Friday, September 19, 2014

Scotland Fails But Europe And The World Remains Mired In Secession Movements

I have written ad nauseam on here over the years about the state, class, hierarchy and the elements of discord and outright violence, predation and exploitation that states create.  Nine, six even three years ago, most people may have labeled my writings as extreme or out of the mainstream.  Not today.  It no longer works to label people who agitate for peaceful, nonviolent (non-state, community-based) solutions to the countless issues facing humanity.  Issues created through state violence.

While many people aren’t yet at this point yet, they will realize in due time that the state cannot fix the issues facing humanity.   

There is a very mainstream view amongst state liberals that all we need is more power granted to the state to solve our issues.  That is what created Hitler, corporate domination in democracies, the British empire and the Soviet Union.  And that is what has now created what I would classify as the destruction of the United States.  The elites in this nation and around the world have worked diligently to overturn our founding principles into one of state domination by class and hierarchy and the privilege that is afforded to those constructs through state violence. 

In these times one has to ask oneself why does the state exist?   And it takes digging deep within to often find that answer.  The state exists for one reason.  To perpetuate violence on behalf of those granted privilege by the state.  Contrarily, why does self-rule exist?   It exists to preserve, protect and serve the rights of man.  All men.  And to do so without state constructs of class, hierarchy or violence.  These rights aren’t granted by state actors, hierarchy, class or privilege.  These rights are granted to us naturally.  They aren’t ours to try to take back.  They are our birthright.  We grant these rights to ourselves and allow public servants to enforce those rights through our consent.   One more time, we grant these rights to ourselves.  And when we don’t, we allow others to take them from us.  Freedom from state violence and oppression requires diligence.  It is not granted to the weak and Godless.  It is granted to those who recognize their own divine right through the power of our own divinity.  

There are so many things I have written about with regards to this dynamic that at the time were considered extreme, lunatic or fringe.  Although they were all nonviolent.  That is, a restoration of State’s Rights.  A restoration of a form of governance granting the vast majority of power to local self-rule.  A restoration of an Articles of Confederation-type system pushing Enlightenment Principles down to empowered citizens.  Stating that this cycle could be coined the end of big.  Stating that large state constructs including states themselves will shatter this cycle.  That we are likely witnessing the end of corporate capitalism and could be witnessing the end times of the state.   No one else was writing these things when the world was seemingly experiencing unprecedented prosperity.   But look at how the world has changed.   People are awakening everywhere to the truth that always existed. 

This system of governance in the U.S. and around the world will never be able to solve the issues facing humanity today.  Ever.  This system of governance created these issues.  We will see mass change in governance around the world.  Possibly even systemic failures and attempted reorganizations of nations around the world.   This is the most profound moment in the history of human social evolution.  Ever.  Another long-time thesis on here.

There is extreme prejudice and ignorance in many who view the U.S. as the reason for all of the violence we see around the world.  That isn’t based on any type of factual analysis.  Rather it is driven by bias and beliefs.   The U.S. is trying to control much of the chaos, oftentimes for its own self-serving benefit, oftentimes for the right reasons, but is not the cause of it.   The Middle East chaos would be happening without the U.S. because it is the home of the most repressive, violent, exploitative organized states anywhere on earth.  The cauldron in the Middle East is created by the shithole of state violence and state theocracies in the Middle East.   These predators have turned Islam into a form of fascism similar to Nazi Germany and they use it to exploit and control the masses with incredible brutality in many ways even worse than Nazi Germany.   Ditto with the chaos in and around the former Soviet Union and its breakaway states.  China too is probably the most ethnically-diverse nation on earth and most of those populations are experiencing or have experienced genocide on a mass scale and are on the receiving end of mass state violence.   State violence around the world is often cloaked in many ways people simply will not acknowledge.  They refuse to see evil.   Instead, they place their faith on false prophets.   This is what is behind the support of China and Russia in lieu of the U.S.   Useful idiots who place their faith in other states rather than in their own higher power and granting themselves and those under the repression of these states the natural rights they deserve.  The communist party in China, as just one example, is extending its violent grip of the people under its control in what most believe is its transformation to a modern society.  That truth will reveal itself soon enough.   

Some highlights created by the Scottish drive for independence in the last few days include:

One in four Americans open to secession.

The next eight places in Europe that could vie for independence.

Europe’s secession panic.

Super rich in rush to buy gold.  I threw this in based on my endless analysis of gold.  The predators who control the world also control gold.  And that is the way it always has been.  More people worshiping false prophets and the Golden Calf rather than the truth that resides within them. 

This cycle is not getting better and it is not going away.  Nor are the secessionist movements which are simply part of the awakening to the great evil in this world.

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