and uncontrollably.  Look at how rapidly Greece’s new prime minister became the scourge of the European plutocracy.  Just a matter of months ago we were told the European crisis was over.  Ahem.

One of the outcomes I wrote about when every single mouthpiece in the mainstream media was blowing bulloney that that the euro was honest money or above crisis or other equally ignorant remarks while I was writing that the euro was headed for disaster and failure.  Now, certainly there have been euroskeptics in Europe since before I ever wrote anything publicly.  And many of those Europeans were very shrewd and very knowledgeable about money.  They knew this system would never work from the very beginning.  None of them I am aware of were politicians, corporate executives, economists, financiers, bankers or central bankers.   If they were, they were mocked as ignorant.   That’s part of the conformity of thought, ignorance and group think that is so palpable in the ruling class of corporate and political control.   I guess we now are starting to see who really are the ignoramuses.   It’s not humanity.  It’s the system and its controlling class of dunces.

As I have noted on here many times, the only viable solution to move forward in this country or in Europe is to default on this debt.  Period.  Debt is a myth.  It isn’t real.  And wiping it away is done every single day when it benefits the system.  Oftentimes debt is wiped in return for equity.   Or theft by the plutocracy.   That is what has been happening in Greece with the forced privatization of democratic institutions.  Wiping debt out of the goodness of one’s heart never happens because this global financial system is criminal.   Now, that default can be an orderly monetization and forgiveness, or if the criminal class won’t yield, then it should be an outright default.   The vast majority of people in this world didn’t benefit one iota from this debt binge and should not be forced to repay it.  It was the plutocracy that enriched themselves.  In a system where money is debt, society and the working class gets the debt and the plutocratic class has gotten all of the money.  

Money is fungible.   So Tsipras will never effectively wield the control necessary to change the ECB structure so that it supports investment in a particular country and locality as he wishes.   If the ECB hands out money once or twice to each particular state in the Eurozone for public investment as Tsipras wishes, there is nothing to stop that money from eventually leaking out of the local economies and out of Greece all together.  Or, money in the place of new money granted by the ECB leaving Greece.   This is the exact same top-down, centrally-planned control structure that is in place within the U.S. and Europe today that has seen that exact same leakage.  In fact, that is what has created mass crisis in Greece in the first place.  Deregulated, private profit-driven-money of capitalism is going to flee any particular nation  or locality if it can gain a comparative advantage somewhere else.   Private interests are predatory and rent-seeking.   Trying to direct investment into Greece with the same privately controlled and corporate-controlled money that can be used in a dozen other countries will never work.    Even if Tsipras is moderately successful in ECB reforms, the only this will do is concentrate more monetary power into the hands of the Greek state in the short term.  State-directed investment may temporarily flourish but longer-term Greeks will continue to suffer and crisis will simply reappear.   This is simply a failure of Tsipras mandate-driven ideology.  State-directed communism, while on appearance may seem noble, simply does not work.    State spending will not re-ignite democracy, local investment or economic determinism for the Greek people or anyone else.  That’s why Obama’s project-ready bullshit was a complete and utter disaster that only encouraged plunder by plutocrats, corporations and state bureaucrats.   Private, predatory interests, and public predatory interests in this system simply loot the state through its attempt at investment.   Greece has become notorious for this.   This level of statism is why the United States and Greece are choking on their own economic vomit in the first place.  All money in some way, shape or form pays fealty to Washington criminals.   Tsipras is asking for that same dynamic in his supposed attempts at reforming the ECB.   It will eventually fail even if he were to extract mild banking or ECB reforms.  

The only way to create a new New Deal or economic determinism in Europe, as Syriza wishes to do, is for Greece to return to the drachma and other nations to return to their own local currencies.    Beppe Grillo clearly understands this and has called for a return to the Italian lira.  Tsipras apparently does not or he has a hidden agenda, which clearly is possible.   He is a politician and politics is not an institution of truth but rather an institution of control.   The only way to create a global economy is with global money.   The only way to create a national economy is with national money.  The only way to create a local economy is with local money.   And the only way to have local money is to place the power of money into the hands of local communities and individuals within those communities through local democracy.   This is a statement of treason to the anti-democratic forces of  class, hierarchy, politicians, corporate capitalism, central bankers, Wall Street, etc that dominate humanity and, as it pertains to this discussion, Europe, the ECB and the EU.   Now, I am getting ahead of myself as I have written many times I will eventually put up a post on what a democratic banking and money system would like look under my solutions.  Although I have laid out many clear monetary and banking solutions already, I have not placed them into a single post or single cogent framework and I have purposefully excluded many working pieces.   So, for now you can noodle on those remarks and let your own creativity flow.  You may even have better ideas than I do on how to accomplish these goals.  But Greece has to recreate local economies.  To do that, they need local money available not to the Greek government but to the Greek people and Greek communities.  The euro is not going to do that unless the power of money within the entire Eurozone is placed into the hands of localities.   But that would take a political union and there is absolutely no way Europeans are going to give up their cultural identity to be run by a centrally-planned bureaucracy even more loathsome than the European Union and the European Central Bank. 

I want to digress a moment into a sidebar discussion for the umpteenth time.  Too many people fall into this mythical lie of the pathological that the only honest money is gold money.    You never hear any of these people talk about gold money being democratic money.  It’s honest money.  WTF is that?  Honest for whom?  The people who own all of the gold?  That is, the state or the aristocracy or both.   Gold money is the money of tyranny.  Ron Paul is one of the perpetrators of this myth.  Ron Paul also believes liberty is to subjugate yourself to corporate dominance as he is an Ayn Rand disciple.  Rand wrote of the glory of corporate leaders being able to exploit workers for their own desire to produce.  Workers were to be exploited.  There is nothing democratic about private, for-profit corporate power controlling your economic fate.   (Although I certainly appreciate many of Rand’s tenets of objectivism being based in individual and natural rights.)  And there is nothing democratic about gold money.   How many times have you ever heard any of these ideologues say gold money is democratic money?  NEVER.  Because democratic money is the antithesis of gold money as I have written in extreme detail and explanation time and again.   Gold money is loved by the rich and the state.  In fact, there is zero, and I mean zero historical example of gold money being anything other than for the rich, class and the state.   Ask the person swimming in his misery in Ferguson if he cares one iota if we have gold money.   He’s gladly put his hands on fiat money.   Democratic money is fiat money and is abundantly available to all of our citizens.   Our nation was founded on fiat, debt-free paper money.  We fought the Revolutionary War to rid ourselves of the king’s private, debt-based money and the gold looters that turned the colonies into a shithole of economic misery thus playing the primary role in starting the Revolutionary War.   

Tsipras’ plan of working within the European economic and banking aristocracy and its control constructs will fail because central banking as it has always been practiced in Europe and North America is designed as a criminal enterprise.  The central control of an entire economy and its money is the only method through which a society’s state-propped-up class and privilege like corporate capitalism or communism can effectively maintain its theft and control for any period of time.  Central banks are looting mechanisms that are enforced by the violence of the state.  And the private, debt-based creation of money by member banking oligarchs is an affront to freedom, democracy and democratic economics.  To enslave humanity to the usurious private interests of a private, profit-driven banking syndicate controlled by central authority is the conduit through which systemic economic theft occurs and an artificial state-created aristocracy is created and perpetuated.  The central bank is the enabler created by the state.  The private, profit-driven banks are the theft mechanism.   Corporations of all ilk then enforce this mechanism through economic rent extraction, wage slavery and surplus value theft.   

So, the Tsipras plan to work within the ECB and European Union, both of which are criminal enterprises, is never going to work.  There is a finite amount of power, be it economic, monetary, human rights or whatnot.  For this plan to work, Tsipras is asking the thieving aristocracy to give up those centralized rights and grant them back to the people and communities in Greece that they stole this power, money and control from in the first place.  That is never, ever going to happen.  This system was set up as a system of economic and monetary domination and slavery from the very beginning.   

Now, let’s take a final look at why the euro is uniquely positioned to fail and why it is different than the dollar.   The reason why Europe’s crisis is different than the U.S., and why Tsipras’ plans are literally guaranteed to fail is because in the United States there is a central political authority to inflict the violence necessary for debt enslavement, usury enslavement, corporate rent extraction and the criminal denial of democratic economic rights required for this system to be enforced.    The U.S. central state has total authority to strip people of their democratic economic rights, strip people of their wealth through taxes, usury, corporate slavery, debt and brutal economic policies, strip people of their ability to stay alive through massive austerity and on and on.  The U.S. has all of the political levers of violence in place to dominate humanity that the ECB and the Euro plutocrats don’t have because there is no political union.  The ECB has no ability to tax, directly enslave Europeans to debt and usury, or levy punitive political policies that guarantees this monetary and economic control construct can perpetuate itself.    They lack a central polity to enforce a system of violent economic slavery and misery.   That is why the ECB and the euro will fail.   It was designed from the very beginning to be an authoritarian system of economic domination achieved through the centralized control of money, usury and debt but it isn’t backed with the necessary political violence to enforce it.    This isn’t some radical view of reality.  It’s the only true reality.  The state has always existed to serve privilege through violence.   Does anything think Jamie Dimon, Lloyd Blanfein or Monsanto’s CEO or CEOs in the MI complex or the health care complex or any of the other pathological predators who have raped our society on behalf of the investor class, politicians and themselves could be anything more than gas station attendants without the effective use of state violence to literally steal from the mass of Americans?  What the f#ck do these people actually know that in some way can be used to benefit humanity?  Did they cure cancer?  Come up with sustainable agricultural solutions to feed the masses?  Design a bridge?   Know how to plumb a house?  Create a renewable energy system?   How about legalized stealing through the force of the state?  That’s literally all they have shown in their ability.  That is the only way any individual person can achieve this level of wealth while hundreds of millions of people live on the edge of monetary and economic misery. 

The euro is finished without the state unleashing greater violence, misery and control constructs on the masses in Europe to ensure its tyranny can continue to be shoved down the throats of the entire continent.  Tsipras would save his nation a lot of misery, wasted time and attempted solutions that will not work by simply doing what needs to be done.    That is default.  And then nationalize the banking system and encourage Greek economic determinism through the application of public capital (democratic banking and democratic money)  to create not only public investment but private investment and community/human development.  

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