Monday, November 10, 2014

Moral Relativism And Evil Update: The Russian State Leads The World In The Profit Of Mayhem And Mass Murder For 2014

There are many examples of evil’s manifestation in the world today.  Empire, the forced use (worship) of money to survive,  Islamofascism, political parties, the global military-industrial complex, standing armies,  state-induced fear mongering in the form of nationalism, corporate capitalism, private banking, communism, socialism, materialism, religious fanatics of all ilk and, of course, the state itself which enforces all of these cruelties.   Essentially any state-derived and enforced system of hierarchy and class is the launch board for  evil.  I say state-derived because without the force of the state, institutionalized hierarchy is not a natural construct.  And thus, hierarchy and class are a repudiation of rights granted by our Creator.   All of these forms of evil exist by deceitfully convincing or violently (emotionally, spiritually or physically) and often deceitfully forcing people to place their faith in the rule of man through authority and hierarchy.   Because these are not natural constructs under which the human condition naturally prospers, all of these institutions of the ego or the self exploit and destabilize humanity and cause mass suffering. 

As noted on here in past posts, it is estimated (not by American propaganda but by Russian democracy activists) that Putin has personally stolen tens of billions of dollars from the Russian people and enabled Russian oligarchs to steal hundreds of billions more.  All while shifting mass numbers of jobs and economic determinism out of Russia.   The moral relativism of faith and support for Putin by western liberals must also accept responsibility for the endless suffering Russia exports.  Russia this year will lead the world in the sale of weapons of mass murder.  Obviously, there is only one true intent in the export of weapons of mass murder.  That intent is the benefit of class and hierarchy or institutions of the ego.  The intent of greater state power, pathological personal gain and the profit motive by Russian state actors sought at the expense of humanity.  It is to benefit hierarchy and class, both are violently enforced constructs necessary for the perpetuation of the state.

The state, and through all of its manifestations of evil, in its empowerment of the rule of man, is the greatest source of evil in the world today.

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