Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Camille Paglia–Liberalism Lacks A Profound Sense Of Evil

This isn’t the title of the article but Camille makes this very statement in the article.  And I think this statement is much more profoundly accurate than the watering down necessary for public consumption.   Her article is very similar in spirit to a post I put up some time ago on the topic of evil. 

If evil was still called out as evil, the world would be a much different place.  But, there is a “sect” within the liberal community in particular that rejects evil.  This is substantially  driven by belief systems that life is random, life is meaningless,  life has no purpose and thus there is no greater power and meaning to our existence.   So, for state liberals the state becomes that greater power through which life is impacted for humanity.  In other words, this is a belief system that fundamentally believes people should outsource their internal guidance system and their own divinity to the state and state actors who benevolently act on their behalf.   This is part of the Godlessness we are experiencing today.

Belief systems get in the way of our ability to experience truth.  These belief systems have made it hard for many people to actually see evil.   Instead, evil is simply that Johnny had a bad childhood.   Well, that is mythical nonsense with no basis in proven science that doesn’t accurately account for the evil we are witnessing today.  As I have noted on here many times, Natan Sharansky, Soviet dissident noted, "In dictatorships you need courage to fight evil; in the free world you need courage to see evil." .   Outsourcing one’s internal guidance system is an act of fear driven by the disconnected ego.   And it is the basis for much of state liberalism.  It is also fundamentally behind much of the evil in this world.  And, as a result, the refusal to actually see evil within these flawed belief systems.  This is behind the rampant anti-Semitism we see in the world, the constant blaming of Israel as the oppressor of Arabs in Gaza who, by the way, elect terrorists, rapists, murderers the sort as their leaders.  And rely on the fanaticization and funding by the 500 million caliphate controlled Muslims in the Middle East.   Well, and the west’s liberal sympathy their propagandized  manipulation of   events they portray.   The Palestinian situation really must be framed as 500 million fanatic, caliphate-controlled Muslims who hold a million Arabs in diaspora exile in Gaza in order to to lob constant attacks against 5 million Jews.  All with one intent.  To murder all Jews.   Just like Hitler.  It should be no surprise that liberals supported Hitler as well.  Certainly I’m not stating they  supported the Nazi state’s murder of millions of people, but by then their support for granting greater and greater state power at the expense of their own internal guidance system, it was too late.   The monster they had created had grown uncontrollable.  Just like we see around the world today.

This inability to see evil also is responsible for the subjugation of mass amounts of humanity to state power that is now standing with their jack boot on the neck of humanity on every continent.  That includes the wholesale state violence against working class people on every continent.  Paglia notes other examples of lunacy in her most recent penning.  It’s everywhere.  And as I have noted on here in the past, it is going to collapse.

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