Thursday, October 30, 2014

Ralph Nader: Militarist Corporatist Hillary Clinton A Menace To Society

There is absolutely no way Hillary Clinton is ever going to win the presidency any more than Jeb Bush is.  The American people are sick of political family royalty.  They often haven’t figured out what the right answer is but they definitely know what the answer isn’t.   It isn’t another Clinton or Bush. 

Interestingly, when Obama first won the presidency Nader wondered out loud whether Obama would be an Uncle Tom for a militarist corporatist agenda.   The mainstream media bobbleheaded pinhead who was interviewing him didn’t get it.  But Nader stood his ground.  Hindsight proves that the be accurate as well.  It’s time to get past the dumbed-down ignorant conformity that this politicized system demands and recognize the truth.  The political faces change but the repressive, tyrannical agendas don’t in the United States of Corporations.   Political parties are registered corporations that only exist through the comingling of private money in politics.   Without that money, they would collapse.  Well, they are likely to collapse anyway.

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