Monday, December 15, 2014

Judge Anthony Napolitano: The CIA And America’s War Criminals?

This video and story are worthy of another unexpected post.  Do we now know why Homeland Security (the NSA) and the CIA are at this very moment attempting to purge evidence of the state’s criminal behavior as linked to a handful of posts ago?   Was the imminent release of this CIA torture report known in Washington circles and that is their reason for taking such action?  Sure it was known.   The dots are easily connected with little effort as to why this attempted purge is now underway. 

People are going to start to realize if we have trials in this nation on the topic of crimes against humanity or treason, they will have to be extra-judicial tribunals.  That because our judicial system is complicit in state behavior and trying war crimes, high crimes and misdemeanors  or crimes against humanity within our court system would be a laughable mockery of kangaroo court injustice.   Is the state going to convict itself of its own behavior?   Our mockery of a legal system, when it applies to class and state actor privilege, has endorsed this criminal behavior in many rulings.   We could have judges and the legal system itself on trial.   The only method through which justice could ever be served would be extra-judicial tribunals.

I doubt there is any way to put the genie back in the bottle now that this report has been released.   The brutality of CIA behavior is really no different than Imperial Japan or Nazi Germany.   Many of the same tactics were used.  Just the latest genie that has gotten out of the bottle.  We are never going back to this socioeconomic system and the political system that props it up is teetering on stilts of massive immorality and Godlessness.  

I find it representative of the many useful idiots that we call mainstream journalists that the Fox News reporter interviewing Napolitano blurts out repeatedly that no laws were broken.   But I will give them kudos for airing Napolitano’s truthfulness in the face of the reporter’s willful ignorance.   That the politicians in the White House had their lackey lawyers conjure up secret  interpretations of laws to rationalize criminal behavior, and Congress willfully played stupid and turned a blind eye to criminal behavior of our government means what?   It means Diane Feinstein, the chair of the committee releasing this report is almost certainly culpable and almost certainly has an ulterior motive that in some way involves covering her own ass.   Feinstein was one of the war mongers leading the charge up until recently.  Playing stupid now doesn’t work. 

This is really just the tip of the iceberg.  The United States socioeconomic and political systems are, in their own right, as rotten as any in history.   The fish rots from the head first.  It is the ruling political, military, university and capitalist aristocracy, with the “moral” support of immoral mainstream hierarchical religious “leaders” who all conspired to create the misery, fraud, corruption, exploitation, predation and victimization we see today.   Don’t kid yourself about the virtues of modern-day, state-friendly religion.  A substantial number of churches and religions in the U.S. have adopted and supported the capitalist state’s immorality.  

Ultimately, capitalism is a system of state violence that relies on enslaving society to competition to enrich the ruling capitalist and state-enforced classes.   That competition guarantees through a maturity cycle of economics that there are fewer and fewer winners.  And those winners are almost never  the most meritorious in any way.  They are almost always the most ruthless and brutal cretins who are most willing to smash the face of their fellow man in the name of winning socioeconomic status.  Ambition, so embraced and glorified by this system, is a massive cruelty that involves getting ahead of others by conforming to and pleasing state class and hierarchy.   This socioeconomic control system ensures that the most ruthless and evil people in any capitalist society ultimately wind up as its “leaders”.  And, because ultimately these people care only about winning (smashing the face of their fellow man to rise to the top of hierarchy and class) and are consumed by the disconnected ego, and really only have a primary skill of cunning, brutality and ruthlessness,  they must ensure they continuously rig the rules so that they continue win.  This because their lackluster, pathological, control-driven abilities would otherwise cement their failure.   And, because of that, we end up with worthless and even criminal laws that protect the class-based, capitalist rule of man.  Sort of a guaranteed survival of the most pathological and ultimately a society that is based purely on worshiping the evils of money, greed, selfishness, vanity, emotional and intellectual vacuousness and the like.   That is why this and every state has nothing left of democracy and the world is ruled by a very extreme global pathology of evil.   

None of these crimes and many more could be committed without the consent of the political, military (standing army), university, corporate and religious authority figures in this nation.   They are the tyrants who enforce this control system.   In fact, it is arguable that the corporate crimes of capitalism are even greater than the political and state crimes perpetuated by the CIA, NSA and politicians.   Not just of the U.S. either.  This is a global state phenomena.    The argument our state oppressors use to rationalize their evildoing - that they are protecting us from bad people abroad - is a timeless manipulation that has been well understood by seekers of truth for thousands of years.  

“When the tyrant has disposed of foreign enemies by conquest or treaty and there is nothing to fear from them, then he is always stirring up some war or other, in order that the people may require a leader.” – Plato

The bad people we need protection from are right here at home.  They are the ones who have created 25% unemployment and 70% underemployment (wage slavery), enslaved large swaths of the population to dehumanizing subsistence state handouts, subjugated the masses to Wall Street debt slavery, created a tyrannical military-industrial complex that endlessly wages war while denying our citizens their own freedoms by sucking up more and more money and economic control, created unconstitutionally spying on Americans, poisoned our food, poisoned our water, enforced running torture and illegal detention camps, enslaved us to private money creation and private banking, created a medical industrial complex enslaving people to legalized drug addiction and often worse, poisoned our minds with endless propaganda and on and on and on.   What makes the U.S. stand out from the world is its unparalleled and unprecedented global power granted by corporate capitalist empire and the degree of pathologically arrogant megalomania that is needed to enforce such abusive state power. 

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