Monday, January 05, 2015

A Calvin Fairy Tale From Beppe Grillo

I’m still thinking about how to structure my next post.  I’ve realized it could become a monster and I actually have to think about how to organize it rather than just a stream of conscious keyboard hacking effort.  In the mean time, Grillo’s remarks tie directly into my next post.  That is, esoteric factors behind how and why the entire world is on the edge of collapse. 

Grillo is one name that has become famous globally in this nameless, faceless global movement to throw off the shackles of artificial state-created human misery.  Frankly, I suspect it will remain nameless and faceless as people awaken to the reality that what humanity needs is not another self-appointed savior but a restoration of their own power or the savior within.  That is, enlightenment.   Grillo’s message at the end of 2014 includes a Calvin fairy tale.  (The video is in Italian but the translated script is in English.)  How true and timeless is tale?   When reading Grillo’s tale, it’s worth considering how everyone in this world is stealing from everyone else.   That the global economy is one big grifter’s confidence game.   And how state-created and enforced class and hierarchy have enslaved humanity to do the stealing them.   As I’ve noted ad nauseam on here, about one in ten jobs in this nation contribute to wealth-creation.  The other nine out of ten jobs consume wealth.  Or, put another way, are simply methods used to transfer wealth from the poor or the working-class stiff to the rich.   Some of those wealth-consuming  jobs may be chosen by society if they were educated on reality and actually had a democratic choice.  Or not.   Most would almost certainly be classified as “or not”.

Can you count how many ways this story applies to the world today?  Corporations can only exist in perpetuity through rent extraction.  Renter capitalism is a looting scheme.  Class and hierarchy of capitalism is a looting scheme.  The state is a looting scheme.  Monarchies are a looting scheme.  Private, for-profit banks are looting schemes.  Standing armies are looting schemes.   The military-industrial complex is a looting scheme.  The European Union is a looting scheme.  Free trade agreements are looting schemes.  The medical industrial complex is a looting scheme.  The industrial food complex is a looting scheme.   Wall Street is a looting scheme.    Hedge funds are looting schemes.  The investor class is a looting scheme.  Communism is a looting scheme.  Political parties are looting schemes. OPEC  is a looting scheme.  Corporation personhood is a looting scheme.  Private money creation is a looting scheme.  Gold money is a looting scheme.  Globalization is a looting scheme.   Central banks are a looting scheme.  Modern-day universities are a looting scheme.  Non-living wages and economic slavery are looting schemes.  Destroying economic determinism is a looting scheme.  An all-powerful central state is a looting scheme.   Welfare or miniscule state handouts aka socializing capitalism’s losses are looting schemes.    That’s enough for now.   

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