Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Beppe Grillo Calls For Italy’s Exit From The Anti-Democratic, Tyrannical European Economic Slavery System

European stock markets are bleeding red today.  Italy and Greece are leading the way to the downside with large declines that could be characterized as mini crashes.  Europe as it has been architected by state predators and corporate capitalists is finished as noted on here many times since starting this blog.  The people of Europe will retake their sovereignty and determinism from state predators.  

The world continues to rip apart globalization and the massively corrupt trading and trade settlement systems put in place by state actors to exploit, loot, pillage and prey upon humanity.  People are retaking their own power back from the state and its predatory, class-based moochers and parasites including politicians, corporations and banks.  State liberalism, stealing more and more individual power and granting it to state moochers and parasites and those it grants special privilege, is finished. 

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